Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 325 The Capital Roizato

As Reinhart exited Berthie’s room, he spotted Jin in the corridor.


“Jin, what’s up?”


“Yeah, I had something to talk to you about.”


And so, both of them went to Jin’s room.


“Well, what did you want to talk about?”


Reinhart sat on a chair and asked.


“Ah, first, about Reiko being a bit immature there.”


Saying that, Jin called Reiko.


“After thinking about it carefully, I think that might have hurt Berthie-san and Neon’s honor, you see…”


Jin said while patting Reiko’s head.

In fact, when Reiko got in touch with Laojun for the periodical information exchange, Laojun pointed out that the way she did things could have hurt their honor and incurred displeasure.


“When I asked Reiko about it, she said she did it for my honor and so I told her to consider the other party’s situation a bit too.”


Reiko looked a bit disheartened. Reinhart laughed and denied it.


“You were worried about that? Berthie didn’t mind at all. Besides, that was also Berthie’s fault as she asked Reiko to do something as well.”


Reinhart explained how she must have wanted to know Reiko and Jin’s skills as he praised them a lot.


“She didn’t mind it a bit, alright? Besides, Neon was also saying how she wanted to become friends with Reiko.”


As he brought it to an end like that, Jin was also relieved.


“If so, then I guess it’s fine… Also, there’s one more thing. It’s about Elsa.”


Elsa was at Kaina village right now. Jin was worried how Reinhart reported that.


“Ah, about that.”


Reinhart explained it from a public standpoint.


Firstly, there was the fact that Elsa accompanying him wasn’t part of any official business despite the country giving permission.


And, although this sounds mean, Elsa’s biological elder brother Fritz did clearly tell Reinhart that she is not his responsibility anymore after her disappearance at Ikasanato.


“And so, I don’t have any obligation to report. I plan on staying quiet until they ask.”


“…But, Elsa knew about Berthie-san, you know? Did Berthie-san not say anything about her?”


“Ah. She knows that Elsa and I went on a trip together but she must also know that Fritz also went to take her. And so she probably didn’t find it weird that Elsa wasn’t here.”


Reinhart laughed a bit, looking a little lonely, saying that this isn’t something they needed to talk about right away.


“It isn’t like we can’t meet anymore. After returning and finishing my report, I was planning to properly explain at my house.”


“I… see… Reinhart, at that time, I will also invite you two to Kaina village.”


Seeing Reinhart look a bit down, Jin told him that with a smile.


“That makes me glad. It will be a good memory.”


Hearing that, Reinhart also smiled happily this time.



After Reinhart left the room,


“Reiko, sorry about that.”


Jin apologized to Reiko. Reiko was confused, being apologized to by Jin.




“About not letting you do girlish things all this time. That’s my responsibility.”


“That’s not true. Father is…”


But Jin embraced her without letting her finish.


“No, always saying you’re my daughter — I always left you with the fighting, that’s my bad.”




Jin and Reiko talked about things a lot that night.



* * *



May 13th, the day they’re supposed to reach Shouro kingdom’s capital, Roizato.

Jin was woken up by Reiko at 6 in the morning. He had told her to wake him up by 5 but as he stayed up quite late that night, Reiko decided to let him rest.


“Father, it’s time. The weather is great.”


“…Hmm, I see.”


Jin said while rubbing his sleepy face, then went on to wash his face and get changed. The weather was also great today.


When he went out to the carriage station, he found Steward on the lookout.


“Good morning, master.”


“Good morning. Good job keeping guard.”


Saying that, Jin got in the carriage. Reiko followed.



[Good morning, my lord.]


Laojun’s voice welcomed them to Hourai island as always.


“Good morning. Anything different in the village?”


[No, nothing in particular. I sent the 5 differently colored newly made golem maids to Kaina village. Their number starts from 101.]


Butler B, C and 5 differently colored golem maids. Barou and Belle too. And Mine, who was working part-time. With this, Jin’s castle had enough resources.


“Yeah, that gives me peace of mind. Let’s work little-by-little in the Kaina village, a sudden drastic change wouldn’t be good.”


[Understood. Besides that, we had report of Lishia-san coming as Kurain kingdom’s messenger and ambassador.]


“She is?”


When he came to think of it, she did also come as a tax collector and also knew Jin. It wouldn’t be weird for her to be designated as the ambassador and messenger.


[She is probably staying at Sharuru city tonight.]


“By horse?”


[Yes. After that, she will probably stay at Toka village and will reach Kaina village by noon the next day.]


There aren’t many precedences of a messenger coming with a horse during peaceful times so Laojun’s speculations are probably right.


The only time they would be hurrying would be from Toka village to Kaina village. That is because there’s nothing but a rest hut to spend the night along the way.

