Magi Craft Meister 366

Technician Reiko

Having completed the revision of the magi sequence, Jin recalled the method he used on Laojun.

“Ah right, we can expect more processing power if we increase Reiko’s control core, as well.”

And so, Jin decided to increase Reiko’s control core by 1.

Not like a complete parallel processing unit but rather like a single processor in terms of computer components.

As this core processor would be dealing with all the data regarding the ‘touch,’ a burden will lift off of the main control core.

As a safety measure, he also added a feature that would be able to shut out touch senses completely.

“Alright, Reiko, try getting up.”

And at long last, the newly born Reiko started moving. Jin went outside with Reiko. And he was relieved to see her movements weren’t crude.

“How do you feel?”

In the wide space in front of the laboratory, Jin asked Reiko how she was feeling.

“Yes, father. It’s amazing. I can feel things around me more than ever before. I can even feel the wind touching my cheeks.”

“I see, then that’s a success. Well then, first, increase your movement speed and check if everything’s alright. First, vertical leaping… Don’t go all out at once, alright?”


After creating some distance from Jin, Reiko jumped from her spot.

It was 50 centimeters, 60 centimeters, and 1 meter. Then 2 meters, 3 meters, and at last she also jumped 10 meters high.

Judging from how she didn’t make a single sound when landing, it was safe to assume that Reiko was now able to completely control her body.

“That’s good, Reiko. Next.”

Next up was breaking into a run. After running all the way to the edge of the wide area, she changed direction at once and broke into a run again. And at a speed of 100 kmph. And even when she was doing that, her footsteps didn’t make any sound.

“Father, this is wonderful.”

Being able to properly deal with the touch sense data, which was reflected in her movements, Reiko was also pleased.

“Up till now, I’d been extremely careful with my power output but it’s different now. Even when I increase the output, I can control it as I please.”

Saying that, she held up a withered branch from the ground.

“I will try bending this so as to not break it.”

Reiko held the branch with both her index and thumb fingers and slowly started bending it.

“Currently, I am at 100% power output.”

Reiko’s 100% power output could even move a few tons. Regardless of that, the branch didn’t snap. She was now able to intricately control her powers to the 0.010%.

“Got it, that’s enough,” Jin concluded the experiment. “It’s a huge success. But, in the future, do tell me if you feel even the slightest problem.”

“Yes, father.”

With this, Reiko should be able to brandish her sword and combat skills to the max.

“Well, it would be better if you didn’t get a chance to use it, though….”




Wondering what Elsa was doing, Jin peeked into the workshop on the first floor.

“Elsa, how is it… Oh?”

“Ah, Jin-nii.”

Elsa had just finished a mascot body.

“Oho, a doll with black hair, eh?”

Although Jin prepared various colors for the strings used for the hair, Elsa picked black.

It didn’t have clothes on yet. And the black hair, cut up to the shoulder, somewhat resembled Reiko.

“I just have something to ask…. I want to mix colors with the fabric but how do I do it?”

“Ah, I see.”

It seemed that particular knowledge hadn’t been copied. Jin asked Reiko to bring the dyes.

“Father, is this okay?”

There were liquids on Earth which were used to determine the pH level by changing colors but this magic dye changed color based on the magic used on it.

“Ah, yes, that’s fine. Good job.”

Jin took the magic dye from Reiko and started explaining to Elsa.

“Dissolve this into water and soak the cloth in it. While it’s wet, if you apply magic to it, it will turn red. If you apply magic to it further, it will turn orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue and so on… before it turns into bluish purple, purple and then purplish red at the end. Once the cloth is dyed into a color you like, just dry it and it will stay. But once it’s dried, its color won’t change anymore. You can adjust the darkness of the color with the amount of mixed water.”

“Ok, got it.”

Elsa took the dye and tried using it right away.

“Ah, wait a bit.”


Jin stopped Elsa and had Reiko bring a solution of raw rubber and sulfur this time.

“If you use it like that, it will be quite hard to get rid of the colors off your hands. Besides, girls shouldn’t damage their hands.”


She understood what Jin was saying but as she didn’t understand how that had any relation with the raw rubber, Elsa still had a doubtful expression on her face.

