Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 324 Neon

Reiko walked out to the same place where Neon danced.


“I am Reiko. I hope this helps ease everyone’s boredom.”


Performing a beautiful curtsey, she started dancing.


“…This is…!”




Reiko’s dance wasn’t that different from Neon’s.


In fact, the feeling was stronger and, on top of that, the movements were much smoother.


Moreover, she started singing while dancing, as well. As expected, the melody was same as the one Neon was singing.


“Spring passes by in an instant~ Summer leaves, leaving its footprints~ Autumn quitely goes by~ And winter comes running fast~”


Her lyrics even had meaning behind them.


“The land watches man’s activity as always~ The water just flows by~ The flames shine, warm and burn~ The wind blows by all things~”


Everyone’s gaze was fixated on Reiko.


And then, the dancing and singing came to an end.


“Thank you for watching.”


Again, she did a curtsey and paid her respects.


And silently returned to Jin. Everyone was still silent.


“Father, how was it?”


That question made Jin came back to his senses.


“Ah, it was wonderful, Reiko. As expected of you.”


He said while stroking her head and Reiko just smiled sweetly.


“A… amazing!”


Berthie, who had finally came back to her sense, shouted.


“Reiko-chan, well done!”


Reinhart said.


Matheus followed up saying,


“Hats off!”


Even the waitresses of the hotel applauded.


“That was amazing, Rayko-chan! When did you learn it?”


Berthie asked excitedly.


“Neon-san showed me the example, so.”


Reiko answered nonchalantly.




“…Just by seeing it once?”


Everyone was surprised but Reiko could even memorize a part of a high level magic by seeing or trying it once.


“See? I told you, right, Berthie? Reiko-chan is an amazing automata!”


Reinhart boasted as if he was speaking of himself.


“Thank you very much. But everything is thanks to father, who made me.”


With that one sentence, Berthie was even more impressed.


“Wonderful! Exactly like a human–no, exactly like a girl! Jin-sama, please be friends with Reinhart-sama forever.”


“Yes, of course.”


Jin also answered with a smile.




The fancy party ended and everyone went back to their rooms.


Jin had thought Reinhart and Berthie would have the same room but then he remembered the conversation,


“Are we in the same room today?”


“N-n-n-no way I am doing something so shameful!!”


And so, Berthie had denied with a flushed face.



“Now then, I guess I will go to the village tomorrow. Tonight, I will just rest.”


“Yes, father.”


“You did really great today, Reiko. I am really proud.”


Jin said, stroking her heard. Reiko had a happy smile on her face.





* * *







Berthie was sitting on her bed, gazing at Neon.


At that time, there was knock on the door.


“Come in.”


Neon went and opened the door.


“Sorry for coming in so late.”


Reinhart came in.


“Reinhart-sama, what happened? Before the ceremony… you know, we can’t?”


“No, it’s not something like that. I was just a bit worried about you.”


“….It also kinda hurts when you just brush it off saying ‘something like that’, though…”


“Ah, s-sorry. No, like I was saying…”


Reinhart panicked as Berthie was glaring at him. Seeing that, Berthie soon laughed and said,


“It’s a joke. Reinhart-sama, you were worried about me… why?”


Berthie asked with a dubious expression, which said that she didn’t remember doing anything to be worried about.


“Hmm, that is, I was saying… about Neon.”




“Yeah. I told you before, right? That Jin is a special magi craftsman. I personally think he is the best in the world. That there is no magi craftsman in this world greater than Jin.”


Reinhart started speaking enthusiastically. Seeing that, Berthie said with a bitter smile,


“…Geez, you get so worked up when it comes to Jin-sama. Someone might end up misunderstanding if they don’t know you well.”


“Eh? Eh?”


Reinhart was a bit flustered, as he also remembered being misunderstood by Matheus. But, after seeing Berthie float an impish smile, he knew that he was being teased.


“Come on, don’t poke fun at me. Either way, as I know how deeply you care for Neon, I was just a bit worried.”




“Yeah. Seeing Jin’s Reiko-chan, I was worried you might say that you don’t like Neon anymore.”


Hearing that, Berthie’s eyes opened wide for a moment, looking surprised. But the next moment, she burst out laughing and said,


“Ufufu, Reinhart-sama, you were thinking that?”


And after laughing a bit more,


“…Sorry for laughing too much. But, you saw me like that? If so, that makes me a bit sad.”


She finished saying, looking sad too.


“There’s no way I will ever not like Neon. This Neon, which you gave me.”


Neon was the automata Reinhart asked his master’s senior apprentice, Gebalt Ackerman, to make before leaving the country as a diplomat.


Berthie continued,


“I was just thinking how Neon and Rayko-chan were different.”


Saying that, she called Neon with her hand, made her sit beside her and hugged her. They looked exactly like twins.


“I.. see. Then it’s fine. I’m sorry for doubting you… Neon, you must be happy having such a great master, huh?”


“Yes, Reinhart-sama. My master is the best in the world.”


Neon said smiling.


“That Rayko-san is an amazing person. I want to be friends with her.”


Reinhart also smiled hearing that.


“I see. I am supposed to guide him through the land, so I will talk to him about it then.”


He said while patting Neon’s head.


But Berthie, who was sitting beside her was pouting.


Correctly reading into the atmosphere, Reinhart said,


“Well then, sorry for bothering.”


And then he kissed Berthie on the forehead.


“Ah-n-no, it’s fine, Reinhart-sama.”


Berthie blushed and was flustered as she was caught off guard. She then panickedly stood up and saw Reinhart to the door.


“Good night, Bell.”


“Good night.”


And the door was silently closed.


That night, Berthie probably had a good dream.









Author note:


A few people were able to guess right…


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