“If so, then she will arrive on 15th noon, eh… If I can, I will come but it’s still unclear.”


That much was obvious, as even Jin didn’t know what awaited him at Shouro empire’s capital.


After about 30 mins of such reports, Jin headed for the bathhouse–which was his first objective.


The cities he had stopped at till now didn’t have any bathhouses–probably because of the lack of water, and so he had no choice but to wash himself with just hot water and that was unbearable for Jin, who loved bathhouses.


Not to mention, he was going to reach the capital today, if so, he might not be able to sneak away like always.


“Fuu, yep, bathhouses sure are nice.”


Although he couldn’t be too carefree, Jin relaxed in the hot water, stretching his arms and legs.




“Father, we will finally reach the capital today.”


“Yeah, Shouro kingdom’s capital, eh? I look forward to it. There’s a big lake near it if I am not wrong, right?”


“Yes. According to Reinhart-san, there’s Tosmo lake and Shuju lake. Thanks to that, the area surrounding the capital is rich in water supply.”


As Reiko listened, she would also exchange information with Laojun and so was more knowledgeable than Jin in some areas.


“Well then, let’s go.”


Saying that, Jin went back.



* * *



“Reinhart-sama, the morning air feels good, doesn’t it?”


As Jin got out from the carriage, he met Reinhart and Berthie taking a walk intimately, linking arms.


“Good morning, Reinhart, Berthie-san.”


The two also greeted Jin back.


“Good morning, Jin.”


“Good morning, Jin-sama.”


He thought Berthie would also want to try and ride Jin’s carriage but that didn’t happen and the two of them kept walking just like they came.


“…They get along well, huh?”


Reiko must have felt something from that as she pulled on Jin’s sleeve and said,


“…Father, I am here.”




“…I will be here, no matter what happens.”


Jin realized that he made Reiko worry and so patted her head.


And then, he tapped Reiko’s shoulder once and headed towards the inn.



10-15 minutes after Jin reached the inn, Reinhart and the others also returned.

And after having breakfast, they departed.


“Jin, today, I will be travelling in my carriage. I want you to stay behind and follow us.”


Reinhart said. He was officially returning back so that much is only natural. And of course, Berthie, who wasn’t part of their group, went ahead of them.


“Got it. I will follow.”


“Sorry about it. Normally, I would like to explain a few things along the way but”


“Jin-dono, I will appoint two of my subordinates to you. If you have any questions, please ask them.”


Matheus also had to properly fulfill his job as Reinhart’s escort today.


“Yeah, thanks.”


“Then, let’s prepare to head out.”


And after half an hour, the party left Riare. They crossed the city of Hald and Nia and had a late lunch at Hore city. There, they checked their outfit once again.

The next stop will finally be the capital.

Jin was amazed by the highways being paved from Riare all the way to the capital. It was probably due to the hardening magic but thanks to that, the carriage’s speed increased by 3 times.


Jin thought that this was probably one of the reasons why Reinhart didn’t ask to let Berthie ride on his carriage.


Private houses were everywhere along the way from Nia city to the capital. The water being available here makes people gather, after all.


The density of such houses increased even more after they crossed Hore city. There were more 2 storied and 3 storied buildings now.


Most of them were made of stone but judging from the few which had the third floor made of wood, one could tell that their architecturing methods were advanced.


Jin wasn’t specialized in architecture but still wasn’t bored by looking at them.



And later, a wide canal could be seen in front of them. Seems like the capital Roizato was surrounded by a wide canal instead of castle walls.


It resembled that of Jiron city he had seen before but the length was 3 times that and was probably even deeper.


Boats could be seen on those canals, and one could tell that they were used for transport and shipping.


And also on the canal lied wooden boards, ahead of which was a stone bridge–one of the many bridges into the city.


The wooden part was probably made to stop enemies from invading by burning the boards.


“Even still, just the canal is about 50, no, 60 meters. Even the bridge pier’s height is more than 10 meters. It truly feels like the city of water.”


So was Jin’s first impression.


The bridges were also 10 meters wide so carriages could pass by easily.


“It seems like bridges like this one exist in all four sides of the city.”


Reiko explained after having received the information from Laojun.

Matheus went on ahead. After confirming with the soldiers guarding the city, they moved to the sides, letting the party cross.


And at last, Jin, who was at the end of the queue.


A weird carriage, pulled by a golem horse, which was being handled by a golem driver. Even just that would have been very suspicious but it seems like they had contacted the authorities beforehand and Jin could pass by without any problem. It was proof that Matheus and his subordinates were trusted.


At last, Jin proceeded into the capital of Shouro empire, Roizato.



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