403 Magi Craft Meister

12-53 Medical Examination, Finally


“Liver? What exactly is that?”

Marquess Theodoric inquired after hearing Jin’s explanation regarding the bad condition his liver was in. It was only natural for him to ask since he did not have any detailed knowledge regarding the internal organs.


“The liver is around here .…”

Jin pointed at his own body to describe the position of the liver.

“Also known as the hepar, its function is for metabolism, detoxification, and digestion ….”

Jin only knew that much, so he could not explain in more detail.


“Hmm, okay. I don’t understand.”

As expected, the Marquess could not understand with such a sloppy explanation.

“But I know there is a big organ around here. I see, so that organ is in bad condition, eh?”

The lonely smile the Marquess gave was as if he had given up all hope.

“I have retired, but I’d like? to work for the country a little more. Could this be a way for fate to prevent me from doing so?”


“What would you like to do after you retire?”


“Hmm, I wanted to build a school for the next generation.”

After hearing his response, Jin felt that the Marquess was not as bad a man as he had expected.


The airship had traveled around Lake Tosmo and was about time to slowly descend. Reiko was piloting.

Jin gave the Marquess a brief explanation on how to pilot the airship.


“Haha, Jin, thank you for the valuable experience. I want to give you a personal reward … no, I’d like to thank you ….”


Jin was thinking of saying that he did not want anything in return, but changed his mind.

“… It’s a bit difficult to say this, your Excellency.”


“Yes? What is it?”


After pausing for a beat, Jin finally asked the question.

“Would you give up on Elsa Randol …?”


“Sure, I don’t mind.”


“… She has more things in mind to do other than getting married …. Huh?!”


“That’s why I said I don’t mind.”



The Marquess agreement to give up on marrying Elsa had taken the wind out of Jin’s sails, but he listened to what the Marquess had to say and somehow grasped the situation.


“I can’t marry a young wife with this body anymore. I would bring her nothing but misfortune. I don’t want to cause her misfortune because I like her.”

It seemed that the Marquess had a virtue befitting of a marquess after all. Jin felt relieved.


So he decided to give the Marquess the same explanation he gave to her Majesty the Empress. He instructed Reiko to descend a little slower.


“… Hmm, I see. So Elsa didn’t want to marry me. Her father didn’t mention anything about that. All this time I was assuming it was according to her wish.”

Since the Marquess mentioned that, Jin thought that everything seemed to be the reckless actions of Elsa’s father.

“I think all my wives love me …. I won’t be able to face them if I marry someone who doesn’t wish to be my wife. I’ve done something terrible to Elsa. She was even caught by a member of the Unifiers. I have to apologize later.”

It was a gamble to bring up the conversation about Elsa, but Jin felt relieved that his judgment was correct.

Despite the fact that the Marquess loved young girls, he was a gentleman.


The airship landed at the center of the square.


“Jin, I had a lot of fun.”

After shaking hands with Jin, the Marquess disembarked from the airship. His strides were unsteady. His subordinates rushed toward him and assisted the Marquess to return to his seat.


The arena was filled with cheers and applause.

Jin thanked the audience and ordered Steward to move the airship to the corner of the plaza to be moored.


* * *


The excitement for other demonstration paled compared to Jin’s airship performance.

Two more people gave presentations of their work, but the reaction was unsatisfactory.


Jin called Elsa and Saki to the waiting room to talk.




“… Huh, my grandfather did that?”

Elsa fell silent after the talk. Saki seemed indifferent, but a worried look peered through her expression for an instant.

“So? After telling us that, what do you want to do, Jin?”

Her quivering voice was evidence enough that she was worried.


“I think Elsa can cure the Marquess’ illness. However, if you use ‘Genesis’ vaguely, the result would not be too effective, I think. Moreover ….”




“… No, I was a little worried, but I’m not sure, so I’d like to ask Elsa to confirm. What do you think, Elsa?”


Elsa hanged her head down after hearing Jin’s inquiry. After considering for a moment, she eventually raised her face. There was determination in her expression.

“… I’ll try  to the best of my ability.”


Jin filled Elsa in on the results confirmed by Reiko.

Of course, Reiko was able to use “Genesis” to cure the Marquess as well. But it would be more meaningful if Elsa cured him instead.


“… Understood. Thank you, Brother Jin, Reiko.”


“Okay, next would be the timing.”


Jin thought that it would be best to have her Majesty the Empress to be present as a witness as well.

And so, Jin and the others hurried back to the arena.


They arrived at the arena just in time for all presentations were wrapping up.

The audience was leaving in small groups.

The Empress, who was sitting at the VIP seat, stood up and was about to leave. Then she noticed Jin and the others.

“Oh, Jin! It was wonderful! Do you have time after this?”


“Yes, I do. In fact, I have a proposition to make as well.”


“Oh, what is it?”


Since it was not something to be talked about while standing around, they headed for the meeting room in the facility.

Empress Gelhart Hilde Von Rubies Shouro, Prime Minister Jung, Minister of Magical Technology Degauss, and two escort knights,  as well as Jin, Elsa, Saki and Reiko, Edgar, Aal were all present.

“First of all, let’s hear what Jin has to say.”

The Empress drew an urgent atmosphere. Jin bowed, and then explained Marquess Theodoric’s medical condition.

“In that case, can Elsa cure the Marquess?”


“Yes, maybe.”


“That’s good news. Summon the Marquess at once!”

Making a swift decision, the Empress ordered one of the escort knights to summon Marquess Theodoric. In about 3 minutes, being assisted by his subordinate, the Marquess appeared.


“Your Majesty, have you summoned me? … Oh, Saki!”

The Marquess approached while limping, and burst into a joyous expression when he saw Saki.

In contrast, Elsa’s complexion paled when she saw the Marquess. He did not look anything like the Marquess she knew.

Elsa was shocked to see that the Marquess had become skin and bones. The Marquess she knew had an excellent physique.


Saki saw the Marquess briefly after she disembarked the airship. But since they missed each other, she did not have a good look at his appearance.

“Grandfather! … What happened to your body?!”

Saki often called him “old geezer” behind his back. But being shocked by a blood relative’s haggard appearance that had become too skinny, she could not help but felt worried.


“Saki, thank you for worrying. This is nothing. My life is coming to an end, that’s all.”

While saying that, the Marquess sat on the sofa as advised by the Empress. He looked at Elsa and bowed.

“Dear me, have we met before, young lady? You look familiar, but I can’t remember.”

Elsa was wearing a wig and goggles.


“Marquess, we can talk about that later. First, please lie down.”

The Empress interrupted and ordered him to lie down on the sofa.

The Marquess intended to refuse, but since it was an order from her Majesty, he complied.

“Well, then. I’ll leave it to you.”


“… Yes.”

Elsa stepped forward.


“Young lady, what ….”


Elsa interrupted the Marquess and started the medical examination.


Elsa focused on the information around his liver. Her expression changed.

“… Toxic substances.”




“… Poison has accumulated in the Marquess’ liver.”


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