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Even Dust Becomes A Mountain If Piled Together



On the 29th, the following day, Jin and Elsa ate breakfast and returned to Hourai Island.

For a second, Jin wondered what kind of master did not even show up at his castle, but such feelings quickly flew away when he thought about how much he wanted to return to his laboratory.

“Now, to continue where I left off. Elsa, is there anything you want to ask me?”

“Yes, I learned how to do most of it yesterday. I just want to know what materials I should use.”

Materials to use for the mascot. As you could get almost anything here at Hourai Island, it actually made it harder to decide.

“You should make it in the same way as the automata.”

Jin said that she should create a simple frame for the bones and then fill it with magic cotton and cover it with Magi silk.

“There is a kind of doll that is a stuffed animal. It will be similar to that, only you will be able to put it in different poses because of the bones.”

Scale-wise, the doll would be one third of lifesize.

“That sounds very interesting. Being able to pose it is such a great idea.”

Apparently, dolls had not reached that point in this world yet.

And so Jin took out some aluminium for her to use as the bones, and decided to watch Elsa as she started to make it.

“You should think about the head and body ratio.”

“Head and body… Oh, I see.”

The knowledge acquired from Trans Info was not something you could make use of completely over a single night. Jin knew this very well.

At first, it was as if there was a book inside of your head, and it took time to search through the pages. However, once certain knowledge had been used, it came smoothly next time.

Elsa was the same, and so most of the time, she would only realize something after Jin said it.

As he was experienced, Jin was able to lead Elsa so that the knowledge was extracted from her.

“I think that 1:4 or 1:5 is best.”

Elsa said, once her mind was settled.

“I want the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, thighs and ankles to have joints.”

“Ah. Well, why not?”

“Uh…ball joints, I think? That should do it.”

Jin nodded again. In fact, this would be good practice for making golems and automatas.

“And one third of 130 cm is…45 cm.”

It was a good size for a doll that would be used as decoration in a room.

Jin nodded and encouraged her to continue.

“The bones…can be like this. ‘Forming.’”

“Ah, you have improved.”

Elsa was able to create the general shape of the mascot’s bones in one attempt. There were no joints yet, but the head and four limbs showed that she had improved a lot.

“Really? Thank you.”

Elsa smiled and continued to make additions.

“‘Forming.’ ‘Forming.’ ‘Forming.’”

The joints were added and the fingers and toes took shape. Jin watched silently and nodded.

“I will put on the cotton now. …I want to do that with my own hands.”

There was no need to do everything with magic. Jin agreed with this.


And so under Jin’s watchful eye, Elsa was able to make the general shape of the doll in just 30 minutes.

While it was only one third in size, it was still shockingly fast. It was because she had a strong idea of what she wanted to make from the beginning.

“Now I have to do the eyes and hair. Also the clothes.”

This was a matter of taste, so Jin had nothing to say.

“…Well, I have things to do as well, so just call me if you need anything.”

Jin said. Then he took Reiko and headed for the laboratory on the second floor.


“Reiko, how is it so far?”

Jin immediately asked her about the ‘Sense of Touch Granting Device.’

“Yes, as you said, it has not affected my movements at all. Additionally, I can feel this ‘sense of touch,’ but the reactions seem to be dull or a little slow.”

“I see…”

The delay of sensation was fatal when it came to fast movements. Jin thought about the reason for this problem.

One thing that was likely, was the Magi Sequence he had assembled for the first time. There was still much he could do to make it more efficient.

“Also… Clock up, I suppose.”

Because the reaction of the magical skin was instantaneous, a delay in perception meant that the reading and recognition of it was taking too much time, Jin decided.

“Hmm. For now, I could maybe raise the efficiency by double.”

Jin muttered as he looked at the Magi Sequence again. If it was for movement that was not much faster than humans, like Ehr, then there wasn’t really a problem.

However, with Reiko, there was sometimes a need for her to move at 100x the speed of a human.

“If only there was an effective way to raise the speed…”

Jin folded his arms and thought about it.

He thought and thought and thought, until…

“I’ll do it little by little.”

He decided. In other words, he wouldn’t solve everything all at once. He would have a ‘even dust becomes a mountain if piled together’ mentality. He would increase the speed of each part of the system, which would ultimately result in the entire thing becoming faster.

“First, I should to the magic transfer speed.”

Jin hadn’t really thought about it before, but he now wondered just how fast magical energy moved through the Magi Crystal.

The speed at which electricity passes through an electric circuit, in other words, the speed of an electromagnetic wave, was practically the speed of light…I think. Jin thought as he tried to bring back old memories.

Sound waves were a medium whose speed could change. So was light. Then what about magic?

The answer was, ‘speed changes by medium.’ This was because he had observed a phenomenon in the past where a Magi Crystal deflected a little bit of magic of the same type as it.

It was like a prism. Light moved slow in material that was dense(refraction, to be precise). And magic was similar.

“So that means it changes depending on the Magi Crystal…”

After thinking this, Jin remembered Saki’s face. How would Saki have went about dealing with this problem?

“…In any case, I might bring her to Hourai Island one of these days.”

Reiko immediately reacted to these words that poured out of Jin’s mouth.

“Father, are you talking about Saki?”

“Uh, yes. You were listening?”

“Yes. …There are times when Saki thinks in a way that is very similar to mother. Perhaps she will be helpful in your research, father.”

Reiko said most unexpectedly.

“I-I see. …In that case, she did want to meet Elsa, so I should take her soon… Well, we should go to Kunlun Island first.”

“Yes, that would be good.”

Jin left the matter of Saki at that for now, and returned to thinking about ideas to improve the processing speed.

“Speaking of Magi Crystals, what about Elradrite?”

This ore was still very mysterious. It was said that it increased magic or magical energy, but that was not strictly true.

You couldn’t create something out of nothing.

“You used nearby magical energy to increase the magical energy that was coming in. That’s a better way of putting it.”

You made magic with a power of 1 turn into 10 or 20 by using the mana that was around you(the mana that comes from your own body is the easiest to use). That was the quality of Elradrite.

It did not mean that the sorcerer was able to use magic that exceeded his ability, but that you could enhance the effect.

“I see!”

Jin suddenly had an idea.

“If I used the Elradrite to increase the magic emitted from the touch sensors, it might help with perception?”

Jin decided to test it out immediately.

He removed the ‘Sense of Touch Granting Device’ from  Reiko’s body and added the Elradrite on the step right before perception.

As he justed wanted to see the effect, he didn’t change anything else. Otherwise, he would not be able to tell what was increasing the effect.

“Now, Reiko. How is it?”

After rebooting, Reiko tried picking up different tools and Magi Crystals.

“Father, this is amazing. It is much more clear now.”

She said, informing him of its great effect. This meant that the issue of long reading times had been solved.

“I see! It’s been increased by about 10 times now. Is that enough?”

“Yes. I do think that with just a little more, I will be able to move at full power without feeling any discomfort. Shall I test it out?”

Jin was satisfied by her answer.

“No, we can do that later. Alright, I’m going to take it off now. And I will look at the Magi Sequence once again. And then…”

All in all, he thought that he would be able to make it compatible with Reiko at full power.

Jin was full of such expectations.




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