Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 330 Library


On the other hand, Jin was being guided through the Shouro empire’s castle on the day Laojun healed Lishia and Pascaud.


The guide was Reinhart and… another person.


“Jin, our library is so good that I am sure it is not inferior to any other countries.”


It was Gelhart Hilde Fon Rubis Shouro, the empress. She had already started calling Jin by his name. What a frank empress.




As her majesty the empress was accompanying them, they had a free pass to anywhere.


The guards also bowed and cleared the way.


He also had a look at the deepest layers of the library, the document treasury, which is normally strictly guarded.


“Yes, please go in. I have work now so I can’t stay any longer but, hmm, let’s see, I will come back by noon. So let’s have lunch together.”




Saying that, the empress left the treasury without even waiting for Jin’s reply.






“Jin, you look like you want to say something.”


Reinhart asked first. Jin replied,


“Yeah. I never thought her majesty herself would be acting as the guide…”


“Haha, that’s just the type of person she is.”


“Even still, while I am happy being trusted this much being a foreigner, is it really okay being that lax? –is what I also feel.”


Jin himself didn’t have any ill will but if she acts like this to other people as well then it is very dangerous. After all, there’s also the probability of a spy or an assassin blending in.


As Jin said that, Reinhart shook his head.


“There’s not much to worry about that. Because, her majesty sees the true nature of the people she talks to.”




Jin was surprised. If she has such an ability, won’t she be the best as a ruler?


“No, it’s just based upon speculation.”


Reinhart added a comment.


That might be true. I mean, if she had, she wouldn’t just tell that she has such an ability to anyone like that.


“It’s just that, it’s also true that the empress’ judgement on anyone uptil now hasn’t been wrong.”




There are certainly people out there who have an eye for people. Is it an ability which multiplies that by tens or hundreds? It might also be more appropriate to call it a psychic ability rather than magic if it really does exist.


But it seems like it is different from reading a person’s true feelings, Reinhart added. Jin was a bit relieved hearing that.


After all, it would be hard to bear that she read him thinking that she looked like his orphanage’s director. And more importantly, he wondered about what would happen if she knew Jin’s origin is from another world.


At this time, only Reinhart and Elsa know about it.


“Although I do somewhat feel like I can trust her…”


Whether that was Jin’s intuition or if it was because the empress looked like his orphanage’s director, Jin didn’t yet know.


“Father, we have limited time. You need to read what you want to quick.”


Jin returned to himself hearing Reiko’s voice.


“Ah, yes, you’re right. Then I will read up.”


Saying that, Jin started scouring through the bookshelves.


“There’s also records of previous wars, eh?”


“Yeah. Even this country had its fair of internal struggle. It also seems it had quite a lot of it.”


As a Shouro empire citizen, Reinhart also has knowledge about its history.


Jin didn’t have much interest in it but he requested Reiko to read them. Reiko can read upto 10 times faster than Jin and send the data over to Laojun for recording.


He also had Reiko read up on other topics such as particular products made in each areas and books about plants or animals.


And about the book Jin was looking for,


“This, eh…”


About the story he heard from Reinhart long ago in Kunlun island.


“Mm? ……Ah, that. I told you about it before, haven’t I?”


That was the book which had details about the beginning of the world. In other words, a folklore.


A folklore about how there’s another world on the other side of the sun and that’s where the ancestors came from.


He hadn’t met a storyteller like that in Serroa kingdom so he was looking forward to finding some records like this here.


“Let’s see now…… Hmmm……”


There weren’t more than a few pages of records there and the contents weren’t as detailed either.


Just that there’s a world on the exact opposite side of the sun and that that world is much more bigger than this one.


And that chosen human ancestors came to this world on a soaring ship. All this was written simply there.


The only extra detail he found here was that that world is much bigger and that they came on soaring ship.


On the Earth, the stories are more of there being a Creator or giants who created the world. Here, it says people came from another world.


Jin thought that it had more authenticity in a sense. If so, then spaceship… the ‘soaring ship’ might have also existed in the past.


Jin was thinking of such a possibility when Reiko pulled on his sleeves to bring him back to reality.

“Father, I have finished reading the books you asked. What shall I read next?”


“Ah, I see. Then, this one, please.”


He also had Reiko read the rest of it.


He was intrigued by this ‘soaring ship’ but even Jin didn’t have the knowledge to build a spaceship. The biggest problem would be finding out how to navigate in vacuum.


“Well, it isn’t really needed either.”


He does feel like making it but that would be just out of curiosity. First, he should start from things closer to him.


As time was limited, Jin had looked at the books of the document treasury and library one after another and had Reiko read them.


There were also several books on magi engineering which Jin scanned over. Jin knew most of it but there were several entries which intrigued him, making it fruitful.


There were also books on religion. Jin also scanned over those as he was curious as to why religion hadn’t spread nearly as much in this world.


“….I see…….”


In short, the people related to the religions were mostly high ranked mages without exception. As such, they had much more mana than the average person.


And for that reason, most of them had died during the ‘ether stampede’.


Moreover, as most of these people had died, there were no such thing passed on as God’s blessing or protection and because of that, the general public got further away from religion as they progressed.


“As I thought, there was a ether stampede…”


There were other books related to religion too but there wasn’t much to gain from them.


There was no description of the ‘ether stampede’ either.


There were no results in this point but there was nothing to be done.


“Alright, let’s look over here.”


This time, Jin started looking over the general books.


There were far less things to gain from these but among them, the thing which intrigued him was a book related to ‘alchemy’.


“Sorry, Reinhart, I might have heard about it before too but, what exactly is this alchemy field?”


Being asked that, Reinhart raised his face from reading a book about magi engineering.


“Alchemy, eh? Right, well, making medicine from medicinal plants is alchemy and so it producing salt from salty water.”


Judging from that explanation, Jin guessed that it was probably chemistry. There doesn’t seem to be a branch of learning where you turn lead to gold or something.


And so, hearing that he was a bit more interested and started reading the book on his hand titled ‘Introduction to Alchemy’.


“Hmmm, I see, I see.”


As he thought, there were also experiments of trying to turn lead to gold or making medicine of immortality at first. However, at present, it is transforming into a branch of learning for practical usage and the name alchemy had only remained in name–that was the first chapter. The introduction.


The second chapter had outlines of how to extract metal from ores and the third chapter had methods on how to make liquid medicine from medicinal plants. That’s how it was organized. It was more or less interesting to Jin.


“It seems like you have got an interest for alchemy, huh, Jin?”


Reinhart said interested, seeing Jin enthusiastically read the book.


“Mm? Ah, in my world, alchemy had disappeared, you see. So it is interesting.”


“Ah, right. Science, was it? The source of your knowledge.”


“Yeah, that’s right. But it seems like the alchemy field is slowly starting to turn into science.”


As Jin answered, Reinhart made a impish smile and said,


“Jin, actually, there’s this person called Toa Eschenbach.”


There, he stopped and faced Jin and continued,


“That person is leading our country in alchemy.”


And gave interesting info to Jin.


“Toa Eschenbach, eh…… what kind of a person is he? If I can, I would like to meet and talk to him.”


As Jin said that, Reinhart tapped Jin’s shoulder and said,


“I think I can make that happen, Jin. After all, he lives in my territory.”


Hearing that he lives in the Randall family’s territory, Jin felt that his things to look forward to had increased by one again, as he would be able to meet the guy soon.


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