Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 345 Father, Daughter, Protegee–Everyone’s feelings

According to ‘analyze’, the curing medicine Eliza created had three times the effect compared to the normal one.


“With this amount, we could easily cure about a hundred people. Laojun, sorry for yelling at you without knowing before.”


[No. It was a failure on my part as well since I didn’t consider Ms. Eliza’s mana.]


Jin looked at the curing medicine again. There was about 5 litres of that colorless and transparent curing medicine. He divided it into small portions and put them in white mica ampoules.


It was at that moment.


[My lord, Ms. Reiko is having a hard time.]


Laojun’s voice echoed. Jin’s hands stopped.


“What do you mean?”


And asked for details.


[Yes. The mysterious man Raldus seems to be a demon as expected. Moreover, he can use gravitational magic.]


Laojun explained. Laojun also stated that he probably travelled through the great Shama wetlands because of that ability.


[….Now, several thousand G is on Ms. Reiko.”


“Several thousand?!”


Eliza, who was beside them, couldn’t really understand what was going on but since Jin could understand, he ended up imagining Reiko getting crushed.


“Well?! How is she now?!”


As he pressed Laojun for more details, Laojun just calmly continued.


[Ms. Reiko has released her full powers and is now resisting it…… She stood up…… She’s alright. Rather, the guy shouldn’t be able to maintain that magic for long.]


It seemed as if Laojun was giving advice to Reiko all the while explaining the situation to Jin. And then, finally, the equilibrium was broken.


[She destroyed the Elrad Light Raldus was holding.]


But just when they thought it would be Reiko’s one-sided victory from there on, two other demons appeared. However, these 2 do not seem to be aggressive as after they gave Reiko information about the ‘mana depletion fever’ this time, they picked up the unconscious Raldus and returned to the demons’ country.


[It is possible to chase Raldus’ mana…… However, it seems like one of the two new demons can use teleportation magic. They suddenly disappeared to a distant land.]


“Teleportation magic?”


As the warp gate also exists, it won’t be weird if there were magic which were similar to it.


“….And gravitation magic too, eh?”


It must have been a terrifying opponent to be able to make Reiko have trouble.

Jin just heartily felt glad that he made her body with magi adamantite. At the same time, he also decided to not let Reiko face anymore dangerous situation.

However, there were things needed to be done at the moment. Jin returned to his work once again.

And 20 minutes after that.


[My lord, Ms. Reiko has returned.]


“I see!”


Jin stopped making the ampoules. Reiko immediately came climbing the stairs.


“Father, I have returned.”


Jin welcomed her with both his hands.


“Welcome back, Reiko. You’re not hurt anywhere, are you?”


Reiko nodded.


“No, thanks to this body you gave me, I was able to return unharmed.”


As Reiko replied, Jin hugged her and said,


“Good job.”




“Reiko, I am glad you’re okay…… Really, from now on, I will never put you in any dan–”


But he was interrupted by Reiko.


“No, father. This might be presumptuous, but I will have to say it…… I will protect the things you want to protect. Your joy is my joy. Your sadness is my sadness. Your anger is my anger. And your happiness, is my happiness. I am your shadow. And a shadow always follows its master everywhere.”


As she finished saying, Jin hugged her even tightly and said,


“….Thank you, Reiko. If so, then I have only one thing to do. To make you so that you don’t get hurt or lose to anyone no matter what.”


Jin continued with a bitter smile,


“And, to turn you into a lady not inferior to any other girls.”


“Yes, I believe in you.”




Eliza, who was seeing such an exchange between the father and his daughter just muttered in a voice no one could hear.


“…..I’m jealous.”



*   *   *




After calming down a bit, they heard the report about the ‘mana depletion fever’ from Reiko. Of course, Eliza was also there.


“…I understand. So more or less, the measures we are taking aren’t wrong. However, using medicare for a few minutes… that is tough.”


Jin folded his arms and pondered. He gathered his thoughts within a minute.


