MCM 356

#356 Feedback

Jin instructed Reiko to boil all of the remaining sap until they turned to maple syrup.

And it seems Saki had also regained her senses.

“Hmm, I can’t have you be like this, Saki…”

Reinhart said with a worried face, concerned about his childhood friend.

“By the way, why did the servant go out?”

To Jin’s question, Saki scratched her head and answered with a strained smile,

“Well, you see, I haven’t paid rent for the last 3 months so…”

“That’s no good…”

Even Jin instinctively retorted to that.

“For now, let’s just get food from my house…”

Reinhart said, with a pensive expression.

“Not paying rent for 3 months, what happened? There are a lot of expensive materials here too…. don’t tell me..”

“Kufufu, yep. My father would always end up buying all the rare materials. Well, me too.”

In short, a researching idiot who has no sense of economy.

“Just get a butler to manage the house.”

Reinhart was exasperated. However, Saki just replied with a nonchalant expression,

“We are not nobles or anything. We don’t really need a butler.”


Saki’s reply worried Reinhart as she made it sound like it wasn’t her problem. Jin worked out a plan.

“Right, Reinhart. We could just make an automata.”

Reinhart was immediately hooked on the plan. He lives up to his reputation of being a building maniac.

“Ooh! We can do that! You will help as well, right, Jin?”

“Of course.”

Reinhart’s excitement increased even further with Jin’s reply.

“Alright! Then let us make the 2nd best automata in the world!”

Seeing Reinhart so excited, Saki asked,

“…..Well, that’s fine but, what do you mean by 2nd best?”

“Mm? That’s simple. After all, the best automata in the world is Reiko-chan over there.”

Hearing that, Saki looked like she had just remembered about Reiko and gazed at Reiko with her glasses on.

“Her build looks amazing the more I look…. That reminds me but… Reinhart, and Jin. It’s fortunate that two of the top rate magi engineers are here.”

She bent over the table saying that.

“Mm? You have something you want to ask?”

There are many common points of interest shared by alchemists and magi engineers and they have been influencing one another to develop even more.

Reinhart had probably thought Saki had a small question or something when he asked that. He surely didn’t think that he wouldn’t be able to answer.

“Well then, I will go ahead and ask but… the golems and automatas, these magic dolls, how are they able to hold cups, which are very fragile, without breaking them?”


Reinhart hardened.

Golems and automatas’ general movement control is usually given to them by their masters. And the masters inherit it from their masters.

This movement control system can be explained by comparing it to an operating system. In other words, it is usually inherited by the magi engineers from their masters as a ‘black box’ ( There’s no progress there.

If you were to track it to its roots, most of the current control systems would lead to Adriana Barbora Cecy.

And the details of the control system, like magic, is stored in a ‘library’ in the ‘worlds with magic’. And most magi engineers are just accessing and copying that.

And, as for Jin,

“….Hmm, it’s really complicated so I will try to explain it simply. First, they scan the target. Then, they check it with their knowledge of things and if they find a match, they grip it with the necessary strength.”

Jin simplified it. Saki, and even Reinhart, was impressed.

Seeing Reinhart thinking about it with a backward glance, Saki asked more questions.

“Hmmm, very intriguing… Then, what if it’s not in the knowledge of things? They won’t know how strongly to grip it if it’s something they saw for the first time, right?”

“You come asking the hard questions, huh? ..Well, it’s the same till the checking part. And if it’s not there, they perform ‘analogy’. They search for things similar to it or things with similar material.”

“I see, I see.”

Saki nodded. To which Jin grinned and asked,

“It’s fine if they find something similar. But don’t you want to know what happens if they don’t?”

“Kufufu, exactly.”

“Thought so…. They start the action of ‘gripping’. The fingers touch the target. Then they put in the strength…. You get it this far?”

“Yes, of course. The problem is after that. If they put in too much strength, it will break. If they don’t put in enough strength, they won’t be able to hold it. What do they do?”

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