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Chapter 349 Strengthening Project

May 19th, night time.

On the following day, Jin had promised Reinhart that he would return to Shouro empire.

Jin was having a discussion with Laojun, An, and Reiko in Hourai island. The topic of the discussion was a strengthening project for the Hourai island force to fend off demons, if such a situation were to occur in the future.


“First, let’s get things done from the list of things which can be completed immediately.”


Jin’s words reverberated.


“You said that stealth was seen through, right?”


[Yes. It is very likely that the wavelength of light the demons’ eyes can capture differ from that of humans.]


Stealth is a magic which makes one appear transparent by refracting the visible light rays and showing the viewer what’s behind.

This ‘visible light rays’ are relative to the vision organs. In case of humans, their eyes. And adding to that, demons can probably see ultra-violet rays as well.

They say that insects can see ultraviolet rays and a number of reptile species also have an organ which lets them detect infrared rays.

It is probably best to not think of the demons the way one would think of humans.

With this as base, they vastly increased stealth’s frequency band towards infrared and ultraviolet rays.

To differentiate this from ‘stealth’, Jin decided to call it ‘invisible’.


“Hmm, the result is good but then you can’t see anything, eh……”


After having generated the ‘invisible’ barrier for testing, that’s what Jin said at first.

Because it is warping the light altogether, no light is reaching the person inside the barrier either.


“Electromagnetic waves with longer wavelength…… microwaves, was it?”


He tried digging up some vague memories. If they make the wavelength smaller, there’s a risk of it becoming X-rays or gamma rays.

Jin felt like he remembered these microwaves were used for radars and so, after discussing with Laojun, he refined the strengthening project of the Hourai island force with Reiko being the first.

Jin himself made the improvements to Reiko and left the modifications of the others golems to Laojun as he didn’t have time.

One doesn’t even need to mention that with this the information gathering skills of Hourai island’s forces have increased.




[I will reorganize and restructure the Quintas.]


Laojun said.

Regulus, Deneb, Capella, Spica, and Mira. He will be increasing each of them by 10 and deploy them to Shouro empire and Leonard kingdom.

He also explained how he was planning to increase their power, as well, assuming there will be contact with the demons again.

They increased Reiko’s power output from 15% to 30% and also equipped her with armament which they normally didn’t as it would make her heavier than an average human.

They would fill up the loss in speed because of the weight increment by removing some flesh from her framework but that would normally just decrease her strength so they also decided to change the normal aluminium with 64 aluminium.

The advantage to this was that they could do it easily with just engineering magic, without the need to make it anew, as it is completed just by adding more aluminium and vanadium to the current aluminium.

He added armaments like lasers, stun weapons and barrier deployers.


“Yep, I think that’s good. Let’s go with that.”


Jin also agreed.




*   *   *





“All that’s left is……”


Jin was summarizing the things needed to be done later, in order.

First was Hourai island’s defense.



“If the demons were to think of crossing the ocean–”


The possibility of that happening is not negligible. They can probably run on water if they reduced their own weight with the gravity magic.


[On top of deploying the 3 completed aircraft carriers, we should also complete the sea army.]


“Right. Even if they are demons, they are still living beings. They should have difficulty dealing with a naval attack.”


Jin was thinking of creating a submarine squad.


If golems were the only ones riding it, they wouldn’t need food or oxygen so the structure could be made very simple.


“Let’s make it from 10 meters to about 20 meters.”




Following Jin’s base instructions for the submarine, Laojun proceeded with the plan to make a submarine squad.


Of course, it would also be better if they increased their on-water forces.


I would like a military vessel with good maneuverability.”


They also inserted a 40 meter long high speed military vessel into their project.


And with all of this, they also planned on reinforcing the golem squads of the land, air and sea.

Sky, Land, Marine, Mermaid–they increased the numbers of each of those from 100 to 200.

This can all be done by Laojun alone (of course, by having Smith do the work).



And, they had also decided to develop an ether absorbing barrier.

Just as the name suggests, it will take in all the ether inside the barrier. It should be fatal to the demons.



That’s all for the defense project.

And then, Jin, Laojun, Reiko and An worked out the next strengthening projects.



“First, Reiko.”


First, he listed all the things Reiko was lacking and the features she wanted. Even if he wasn’t able to implement them straight away, he was thinking of doing them in the future.

Jin was also hoping to understand something from the Shouro empire’s alchemist.


  1. Self repairing function
  2. Fighting skills upgrade
  3. Knowledge/Intelligence upgrade
  4. Power up


Were the listed items.


He didn’t list the first one, self repairing function, on the long term project and implemented it immediately.

It would be difficult to make a complete recovery if the parts making the body are missing but if her magical skin or magical muscle gets wounded or if her skeletal structure bends, it is possible to self-repair instantly.

