Magi Craft Meister 364

Elsa is also Obsessed



“…Brother Jin, that’s amazing. Thank you.”

While it was only the beginner’s level, Elsa had absorbed Jin’s knowledge and was now uncharacteristically excited.

“…The structure of matter, the reason that things fall, how planes fly. I finally understand it.”

Elsa had acquired an elementary to junior high school level of knowledge in science. So many things she had wondered about before were now known to her, and she was so happy and excited.

“And with that, you are officially my apprentice. But I must warn you, don’t go around announcing it, alright? You must be cautious.”

“Cautious… Should you really be telling anyone to be cautious?”

Elsa joked, which was also unusual for her.

Jin laughed and scratched his head with embarrassment before returning to the matter at hand.

“Now, the bed and blankets are ready. But we can’t carry them…”

They were too big to go through the carriage warp gate.

“Father, I think we have no choice but to wrap it up and smuggle it in quietly.”

Reiko, who had been silent up until now, said.

“Hmm, I see. I suppose there is no other way…”

And so he decided to carry it at night with an invisible aircraft.

“I might have to make a floating base near Lake Tosumo…”

Laojun heard Jin’s muttering and would later go on to make it, but that would happen later on.

“So, is this alright?”

Jin said as he looked at the blankets and bed that were to be a gift to Reinhart. Elsa looked at him and decided to ask him a favor.

“…Jin, I too want to give a present to Reinhart.”

“Yes, I see. Of course, you would, Elsa. So, what will you give?”

Elsa answered immediately.

“A mascot.”


Jin asked, and so Elsa explained.

Apparently, there was a custom where dolls were given as gifts. They were meant to protect the houses of newlyweds. Reinhart’s mother had sent one when her brother, Moritz Randol von Amber had gotten married.

“I want to make a doll like Non and give it to them.”

Non was the Japanese doll that Jin had given to Elsa on her birthday. Elsa liked it very much and still kept it in her room in Kaina village.

“I understand. You should do it then. You can use any materials that you like.”

Not that it would require that much.

“I will help you if there is anything you want to know.”

“Yes. I will try it.”


And so Jin left it to Elsa to do it on her own, and he finally went to work on the other thing he needed to do. Modifying Reiko.

“Reiko. You were watching Ehr, weren’t you? I would like to add that same ‘sense of touch’ to you. What do you think?”

Reiko nodded.

“Yes. I have no objections to what you believe is good for me, father.”


And so Jin informed Elsa, who was busy at work, and then headed to his laboratory on the second floor with Reiko.

The materials he would use for the sensors was the flying membrane of a sea dragon.


What moved the flying membranes of dragons was not muscle, but magic. In other words, you could freely control them with mana.

Once the flying membrane was spread open, it was no thicker than one millimeter, and yet it was stronger than steel. But on the other hand, it was soft and could be easily folded without resistance.

He could use this characteristic to make Reiko’s skin harder than steel and yet as soft as a baby.

Furthermore, it was known that the stretching and bending of the material caused magical energy to be released.

This was not only true of dragons, but any monster or beast that had wings.

However, the material that was available at the time was much worse than the wings of a sham dragon or sea dragon, and so the magic that came from it was weak. And so his predecessor had not thought to use it for anything.

But Jin believed that this skin could be used as sensors.


“Hmm. In that case, it will be necessary to differentiate between the magic from the wings and magic from Reiko.”

Jin thought about it for a while, before wondering if the pattern for the magic from Reiko and the skin might be different.
“Alright, Reiko. Sit over there…yes, try opening and closing your hands.”

“Yes, father.”

At the same time, Jin used ‘Trace’ and ‘Inspection to chase after the flow of magical energy.

“I see…”

Jin saw the very weak flow of magic that emitted from Reiko’s skin and analyzed it.

She repeated this for fifteen minutes.

“Alright, I understand it now.”

Through this inspection, he realized that the difference was apparent not in the ‘flow’ but in the ‘potential.’

The larger the ‘forming,’ the higher the magical potential. If he could read the magical potential, he would know the ‘forming’ amount, and he could calculate the power in it. That’s what it meant.

Jin imagined thermographic footage. It separated things by color depending on its temperature, but here, it appeared depending on how high or low the magic potential was.

“In that case, I will need a Magi Device to read the distribution…”

Up until now, he only needed to read the ‘forming’ of the body.

He was able to do it by imagining the ‘forming’ of the magic current in reverse, but there had never been a machine that read the distribution of magic potential.

It was something that Jin would take on for the first time, and it would bring a revolution to the automatas.

He carefully considered the Magi Sequence and constructed the Magi Formula.

“Trace and Inspection are the basics. After using them, and incorporating them once, add weight and location and calculate backwards…”

Jin muttered to himself as he slowly completed the new Magi Device.

It was a Magi Device that came from a Magi Formula that was about as complicated as a Control Core.

“…It’s complete.”

As if very tired, Jin muttered to himself before leaning heavily back into his chair.

“Father, you must be tired. …Um, it is already night time. I think you should go to bed now.”

Jin was surprised at her words and quickly looked out of the window. It was very dark.

“It is already seven o’clock.”

Thank to the AL that emitted light automatically, he had not realized that it was dark outside.

“Alright. But let me put this on you first.”

“Yes, I understand.”

It took about one minute to integrate it.

“It’s not linked to your movements yet, so it should not be difficult to move in. In any case, I want you to gather some data for me.”

“I understand.”

Reiko nodded modestly. Then Jin remember the time.

“Oh, right. Where’s Elsa?!”

He rushed down the stairs and saw the Elsa was continuing to work obsessively on her doll.

“Hey, Elsa.”

Jin called to her rather loudly. Elsa stopped as if she had suddenly returned to herself, and she raised her head.

“Oh, brother Jin.”

“I just realized it now, but it’s already seven o’clock. You should stop for today and have dinner.”

“Yes. …I am hungry.”

Elsa said with a slightly reddened face. She brushed the dust off of her hands and body and got up from her chair.

“…I feel like I understand you and Reinhart a little better now.”

She muttered, and then her face became even more flushed.

“Haha. That’s great… I think it is, anyway.”

She was saying that Jin and Reinhart often became so engrossed in what they were making that they forgot to eat dinner. And it had not been very long ago that Elsa had admonished them for this…


Jin and Elsa used the warp gate to return to Kaina village.

There was about a two hour time difference between Kaina village and Hourai Island. And so it was just nearing dinner time in Kaina village.

“Welcome back, Master Jin. Welcome back, Elsa. We have just finished with the preparations.”

It was Mine who came out to greet them.

“…Ah, I understand. This is time difference.”

Elsa was able to understand it now that she had the basic principles of science down.

Jin was sure that Elsa would be able to make use of this new knowledge, and he looked forward to seeing it.

“Brother, welcome back.”

Hanna also greeted them with a smile.

While it was a little different than Reinharts, there was also a ‘family’ waiting for him here. And thinking about it made Jin’s heart feel warm.



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