Magi Craft Meister 348

11-50 Extra 18 – Various Endings




The days of many intersecting feelings, speculations, actions and incidents had come to an end.


[I guess you could say it was because of gravity magic that Reiko had such a hard time.]

“Do you mean the controlling of gravity?”


Jin was analyzing the magic that was utilized by Raldus the Jester, along with Laojun and Reiko, in his laboratory in Hourai Island.

Normally, Reiko would have learned it the first time, but things were not going too smoothly. This was because the method of activation was different.

[It is really effective depending on how you use it.]

“I bet it is.”

Magic isn’t as simple as chanting a few words.

The chanting is just there to support your imagination.

But it was difficult for Reiko to visualize the important thing, which was the gravity phenomenon.

And as Jin did not know everything about gravity either, it was taking him time to analyze it.

“In any case, Laojun, you know everything that I know about gravity. I don’t care how long it takes, but I want you to analyze the gravity magic.”

[Of course.]

If he could attain gravity magic, then he would have an advantage in the inevitable clash with the demons. And if he could use it…

Jin thought of the word ‘anti-gravity’ and considered the possibilities.



[Yes, I know. The strengthening of security at Kunlun island and Hourai island.]

He didn’t know for sure that this ‘singular point’ that the demon had talked about was Hourai island, but there was no reason not to be cautious.

[Not only Raldus, but we also know the magic of some demon called Dogmalord. So it is possible to pursue them with the magi radar. According to it, they are currently to the north of the Leonard kingdom.]

“Yes, maybe it is true that they have no intention of invading, but it’s important to be cautious. …Also, I don’t know what the range of the gravity magic is. Airships would crash if hit by it, and Lands would also not be able to move.”

[Yes, I will be careful.]

Laojun gave orders to the golems to always have backup personnel in any operations including reconnaissance, and that they should retaliate with full force if there was even a hint of aggression.

A fight between Hourai island and the demons. No one knew if that day would actually come.



*   *   *



The heads of the Cline Kingdom were troubled over the handling of Earl Walter’s lands.

The 4th knight’s division had rushed to Rakham after Pascaud Rush and Lishia sent the news. Earl Walter’s butler and much evidence had now been brought back to the capital of Alban.

The evidence and testimony were enough to strip Earl Walter of his lands and title. As he had no wife, heirs or relatives, the handling of his property would become a problem.

“Why don’t you keep it under the control of the kingdom?”

“No, no. It should be made a part of the neighboring Marquis’ land.”

“It should be split up and given to the new nobles.”

As taxes all went into the kingdom first, there was little merit to keeping it under the kingdom’s control.

If anything, having a noble govern it would help in the kingdom’s lack of personnel.

“Very well. We will go with prime minister Powell’s idea. It will be split between new nobles of merit.”

It was the king, Alois the Third, who made the decision. The rest of the officers that were their bowed in silence.

Well then, the next issue was how they would divide the land and who would be given it.

“The person who made the biggest contribution this time is Lishia Farheight.”

This came from the prime minister’s mouth.

While the sickness had spread from her doves, that was not something she could have predicted, and it was not her responsibility, and no actual harm came from it.

Besides, according to the testament of Earl Walter’s butler, they would have spread the disease to Kaina village even if Lishia had not stayed.

This butler had experience in raising doves, and he would have colluded with the ‘guest’ in order to spread the disease. They were still considering his punishment, but it would be severe.

All of this was taken into account when it was decided that Lishia would be rewarded. And also…

“She will be given Toka village, and Jin will be leased the Inado mines on top of Kaina village. Any objections?”

Said the minister of public management.

They owed a debt to Jin for the medicine and for helping Lishia and Pascaud. Not only that, but it would be an apology for allowing Earl Walter, who was a noble of the Cline Kingdom, for planning something so unspeakable.

“Indeed. Then it may be well to raise Lishia Farheight to the rank of baronet.”

Making Lishia a lord of a neighboring territory would also serve to create a buffer zone with Jin.

And so Lishia became a baronet this year, as well as the lord of Toka village. But it would still take a while for this to become official.

“And then there is Pascaud Rush.”

The prime minister had given Pascaud a certain order, as he wanted to confirm something about Jin.

It was, ‘think of Jin as an enemy spy. Always look at him with suspicion.’

However, according to Pascaud Rush’s reports, he saw nothing to suggest that this was the case.

“I forced a hateful role onto him.”

After this, Pascaud was promoted from an apprentice knight to a proper knight.


*   *   *


Barou and Belle had now completely settled into Nidou castle.

“That last banquet was a lot of work, but very fun.”

Belle said as she cleaned the great hall. Barou was cleaning the entrance.

“Yes, that’s true. We got rooms as well, so I’m glad we came here.”

They had little to do but clean, as Jin was usually absent. And the golem maids cleaned everything above the third floor.

“Really, who is this Jin person…”

Barou questioned. Belle laughed and answered.

“Oh, it’s easy. Jin is an ‘amazing person.’”


*   *   *


Day and night, Elsa practiced the engineering magic that Jin had taught her.

He had taught her how to create a magic tool that used the magi sequence the other day, and so she was mainly reviewing that.

“The important thing with magi devices was efficiency. …Uh, huh, this magi formula is…”

Of course, training to use forming, which was the basics, was also important.

Making pens and nibs with phosphor bronze would be beneficial for the village. Elsa was now capable of making three of these pen nibs at once.

“But, brother Jin…”

She remembered well that Jin was able to make 10 of them at once. And she had a suspicion that he wasn’t even doing his best.

“…I’ll do my best.”

Sometimes she would go to the library on the 3rd floor and read some of the handbooks on engineering magic that Laojun had made.


The books had been meant for beginners, but the beginning level for magi craft meisters was above the intermediate level for the normal magi craft man. But Laojun did not have enough references to realize this.

Still, sometimes success was born from failure. And it seemed that Elsa would continue to grow from here on out.


*   *   *


In the Leonard kingdom, no, former kingdom.

Three figures were talking together in the northern region.

One of them was unconscious due to a heavy wound, so it would be more accurate to say that two people were talking.

“Damn Raldus. This is what happens when you act out alone.”

“He’ll have to be treated somewhere.”

“Yes. I have an idea. To the north of this continent. There are ruins. Let us go there.”

A tribe of people had fallen, and no one was around those ruins anymore, said one of the figures.


“…Still, there is little point in going to the south. After all, the ether is weak. It will be unbearably painful without Elradrite.”

“That’s true. We should be satisfied with just knowing that the singular point is towards the sea. And it cannot be used there.”

“…Yes. Still, that automata was frightening.”

“It was. … We will be destroyed without fail if there was 100 of them.”

“The only saving grace was that they didn’t seem to enjoy fighting.”


And so the three figures disappeared into the north.

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