“And so, add the sulfur to the raw rubber and ‘homogenize’ it. Then, insert your hand into this.”


As Jin took the initiative and inserted his hands into the gum solution, Elsa also copied him.

As he was wearing short sleeves, he inserted his hand 10 centimeters in from the wrist and used ‘linking.’ Elsa also did the same.

“Alright, good, then to finish it off with ‘separation.’ And then you peel it off your hand.”

Elsa also peeled off the thin layer of membrane from her hand and finally understood what Jin made.

“….A gum glove?”

“Yep. Use it when you’re dealing with dirty stuff or when you don’t want to get your hands dirty.”

“Got it. Thanks, Jin-nii.”

“There’s plenty of gum left so make some spare for when it breaks…. Also, you can do this later but please make some for Mine, Martha and Hanna.”

“Yep, got it. Leave it to me.”

Elsa nodded and shifted her attention to the topic at hand for now, which was to dye the cloth. Jin was watching her do it but since there were no problems, he turned towards Reiko.

“Reiko, let’s walk outside a bit.”

“Yes, father.”

He instructed Laojun to appoint one Smith golem to support Elsa.

“Ah, it has been maintained quite well, huh?”

Jin went to see the fields in Hourai Island with Reiko.

These pelshika (peach), citran (orange), aplulu (apple), ramon (lemon), maron (chestnust) and walnut were already here on the island.

They were cultivating wheat, barley, black-eyed pea, red beans and soybean there.

Before he knew it, the plant yielding pulse and variety had increased.

There were even types of vegetables Jin didn’t know of.

And cane (sugarcane).

“Is this the one we found at the southern part of Serroa Kingdom?”

The Quinta deployed to Serroa Kingdom found and brought it. Jin just got to know of it recently.

And this was because the report was made to Jin after they finished inspecting whether sugar could really be harvested. Moreover, considering how busy Jin was, Laojun also waited for the perfect timing to report on it.

Although sugar was pricey, since they purchased quite a lot and stocked it, the risk was low.

“With this, we can be self-sufficient to to quite an extent, huh?”

Jin was also very pleased. All that’s left is to wait for the Quinta deployed to Shouro Kingdom to bring rice.

“Well, I guess that should be enough of the field inspection. Well then, Reiko, let’s go back to the laboratory.”

After getting a change of pace from looking at the green fields, Jin began making something he had thought about for some time.

He prepared red beans, white sugar and a little salt.

That’s right, Jin was trying to make red bean paste.

“Right, so 2 kilograms of red beans and 2.5 kilograms of sugar. If I’m not wrong, I’m supposed to use 1/120 amount of the sugar used as salt so, 20.8 grams.”

First, you boil the red beans at a high temperature. Then pour water and boil once again before putting out the fire and discarding the broth.

Then, once again add water and boil. Take care to remove the scum which would float on top. The heat should be low.

When it starts getting softer, stop the heat and start pouring water into a saucepan. As it starts overflowing, drain it in a draining basket.

Then add the bean to the sauce pan with sugar and salt and mix well and cook in medium heat.

Mix so as to not burn it and once the moisture is gone, stop the fire and crush the beans.

Once it’s cooled, coarse sweet red bean paste is done.

It took about 2 hours. That was about how much he learnt about making red bean paste at the orphanage.

As it was just about noon at Kaina village, Jin gave the freshly made red bean paste pot to Reiko to hold and went to call Elsa.

“Oii, Elsa, it’s lunchtime so let’s return to the village at once.”

“Ah, Jin-nii. I just finished.”

Elsa was also done with the mascot doll and showed it to Jin.

“Oho? It looks great.”

The doll’s shoulder-height cleanly cut hair and clear black eyes left an impression. The doll was wearing a deep blue dress. The neck was white and the hem of the long skirt had laces.

Jin was also impressed at how girl-like the doll came to be. Putting aside the production techniques, even Jin couldn’t make a design this good.

“Smith 1 provided the lace so I tried using it.”

“Yeah, I think it makes a good accent. You have improved, Elsa.”

Jin was also happy seeing Elsa improve so much in such little time.

Elsa’s nose twitched.

“? ….A sweet smell.”

Jin laughed and answered, “Yeah, I made ‘red bean paste.’ Let’s get back to the village and have lunch.”

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