Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 314 The Demon’s descendant?


“If it’s possible, can I talk to your grandchild? I would like to know what kind of a doll they want.”


Putting aside the delivery date for the time being, she was wondering if he could meet the grandchild first.

His reason was that he wanted to know about how the grandchild wanted the doll to be. As Jin was bad design related things, he would prefer it if the person was to guide him through.


“H-hmmm, not for a long period, though…”


While saying that, Saryuto Berurush guided Jin to the 3rd floor.

That room was at the southern side of the 3rd floor, at the best place.


“Yousse, we’re coming in.”


Saryuto knocked, said that he was coming in and opened the door.


“Ah, grandpa.”


On the window side bed, a girl even smaller than Hanna was lying down. She had pretty blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin.




Seeing Jin behind Saryuto, the girl had the expression as if she had just seen something rare.


“Yep, nice to meet you. I am Jin, and she is Reiko.”


“Nice to meet you. I am Youss—*cough*”


Yousse coughed mid greeting. But that wasn’t the end of it. It continued on. She kept on coughing.


“A-are you okay?”


Saryuto asked worriedly, rubbing her back.

But even then the coughs didn’t stop. Jin couldn’t just watch and rushed to her side,




And tried using healing magic. And with, the coughs somehow settled down.

Yousse looked like she was in a lot of pain as her face distorted.

As one would expect, diseases related to the respiratory system basically makes it harder to breath properly. Jin had seen many children suffer from coughs in the orphanage and wanted to do something for Yousse.


“Umm, is she coughing like this all the time?”


“Yes. That’s right. Her coughs don’t stop like this numerous times in a single day…… Jin-dono, thank you for the healing magic.”


Answered her grandfather, Saryuto.

Finally being able to breath properly, Yousse looked at Jin and was about to say something. But Jin stopped her.


“Ah, you shouldn’t be talking yet. Just to be safe, ‘cure’.”


After he used cure for the second time, Yousse complexion got much better.


(…There’s a high change she has infantile asthma…)


Even at the orphanage Jin was at, there were 2 kids who had asthma so Jin could somehow tell.


(If I am not wrong, the number one reason for it is allergy… and mites as well, I think)


It is far more dry in this area so it would be far worse for the respiratory system.


(If there’s mite or not… ah, right!)


“Reiko, come here a bit.”


“Yes, father.”


“Your eyes can zoom in about a 100 times more than the normal eye. Could you take a look at the mattress and see if there are any living creatures there?”


Asking that of Reiko, Jin looked around the room.

It was warm. And in the surroundings, there were a few buckets of hot water–from which one can understand it was for humidification.


(Hmm, if it is what I think it is…)


While Jin racked his brain, Reiko informed him about the result of the inspection.

“Father, there are really, really small living creatures there along with many corpses.”


“How did they look?”


“Yes, they were like egg-shaped. With 8 legs.”


“As I thought, they are mites.”


Inhaling the corpses or feces of the mites known as tropical rat mite makes up more than half of the reason of infantile asthma.

These things feed on human dirt and hair and as they do not suck blood, it is hard to notice their existence.

Moreover, they like high temperature and humidity. In other words, the humidification they were making here was having the opposite effect.


“Hmm, Reiko was able to notice but if it was Gloria-san’s father… I forgot his name but if we had his microscopic vision… ah, we could just make it.”


Seemed like a switch just turned on inside Jin.




Being called by Saryuto, Jin returned to his self. Returning to reality, Jin looked at Yousse and reassessed her problem. And then, he decided to go outside the room once.


“What does the doctor say?”


“They said she probably had weak throat since birth and so she has coughs. And so I thought of warming up the room but it isn’t helping.”


“I see.”


As he thought, they didn’t think of the possibility of allergy due to mites.


“What about it? Does it have any relation with automatas?”


“No, I just thought it would be nice if her sickness was cured.”


As Jin said that, Saryuto came biting in.


“What?! Is it possible that, Jin-dono, you can help cure my grandchild’s sickness?!”


Jin was a little taken aback by his momentum but rethinking that it was his feelings for his grandchild, he explained what he found out.


“In the futon and the room, there are small living things which can’t be seen by the naked eye.”


“By inhaling their corpses, it creates toxins inside the body and condition worsens.”


These were the two points.


“Hmmm, doesn’t really seem like a believable story when you say it so abruptly.”


Jin expected him to think that, so he had thought up of a way to explain it better.

It was microscope.

When he was in the orphanage, as a summer holiday homework, he had made a clear plastic bottle microscope.

After cutting the bottle short and making a hole in the lid, one just needs to put a glass sphere inside and they can adjust the focus by spinning the lid.

It is very simple structure but it was quite useful. He didn’t have a clear plastic bottle at the moment but that wasn’t a problem for Jin.


“Well, evidence is better than debate. Please take a look with your own eyes.”


Saying that, Jin again returned to the previous room.


“Oh, Jin, what happened?”


There, Reinhart was continuing his chat with Rymer Gebaltof.


“Would you like to take a look as well, Reinhart? Saryuto-san, I will borrow one glass.”


Jin took a glass made of crystal after informing Saryuto.






It was a precision cutting magic only Jin could do, as he was the Magi craft meister.


“Hm, what will you do making such a sphere? Oho, so sake cups are next? No, that’s…”


Reinhart, Rymer Gebaltof, Saryuto and Matheus looked at Jin full of interest as he kept making things one after another with crystal.

“I am done.”


And so the simple microscope was done.

In short, he just needed a structure to zoom in on a certain object without blurring.


“Well then, let’s try taking a look at this first.”


Saying that, Jin put the microscope on the table to take a look at the table cloth and carefully adjusted the focus.


“Alright, then please look. First, Saryuto-san.”


“Nn? Hmm…. Wha-what is this?!”


He could see each and every fibre making up the table cloth.


“This is called a microscope. It is a tool to look at small things better.”


“What, what, let me see too!”


“Woah, Jin, this is amazing!”


“Ohh, Jin-dono, this would come in handy!”


The others also looked into the microscope in turn and commented on it.


“Now then, do you understand that this tool can help us look at the small things by enlarging them?”




In response to Jin’s confirmation, Saryuto largely nodded.


“Then, with this, take a look at your grandchild’s room to see if there’s dust there.”


“I understand.”


And so, Saryuto alone went to Yousse’s room and came back with dust in his hand.


“This is the dust from the bed’s corner. Let’s take a look at this.”


At this point, Saryuto had half-believed what Jin had told him before. But, as he was interested in the microscope, he went and came back with the dust.


“W-….what is this?!! Monster!”


He exclaimed the moment he looked at the dust through the microscope.


“Wh-what happened?”


Being surprised hearing Saryuto’s scream, the people present there also looked at the dust through the microscope…


“…That’s creepy.”


“There are living things like these too…”


“Don’t tell me, the demon’s descendants?!!”


Such were what others thought of the mites.



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