He did this by inserting a magi crystal with the ‘forming’, ‘fusion’, and ‘surface treatment’ magic.

This way, with just Reiko’s instruction to ‘heal or repair’, engineering magic with a certain level of effectiveness will be applied, fixing her wounds.

When resting, she could do this by herself but in a fight, trying to cast a magic on yourself can be deadly so having this simple self-repairing function is helpful.


The 2nd one, fighting skill upgrade, would be difficult to implement.

Jin always wondered why Reiko always went for hand-to-hand combat. And so, after talking with Reiko and cooperating with An to analyze this, they ran into one big problem.

That is Reiko’s low weight.

Reiko’s exclusive ‘peach blossom’ sword is about 1.5 kilograms, even though it is made with magi adamantite.

Even normal longswords made of steel are about 2 kilograms and if they are made with adamantite, it would be close to 5 kilograms.

When Reiko, who is 30 kgs, swings this around, the recoil is great. Newton’s third law of motion is also applicable here so when her body is very light, she can’t properly use precise sword techniques.

Moreover, ‘holding back’. This might be paradoxical but Reiko’s power is too much.

When thinking of a number like 1000000, a difference of 1 or 0.1 is insignificant. However, that 0.1 difference becomes large when it comes to humans.

Reiko is holding back her strength with astoundingly high reaction speed and suppressing techniques but on the contrary, this can also be said to be a very huge wastage of her brain’s processing power.


“Hmm, I will handle this.”


He couldn’t think of a solution immediately.


“If the analyzing of the gravity magic progressed a bit, that might be helpful.”


They still remembered clearly how Raldus changed his sword’s weight to increase the speed or impact.

It seemed like gravity magic would turn out to be a key tech from now on.



The 3rd one, knowledge/intelligence upgrade.

To turn Reiko into the best lady, he needed more knowledge.

He planned on ordering the Quinta to gather knowledge and information for that.

To be precise, he wanted to know about the etiquette from all the countries, and what the people like, sing or dance to.



The 4th one, power up.

Considering Reiko’s body size and weight, physically, she is powered up to her current limit.

To power her up even further, better materials would be needed.

This would also be handled by Jin.

And in terms of magic power up, with the Elrad light, she can easily produce ten times her current power. He was able to reconstruct it immediately.


“Now then, next is Laojun.”


Laojun didn’t undergo any major remodelling after Jin had created him.

On the other hand, the burden on Laojun just keeps increasing.

At this rate, in the near future, he will probably be overloaded.


“Hmmm, there’s two ways to go about doing this……”


Talking in terms of a computer, one would be to increase the CPU clock speed.

To say it in even simpler words–increasing his brain speed.

Two, increasing the amount of CPUs. This would be like comparing to increasing the number of people.

Earth, water, fire, wind, lightning, light, darkness, and one containing all of the elements –using all 8 of these elemental crystals, the magi device, which is Laojun’s brains, was made.

If he creates the same thing many times and have them parallel process, it would increase his processing speed.

As such, Jin created another 3 magi devices and placed all 4 of them in such a way that they made a triangular pyramid (four sides).


“How does it feel, newborn Laojun?”


“Yes, my lord. Thank you very much. I feel wonderful. With this, I can process information numerous times faster than before.]


“That’s great…… I also wanted to increase the clock speeds but……”


Jin wasn’t all satisfied. After all, that’s a technique he would be able to use in Reiko’s power up, as well.

The mana is like current. Because it is like that, there’s a frequency to it. And that frequency inevitably becomes the same as Jin’s unique mana pattern.

Jin’s one is 10 times that of a normal magician. That’s how high his level is.

But, if he could increase that even more.

That was also one of Jin’s objectives going forth.



*   *   *




[I will perform the reorganization of the Quinta.]


At Hourai island, by Jin’s instructions, Laojun was carrying out his tasks.

First, he reallocated the Quintas.

After increasing their numbers to 150 from 100, he appointed new posts to them.

He appointed them at Shouro empire, former Leonard kingdom and even at some territories where the demons are.




The first thing the Quintas, which went to Shouro empire, did was search for the food Jin wanted.

And that immediately bore fruit.

Spica 11 and Mira 11 who were deployed to the southern area, reported that they found 3 types of rice near the Was lake.

Moreover, Capella 11 got a hold of genuine tea plant near Aube.

As they found both the processed goods and the seeds for the rice and tea, they started working to cultivate them in Hourai island.


On the other hand, the Quintas deployed to former Leonard kingdom weren’t able to trace the demons but they did find a few human settlements.


[Work hard to get along well with them. Also, investigate how that country turned out to be like that.]


Laojun instructed.


How one of the small countries, Leonard kingdom, fell to ruins and who deployed the illusionary barrier all over the country.

There were many mysteries they needed to investigate.




The Quintas’ work would continue from here onwards.

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