Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 346 Jin’s true intention

“Now then, for the plan……”


Jin was telling Laojun about his reflection on the matter.

Generally, as Reiko and Laojun don’t really express their opposing viewpoints assertively to him since Jin made them both, he also had An participate in the meeting.


“….if master thinks that is okay, then I think it is fine, as well.”


As An also agreed to the plan, Jin made up his mind.


“Alright then, let’s start immediately. Laojun, I will leave the preparations to you.”


After leaving the preparations to Laojun and taking a small break, Jin pondered what to do with Elsa.

The step he was about to take now was unconventional, even from Jin’s perspective. However, if he is going through with it, he doesn’t want to regret it after doing it half-heartedly.

‘Why must I go so far?’–such a thought did graze Jin’s mind but he made up his made once again, deciding that it is because he is able to do it.

He also wondered whether it would be alright to drag Elsa into something as outrageous as this but after coming to the conclusion that it would be disrespectful to her if he did not let her participate in the end-game after explaining everything to her and having her cooperate, Jin decided to wake Elsa up as she was napping on the chair.

He was hesitating to wake her up, seeing her sleeping so peacefully, but as leaving her be would also not be okay, Jin hardened his heart and shook her a bit.


“Nnn…… Jin-nii?”


Elsa still looked sleepy but it seems she remembered about last night.


“….What happened after that? I heard more about the disease and made the magic tool and……”


It looks like that’s as far as she remembers.


“Elsa, I plan on doing everything I can about this from this point on. What will you do, Elsa?”


He had decided to let Elsa make up her mind but Elsa replied in an instant.


“…..of course, I will stick to the plan till the end.”


“Alright, then, let’s wash our faces first.”


Jin was also feeling tired, so after descending downstairs to the workshop, he washed his face. Elsa also did the same.


“Then, watch me as I make it…… Reiko, bring that magi crystal over there.”


“Yes, father.”


While also having Reiko help out a bit, the thing Jin was making was an ether converter. That too, a powerful one.


“You need to be careful when filling in the magi formula here. It is changing the ether into mana here but its efficiency is…”


He worked all the while explaining the procedure to Elsa. Elsa was still an amateur when it came to magi formulas but it seems that she understood Jin’s intention and seriously paid attention and also asked about the things she didn’t understand.


“….Alright, that’s one.”


Jin also made a mana driver and mana tank following the ether converter.

He then combined these together, put it in the case and, finally, also inserted an Elrad Light to finish it up.

Even Elsa understood that the magic tool Jin had just made was immensely strong.


“Jin-nii, what do you do with this?”


Jin did not directly answer that question and demonstrated it to Elsa by filling in the final magic into it.


“‘Write in’…… Genesung.”


Realizing what that magic is, Elsa stared in wonder.


“….That, is……”


“Yes. This is a magic tool for healing. That too one which can be used from a long range on a wide scope.”


Jin explained his strategy.


“I will insert this into Pegasus… the aircraft, and use magic on the land from the sky. I am thinking of eliminating the disease like that.”


Even Elsa doubted her ears.

She knew that Jin had aircrafts which can fly through the sky.

She knew that Jin can make powerful magic tools.

She also knew that Jin can use magic he doesn’t know by filling it into a magic tool.

But to think he would combine all those to come up with such a plan. No, even before all that, is it even possible?


“….Jin-nii is amazing. You’re on a completely different level…… It’s as if you’re a messiah inside a fairy tale.”


Elsa said, meaning to praise Jin.

However, hearing that, Jin’s reaction was different.


“I am nothing like a messiah.”




“…..I am not a messiah and I don’t even plan on being one. To be honest, I don’t even want to do something like this. I just want to make things I like and have people enjoy it…… that’s the way I want to live.”




Maybe because he had pulled an all-nighter, Jin was speaking without thinking. And once his true intentions came out, it kept on gushing out.


“This is just, simply for me.”




Elsa didn’t have the words to say to Jin, seeing him agitated like that.


“I don’t care about someone I don’t even know. But, I also have people I care about. And those people live in Kaina village, and Kaina village is my precious home, and to protect Kaina village, Kurain kingdom needs to be in peace, and for Kurain kingdom to have peace, the surrounding countries need to have peace, and so I have to do it.”


