Magi Craft Meister 362

Reinhart’s Wedding Present

“Well then, Saki, I guess I will be troubling you for a while.”

Jin told Saki with a smile.

“Kufufu, spending a few nights with a man under one roof, eh? I am looking forward to it.”


“I am not wrong, am I?”

Saki said with a impish smile. She had really opened her heart to Jin over these few days and showed this different face to him.

Jin, Reiko, Saki and Ehr were travelling on Jin’s carriage.

“Saki, actually, I might be outside until the actual wedding day.”

“Hmm? Well, that’s fine too. Do you have something you want to do?”

Saki didn’t seem bothered by Jin’s words at all and just asked a question in turn.

“Yeah. I want to gift him something for the wedding.”

“Hmm, hmm, I see, you will go around searching for a present…. that’s nice. I suppose I need to give him a present as well.”

Saki also pondered. Thinking this as the right time, Jin asked.

“Hey, asking what will be a good present for the wedding seems like cheating a bit so I will ask this instead—what is bad as a wedding gift?”

“A bad wedding gift, eh? Something sharp, edgy. Blood relatives normally gift such things.”

She said something similar to what Elsa said on her birthday. Saki continued.

“Clothes will also be hard. If you don’t know his likes, that is.”

“….That is true. Anything else?”

“Of course, rings are no good as well. I think something practical would be good… Ah, the topic changed to what will be good as a gift, eh?”

“No, thanks, that helped a lot.”

Jin lightly expressed his thanks. And he thought to himself that he would ask Elsa about the rest.

While talking about such things, the carriage had reached the Eschenbach residence.

“Hmm, seems like father hasn’t yet returned.”

There were no doors for a gate and so Saki said while opening the entrance with a key.

“Well, we have Ehr now so it will work out. Ehr, I will leave Saki to you.”

Jin told Ehr.

“Yes, creator, I understand.”

Ehr was already an all-purpose housekeeper by then, being able to do anything from cooking to laundry and daily necessities… he had become a automata housekeeper.

“Well then, I will return on the day before the wedding, in the evening.”

“Yeah, got it. I will be waiting. I look forward to what gift you pick.”

“Right, you can look forward to it.”




After parting with Saki, Jin ordered Steward to bring the carriage to a deserted place.

In these areas near Reinhart’s house, there’s a city as well as forests—quite a nice environment. He made the carriage travel towards the forests.

“Master, I think this area should be fine.”

He took the carriage deep into the forest—so much that the carriage couldn’t be moved any further in as there was long grass and bushes growing there.

“Alright, here should be fine. Alright then, Steward, wait here until 30th evening. I will camouflage the the carriage. Get rid of the golem horse’s footsteps and the wheel tracks.”

“Understood. Take care.”

After leaving the carriage to Steward, Jin leaped to Hourai island with Reiko.

They felt a weird sense of discomfort once they reached the middle point of teleportation.


Having noticed this, in charge Butler 50 started explaining. The other in charge Butler 49 stood in silence.

“Master, this middle ground for teleportation we have reached has just been completed the other day and it’s called ‘Shinkai’, used exclusively for teleportations.”


“Yes. It’s a spherical structure manufactured in Hourai island, it is about 20 meters in diameter. It is in mid-air and is made with 18-12 stainless steel and aluminium. This is the inside, as you can see.”

This time, Butler 49 started explaining.

“It has been set up in the middle of the continent and Kunlun island using the warpgate which doesn’t need a receiving end. In case of an emergency, one of us or Laojun will destroy the warpgate.”

In other words, if something like that happens, they would be isolated in the sea. It has been quite thoroughly prepared.

“Got it. Good work.”

Jin gave his thanks to Butler 49 and 50 for the explanation.

[Welcome back, my lord.]

Laojun welcomed them to Hourai island.

“Laojun, how are you doing?”

A few days has passed since he has been upgraded to multiprocessors and so Jin asked how he was doing.

[Yes, I am doing well. I adjusted myself and constructed a model of the control system for optimized parallel processing for dealing with situations.]

“Ohh, that’s amazing.”

The previous Magi craft meister, Adriana, wasn’t able to create any further than a single core magic intellect. The multi-core version was Jin’s original.

As such, the OS—control system, still has lots of areas to improve on and Laojun came up with a model for that.

“Alright, show me.”

Listening to Jin’s request, a magi formula appeared in front of him. A normal person can’t even begin to comprehend it but the magi craft meister Jin could easily read it.

“….I see. You came up with structures about which core would be better for what kind of processing and order and sequence of it, eh.”

Unfortunately, Jin wasn’t very knowledgeable in things related to the computer. He only knew how to increase the clocking speeds and how to increase the processors but couldn’t think of a way to upgrade the ability to properly process information. However, Laojun performed trial and error operations and was close to optimizing the process.

Jin also understood how that method was more efficient and so he checked to make sure there weren’t any bugs.

“I understand. So you’re saying it will be better to change to this control system, right?”

[Yes. Can I request it?]

Laojun doesn’t have the authority to change himself. That is because if Jin permits that, there’s a chance of him going out of control.

Jin prepared a new magi crystal and carefully wrote the control system on it. And then changed it with Laojun’s one.

“How is it?”

Laojun after confirming himself and the new control system for about 1 second.

[Yes, thank you very much. My processing speeds have increased by 30%.]

“Ohh, I see. Well then, let me know if you find anything new again. I will head to Kaina village for the time being.”

[Yes, take care. Reiko-san, you too.]




Jin used the warpgate to go to the underground workshop. And when he went up to the workshop, he found Elsa there. Smith A was also with her.

“Ah, welcome back, Jin-nii.”

“Good to be back, Elsa. What were you doing?”

Elsa showed Jin what was on her hand.

“Oh, that’s amazing.”

It was a pen nib made of phosphor bronze. Elsa was now able to make 5 pens at once.

“I am still no closer to getting to your level, Jin-nii.”

Although she says that, her face shows that she is happy.

“Ah, vig vrother, velcome back. Reko sis too.”

It was afternoon there so Hanna had come to call Elsa. However, her pronunciation sounds weird. When Jin looked closer, he noticed two of her front teeth were gone. The baby teeth fell.

“Good to be back, Hanna.”

“Ah, Jin, welcome back.”

Martha also came to welcome him. Mine was preparing lunch inside.

“Welcome back, Jin-sama. I made your portion as well so please sit down.”

It seems Butler A told them. He probably contacted them while Jin was upgrading Laojun at the Hourai island. As always, Laojun is quite considerate.

After finishing lunch, Jin told Elsa that Berthie and Reinhart would be getting married on the 1st of June.

“….I see. Rai-nii and Berthie-san.”

Her expression displayed a mixture of envy and loneliness.

“Reinhart-sama and Berthie-sama, eh? Yes, I do know of Berthie-sama. I see, I see. So they are finally doing it.”

Mine had a nostalgic expression.

“Waa, vride! I vanna chee!”

Hanna was just simply excited.

“And so, I would like to gift him something but, what do you think would be good?”

Mine was the first to answer.

“Right, I think it would be safe to go with essential living materials.”

And Elsa also followed up.

“…That futon. It would be just perfect for a newly wed couple.”

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