o“They detect the deformation between the target and their fingertips.”

“Eh? ….is that so, Jin?”

Reinhart asked. It seems it was also his first time hearing that.

“The control core is ordering the body after estimating how much strength should be put in. And the body moves after that—a very short period of time, about 0.001 seconds later.”


Saki and Reinhart were both listening quietly.

“Once the finger touches the object, the finger movements slow down depending on the hardness of the object. If the object is soft, it’s harder for the core to process and it is harder to slow down. If it is hard, then it becomes slow quicker. They detect and calculate all these really quick and apply the necessary force.”

Jin added,

“By the way, they do mistake the force sometimes… After all, humans also sometimes drop stuff after holding them ‘cause they seem lighter. However, since their reaction speed is dozen times faster than that of a human’s, in most cases, they make it in time.”

After explaining that far, Jin looked at both their faces.

Like a magi engineer, Reinhart was digesting the information he just heard but Saki was fine with just understanding the concept.

“I see, Jin, thanks! One of my long lasting questions just got answered!”

Saki was overjoyed.

“They can do that because the control core is much faster than humans at thinking, right?”

“Yep, that’s right.”

Jin nodded to Saki’s question.

“If so, then the control core is dealing with difficult stuff like how the body should behave, eh?”

“Yep, yep…. Mm?”

Jin thought over Saki’s question once again.

Generally, things follow the ‘simple is best’ principle. Even more so if it’s a system.

“Jin? Is something the matter?”

Saki called out to Jin, seeing him fall silent all of a sudden but the words didn’t reach Jin’s ears.

(For the action of determining the strength, most of the control core’s processing power is being used. In other words, it is being left to the software…)

Jin wasn’t really knowledgeable in the electronics engineering or IT field but he did have the general knowledge a normal person living in the current world would have.

(The software can surely work it out. However, if one can have the hardware also carry that load, the control core’s pressure would decrease and it could process other things…)

“Hello? Jin? Oii.”

Jin was deep in thought.

(Then, what can be in place of it? ….Automata and golems are made by copying the structure of human body. Something a human has but an automata does not…. sense of touch!)

Eyes for vision. Ears for hearing. Nose for sense of smell. All of these have a special magi device for it and were acting like a pseudo sense organ.

However, for sense of touch, they only have something very poor.

There’s a temperature sensor in the chest portion to detect heat and cold. It is used to monitor the metal body’s temperature.

If used properly, it could also detect the temperature of the object the fingertips touch.

Sense of pain isn’t being considered from the start.

(A while before, Reiko didn’t use her sword techniques even after learning them because figuring out the ‘ample’ amount of strength would be difficult.)

Complicated actions need delicate power distribution. Even though they have multiple times the processing speed of humans, it would be extremely difficult to calculate the strength allocation while moving tens or hundred times faster.

Even more so ‘cause Reiko’s power is tremendous. Between adjusting from 10 to 1 and from 10,000 to 1, the difference is huge.

One can easily figure out which will be harder to determine the strength for—simple actions like punching or kicking, or complicated actions like locking techniques in judo.

Such a conclusion had also come up after a discussion with Laojun.

(Ah…. So that’s how it is…)

How he would help Reiko understand power distribution even better—Jin had just thought up of a solution for it.

(I didn’t think about it enough…)

There was a need to control Reiko’s magical muscle to the milli—no, to the micron unit by delicately limiting the power output from ether converter and mana driver for Reiko’s power distribution. All this while moving more than ten times faster than a human.

Reiko probably couldn’t explain all that to Jin.

“……What happened to Jin?”

“He probably became aware of something important.”

A few minutes after Jin had indulged in thinking. Saki and Reinhart were whispering to each other.

“Kufufu, there were times when you became like that too, huh? A specialty idiot, eh?”

“I don’t want to be told that by you.”

And then, Jin returned to reality.

“Saki, thank you! Thanks to your words, I might be able to progress greatly!”

In response to Jin’s loud thanks, Saki replied, still confused.

“Kufufu, I don’t really get what you mean but it’s an honor to be of use. If it’s okay with you, could you explain it to us as well?”

“Yes, of course! Reinhart, I would also like to hear your opinion on this.”

Saying that, Jin started explaining the theory of power control which he had just thought of.

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