Saying that, Jin gave a smile, looking exhausted.


“And so… I will do it, for myself. Just for now. And that just ended up being something huge like this.”


Jin, now looking back at Elsa, spoke even further.


“I will just protect the stuff I want to protect however I can. That’s all there is to it.”




Maybe because he had just let out the feelings he had been accumulating inside him, Jin now had a somewhat lonely smile on his face, different from a while before.


“Sorry. I wasn’t supposed to tell you this, Elsa…… I might be a bit too tired…”


Saying that, Jin scratched his head. Elsa took his hand and said,


“…No, I am happy you told me… I can’t do anything for you but I could at least listen. Don’t bear it all by yourself.”


Jin stared at Elsa’s face.




Elsa was a bit perplexed seeing Jin different from usual.


“….Thank you…… Even though there’s the chance of getting to see and hear many interesting things in Shouro empire’s imperial palace now, why do I have to be troubled by something like this… when I think of that, it’s harsh…”


He said, sounding fatigued. And to that Jin, Elsa said with a worried tone.


“….Jin-nii, you’re carrying too much all alone. Ms. Reiko and the others were also worried about it.”


It was during the time when the fight with the Unifiers was closing in. At that time, after being requested by Reiko and Laojun, Elsa assisted Jin and helped him get a change of pace.


“I am unreliable, and can’t do much but, I want you to rely on me, even if a little. Like this time.”


As Elsa finished saying, Jin hung his head.




But then soon raised his face, this time with a much more cheerful expression.


“……That’s right. I might have been conceited to think that I could do everything by myself. Even this time, I got help from you.”


Saying that, Jin slapped his face with both hands and said,


“Thank you, Elsa. I have snapped out of it.”


The ‘thank you’ this time had strength in it.


“Before, Reinhart had told me that I should learn about this world’s standards. I do think I understand that I am the odd one out in this world. Although I do end up going a bit too far sometimes.”


Jin’s eyes were also smiling now.


“But, I am me. I can’t change that. If I look like I am about to make a mistake, Elsa, please tell me.”


“….Mm. Leave it to me!”


Elsa said, giving a lively nod, unlike herself, which made Jin smile and tap her shoulder.


“Alright, let’s go…… Reiko, sorry but could you load the ‘treatmenter’ into Pegasus 1?”


Reiko was looking a bit lonely behind Jin but when she heard those instructions, she gave a smile and said,


“Yes, father.”


She happily raised the treatmenter.


(I am glad, father’s mood livened up… Ms. Elsa is sure good at doing that… it is a bit frustrating but I have to admit it.)



The treatmenter was immediately loaded onto Pegasus 1 and Jin made it so that it could radiate from underneath.


“This should be good. If medicare is enough to make it harmless, genesung should have a greater effect in a short period of time.”


According to Jin’s assumption, the pathogen for the magic depletion disease is caused by the sudden change in the virus or germ which are making the birds ill.

As such, he thought that if he were to revert those changes back to normal using healing magic, he could make them harmless.

And if the people with the disease were also cured while doing that, that’s killing two birds with one stone. However, he doesn’t plan on making such a drastic move so often.


“Well then, Elsa, get on. Reiko, let’s go.”






With Jin, Elsa and Reiko on board, Pegasus 1 took flight towards the morning sky. They also activated stealth to be unseen from underneath.


“First, we start with Rakham.”


They aimed for Rakham, the temporary base for Earl Walter and the place which was most likely the source of the disease.


“…..Jin-nii, you’re really amazing. To be able to fly through the skies so freely like this.”


Elsa said, being excited to have a view from the sky like this for the 2nd time.

After gathering the information from the Quinta who were scattered in different places, Laojun had determined that at the time being, the seriously ill people were at Rakham and then at Thaw city and Sharuru city.


“Genesung’s magic reverts abnormality back to normal. Meaning, healthy people won’t feel anything.”


Jin muttered to himself. Elsa, who had heard that, was impressed.

They didn’t really use genesung on healthy people before but there should be quite a lot of them inside the magic range.

Despite that, the only ones receiving the healing will be either wounded people or ill people.


“Jin-nii’s insight is not wrong, I think.”


Being told that by Elsa, Jin stopped Pegasus 1 on top of Rakham.

And then, with a serious expression, he activated the treatmenter.

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