“….Eliza, I am sure you’re tired but, I want to request this of you.”


Jin asked with an apologetic expression. But Eliza replied energetically,


“Mm. It’s also my wish to be of use.”


“Thank you. I want to create a magic tool to activate Genezung.”


And so, to begin, Jin told Eliza about the magi language, magi formula and the magi sequence.

He slowly explained the basics and so she was able to more or less understand it in about an hour and now it was time to for the real deal.


“‘Write In’.”


They ended up doing it without any practice but as Eliza did make some a while ago, that helped a lot and they were able to do it properly. That being said, the control and activation were slightly insufficient in some parts.


“I am sorry for making you do these hard things suddenly. But, with this, I can mass produce it.”


That’s right–Jin himself can’t use Hailfelfaren or Genezung but once he knows the magi sequence, he can recreate the magic as a magic tool.


“…..Really, you’re amazing, Jin-nii.”


Eliza recalled that time when she found Jin drunk on his carriage when she was travelling to Elias kingdom and how Reiko was immediately able to use Felhail after seeing Eliza use it once.


“I need to work harder as your protegee.”


Eliza resolved herself like that in secret but she doesn’t realize that even her first magic tool is a very high level tool and is already out of the ordinary standards.




Jin, not knowing of Eliza’s resolve, just kept on filling in magi formulas into magi crystals one after another.



*   *   *




The following day, early morning, Lishia and Pascaud were standing in front Nidou castle, all dressed up.


“Mr. Jin, you’re telling us to use this horse?”


In front of their eyes were 2 of the golem horses Jin made last night.


“Yes. These horses don’t need water or food and they do not get tired. Besides…”


Jin opened the hatch on its torso. The horse’s torso was big so he was able to add a storage space.


“You can put important things here. Due to the magic setting, only the rider can open it.”


“I-is that so…?”


Learning about these abnormal functions, Lishia was surprised.


“Also, there’s curing medicine for about a 100 people here along with 5 of the latest healing magic tool. You use it the way I just explained a while ago.”


He had explained to them about the ‘mana depletion fever’ and the method to cure it inside the castle a while ago.

Of course, he said Machina informed him about it.


“And I have also put in pelshika juice in here. Please drink it when you’re tired. It will give you energy.”


It was the Hourai island’s special made one. Jin had adjusted it so that it has more effect in recovering stamina.


“….Yes, got it. I have many things I would like to ask but let’s solve this disease problem first.”


“Hmm. I will protect Ms. Lishia. Mr. Jin, you can rest easy.”


Saying that, Pascaud Rush puffed up with pride. Jin was nodding but in reality, he made Deneb 30 tag along with them.

A very substantial escort. If it’s humans and not demons, there’s no one who can go up against Deneb 30. Although that is if the number of opponents is not too high.

He also had Falcon 6 to 10 stay in the air to support them whenever needed. Only Lishia and Pascaud didn’t know about this.

After curing the remaining pigeons as well, they wrote a simple and clear report about the disease and made the pigeon deliver it.

It should reach the kingdom before noon.


“Well then, we will depart now.”


After completing all necessary preparations, Lishia and Pascaud mounted the golem horses. They had rode Ain and Tsubai the other day so they didn’t have any problem handling it.


“Ms. Lishia, take care. Mr. Pascaud, take care.”




The two departed.

Surprised at how comfortable and easy it was to handle the horses compared to Ain and Tsubai, Lishia and Pascaud crossed the Helme river and galloped towards the Togo mountain ridge.



“Alright, I guess I will go do what I must as well.”


Saying that, Jin came back to Hourai island using the warp gate in the Nidou castle.


“Laojun, how’s the disease outbreak situation at all the locations?”


[Yes, my lord. According to the information from the Quinta…]


They ordered all the Quintas spread out all over Kurain kingdom to investigate possible patients inflicted with the mana depletion fever.

Jin being Jin, was all out on stopping this pandemic in its tracks.




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