Magi Craft Meister 363

Knowledge Transfer

“Futon, eh..”

Jin soon realized that Elsa was talking about the futons made using magic-cotton.

“But won’t they have futons prepared already?”

“Mm. That’s true. But I can’t imagine them preparing one better than that.”

The futon made with magic-cotton and covered by magic-silk—the quality of it is certified by Elsa.

“I see… Ah, but, what do I do if it doesn’t match the bed’s size?”

“Then you just also make the bed.”

Elsa is quite sharp today. No, maybe Jin is a bit dull today.

“Got it, that sounds good. Thank you, Elsa.”

After saying thanks to Elsa, Jin turned to face Hanna.

“Hanna, are your teeth okay? Do they not hurt?”

It seems he couldn’t focus because he was worried about about Hanna.

“No, vig vrather. Am phine.”

I guess her pronouncing it like that can’t be helped. After all, one of her bottom and top front teeth are out.

“That reminds me, Elsa, do you have any cavity?”

“Mm, no.”

“Jin-sama, I had taught Elsa to properly clean her mouth since she was young.”

Mine also added.

“Since that day, I have also been guiding the other kids in the village. For good or bad, maybe because they don’t have many food with sugar or maybe their teeth are strong, there aren’t any kids with cavity.”

“I haven’t heard anyone getting a cavity in this village.”

Martha also smiled, showing her teeth. All 32 of teeth were clean and all there.

“Hmm, there’s probably a reason behind it but…”

For now, Jin was relieved knowing that the chances of the kids getting cavity in Kaina village are low.

And so, he went into the main topic of making the futon.

“Can you tell how big are the general futons?”

Jin asked Mine.

“Yes, if a newly wed couple were to use it…”

Having stopped there once, Mine had this bitter expression. She probably remembered something of the past.

“About 2.2 meters tall and 2.2 meters wide, I’d say. It’s the same for mattress’ and quilts.”

That’s close to being king size in modern Earth.

“Thanks… and sorry.”

“What are you apologizing about?”

Mine said with a smile.




“Now then, about the processing of the cloth.”

Jin had come to Hourai island with Elsa.

He thought he would teach her how to process cloth using this opportunity. He had Reiko line up the samples.

“As you can see, magic-silk has many different kinds depending on the weaving pattern and thread’s thickness. That’s what I want you to remember first.”

In modern Earth terms–plain fabrics, twill fabric and satin weave. The weave and weft ratio is respectively 1:1, 1:2 (1 weft more for every weave) and 1:3 (2 weft more for every weave).

It is the chiffon organdy tulle fine Japanese silk in terms of fabric variety.


Elsa was fascinated by the feel of that fabric.

“You listening?”

Jin called back Elsa to which she hurriedly nodded.

“First, we cut it according to the size. We will be using separation. What’s different between this and getting the required amount from ingot is instead of the weight or amount, you imagine the size of it.”

“Mm. I understand.”

“It will be better if you think you can’t get it just the size you imagine from the get go. If you deviate, it would be good if it’s bigger. It would be a bit more waste in terms of materials but it will be better than having one too small.”

After explaining in detail, Jin decided to show her.


He processed a medium thickness plain weave fabric. As it was extra-large, the weaved fabric was about 2.5 meters in width.

Thinking of the final size, he cut it at 2 meter 30 cm in length and width. And made 4 of those.

“You would normally sew them up together but if you use engineering magic ‘joint’…”

The threads joined cleanly and they were done in a moment.

“If I just add magic-cotton inside and join them from 4 sides…”

And with that, the futon was ready.

“In this size, the cotton padding might be a bit more so sewing up in a few places would be good as well.”

Jin explained how that would stick the outer layer and inner layer making the insulation fall. And so he sewed a few areas together with magic-silk threads.

“How is it?”

“…..Wonderful. So this is how futons were made.”

Elsa was amazed seeing how the futon she was using currently was made.

“Now then, try practicing with these scraps of clothing.”

He handed over about 20 cm worth of clothing and told her to practice separation and joint.

“’Joint’. ‘Separation’. ‘Joint’. ‘Separation’.”

She joined them and separated them over a few times to grasp the feeling of it.

“….It’s hard.”

The threads did not properly join.

“Haha, it would be hard doing it all of a sudden. Take back that cloth and try practicing at home.”

“Mm. I will do my best.”

And next, Jin went on to manufacture the bed.

He decided on the design of the bed after recalling his time in Kurain kingdom—at Reinhart’s house and in the empress’ castle. It was generally a simple design.

Once the design is set, next up is the material. It might be a bit too much to cram for Elsa in a day but he decided to teach her how to process wood as well. There’s also Smith A for when she wants to review it.

The lumber is available in the lumber storehouse they made newly behind the laboratory. It is stored in a dry environment.

“From here, we take cypress, cedar, oak, maple, zelkova…”

Jin kept on naming them as he knew them in their Japanese names.

“I am thinking of using maple this time.”

It’s delicate, elastic, and the texture is nice as well.

After having Reiko help carry them to the workshop, he immediately got to work.

Separation and joint is also main here. One other magic which comes to play here is shaving.

Elsa watched attentively.

Although the materials are big, the process itself is pretty simple and so he was able to finish one up quickly. It was quite big.

He finished it up by varnishing it. He also set up anti-insect coating which is harmless to humans. He also used engineering magic here to apply it uniformly all over the bed.


The magic made it spread uniformly. The image is also important here.

Finally, he used ‘finishing’ to shine up the surface.

Elsa watched over the process with respectful eyes.

“Jin-nii, before when we flew kites in Moft village, did you use the same magic to make the spool of thread?”

Elsa asked, recalling that memory. She didn’t see him make it.

“Ah, that happened, didn’t it?”

“…I want to catch up to you, even if it’s just a bit.”

Elsa looked at Jin seriously, seeing which Jin remembered something.

“Elsa, do you really… want to be come a magi craftsmen… a magi engineer?”

“Yes, I want to.”

Elsa answered immediately.

“I want to make many things like you do and be of use to the people. Magic is to bring people happiness. I think it’s not something to rule them.”

That is probably the conclusion Elsa reached by herself.

“Alright, I understand.”

Jin brought out 2 small magi crystals from the material shelf.

“’Transfer info’ level 3.”

He copied some of his knowledge to one of those.

“Elsa, you are able to use transfer info, right? There’s general science knowledge packed in this crystal. Read it.”

He handed over the empty magi crystal and the knowledge packed magi crystal to Elsa. Elsa fixedly stared at the magi crystals on her hand.

You can’t fundamentally transfer info from human to human. That is because everyone’s mana pattern in different.

However, it is possible to read the info in a magi crystal by transferring it to another magi crystal.

“Jin-nii’s…. knowledge…”

“Yeah. But it’s just the elementary level stuff, alright?”

“Got it. I will try…. Transfer info.”

A magi formula floated above the crystal and got sucked into the other crystal.

“That’s right. You were able to do it. You should be able to directly read that crystal now.”

Jin got back his magi crystal from Elsa and erased it.

Elsa looked at the crystal at her hand attentively once again and activated transfer info.


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