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12-54 Elsa


“Toxic substances, you said?”

Empress Gelhart raised her voice in shock.


“Poison?! Who would do that my grandfather?!”

Saki was furious.


“… Can you cure him, Elsa?”


“I’m not sure. But I’ll try. ‘Genesis’!”



The Minister of Magical Technology was surprised seeing Elsa utilizing the Healing Magic Genesis. As anyone would be because there were only a handful of people in the Shouro Empire who could utilize Genesis.


However, Elsa was not concerned about that and repeatedly utilized Genesis. Her expression did not lighten up.

“… I can’t. The liver function would not return. The poison is in the way.”

Basically, Healing Magic could revitalize the original functions of the body,  and hence detoxification ability as one of the liver functions. If toxic substances that could not be detoxified by the liver had accumulated, the liver function would not be restored no matter how much it was revitalized.

Normally, he would have been bed-ridden with this condition. Was Healing Magic responsible for his ability to continue his everyday life as it was?

Jin was speculating that perhaps he had survived due to the continuous healing of his condition despite the poison accumulation. The Marquess must have not been resting this whole time, since he had to continuously heal himself all these while.


On the other hand, Elsa was pondering to find a way to cure the Marquess. Seeing Elsa deep in thought, Jin gave a piece of advice.

“Elsa, do you know what kind of poison it is?”


“Yeah, probably arsenic.”


“Arsenic ….”

That was a well-known toxic substance, but it seemed that people in this world were not aware of it. People were murmuring “What is arsenic?” and “I have no clue,” was evidence enough regarding their unawareness of the toxic substance.

After thinking for a moment, Jin came up with a possible method.

“Elsa, try ‘Extraction’. It should work if you pinpoint it only on the toxic substance.”

Magi Engineering could not work on the animate body. However, Jin thought that it could be effective against the toxic substance inside the body.


“… That would be difficult. But I’ll try it.”

Elsa concentrated her mind. While scanning with Diagnose, she utilized Extraction upon pinpointing the location of the accumulated toxic substance.

It was a very delicate task. After 15 minutes, Elsa finally completed the procedure. The extracted arsenic in the form of gray powder accumulated at the side of the Marquess’ body.

Elsa carefully wrapped it in a piece of cloth so no one could touch it directly. She let out a sigh of relief.

“… It’s done. I think I managed to remove about 90% of it.”

Right after saying that, Elsa collapsed out of exhaustion. Edgar caught her just in time to support her.

“T-thank you, Ed-gar.”

Edgar gently sat Elsa down on the empty sofa.


“El … sa?  Are you … that Elsa?”

The Marquess’ eyes widened.

Elsa’s wig had slipped while she was staggering. Her wig had completely fallen off, and she was sitting on the sofa next to the Marquess, revealing her platinum blond hair. She had removed her goggles as well, disclosing her bare face.

“I’m glad you’re safe …. Oh, and my body is feeling more comfortable already.”

His physical strength would not return immediately, but his feeling of discomfort had finally been lifted. It had been a long time since the Marquess felt refreshed.


“Marquess Theodoric, even though Elsa did not wish to marry you, she put her utmost effort to cure you.”

The Marquess understood the Empress’ admonishing words.


“Hmm, Elsa, thank you. I take back my marriage proposal. You should walk your own path.”


“T-thank you very much.”

Elsa felt like her heart had been freed from the cage that was lurking inside all this while.


“Jin, Elsa, I appreciate your effort. Your precious personnel had saved the Marquess. Please let me show my appreciation.”

The Empress enthusiastically declared. Both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Magical Technology were smiling.

“I shall make an official announcement regarding Elsa.”


*     *     *


“Now, I have a request for Jin, no, Lord Jin.”

It was Empress Gelhart’s turn to express her request.

“I want you to teach me ‘Science’ that we talked about before.”


Picking up the conversation, Prime Minister Jung Fowles began to speak.

“I have also discussed with Minister of Magical Technology Degauss and Gebalt Ackerman regarding that ‘airship.’ Is it a combination of ‘Science’ and Magic?”

As expected of the country’s top, he correctly recognized the roots of the technology used in the airship.

“We concluded that the benefit Science could bring to our country, or rather, the world, would be immeasurable. What do you think, Lord Jin?”


The Empress took over the conversation.

“I want to grant Jin the title of Magi Engineer Maestro, and also a territory of his own as a Viscount. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to serve our government.”



Jin was astounded being asked so suddenly. While wondering how to answer, her Majesty added.


“You don’t have to answer right away. Hmm, it would be wonderful if you could give your reply within this month.”

That day was the 21st. He had until the 29th of June to consider it and give a reply by then.


“Understood. I will consider it carefully.”


“I look forward to hearing a positive reply from you.”

The Empress stood up while saying that. The Ministers followed as well. Marques Theodoric also stood up.


“Lord Jin, Miss Elsa. I cannot thank you enough. If you come to my territory, I shall welcome you.”

After thanking Jin and Elsa, the Marquess staggered and began walking. Although the liver was cured, his physical fitness had yet to return. Saki came to his aid as he swayed.

“… Saki?”


“… Grandfather, I’ll see you off.”

With a blushed face and turning away from her grandfather, Saki volunteered.


“Oh, okay. Umm, thank you. Then, I’ll be in your care.”

The Marquess left the meeting room with Saki’s aid. Jin and Elsa silently saw them off.






After a brief silence, Jin spoke to Elsa.

“Shall we go, too?”



Jin and Elsa left the meeting room in a single file. Edgar and Reiko seemed to grasp the atmosphere as well and kept quiet.


However, they bumped into the most unexpected person.

“Elsa! It’s really you!”

Elsa shuddered upon hearing that voice.


“… Father.”

Since she did not have her wig and goggles back on, it was only natural that he found out and started scolding her.


A loud whack echoed throughout the passage. Elsa’s father Georg, slapped her across the cheek.



Elsa staggered upon sustaining the momentum, while Edgar could barely support her. Tears were welling up in Elsa’s eyes as she suppressed the pain across her cheek.


“This ungrateful child! What have you been doing so far?! Come with me!”


He attempted to grab Elsa’s arm, but Jin interfered.

“Please hold on, Viscount.”


“What, who the hell are you … hmph? Oh, the Magi Engineer who made the airship. Jin Nidou, was it?”


“Yes, I’m Jin Nidou. Elsa isn’t your tool.”


“Hmph, don’t speak as if you know everything. Don’t interfere with other people’s parent-child matters.”

Georg’s physique was excellent and much larger than Jin’s. He was a soldier on active duty and had subordinates standing by.


Nevertheless, Jin boldly told Georg straightforwardly what he wanted to say.

“Elsa is a full-fledged adult. Even if you’re her father, there is no reason for you to treat your full-fledged adult daughter however you please.”


“Such impudence. … A full-fledged adult, you said?”


“That’s right. Her Majesty the Empress had acknowledged it as well. It’s being recorded by the clerk as we speak.”


“Huh! Even so, I’m still Elsa’s father. What’s wrong with a father bringing his daughter home?”

Georg hid behind his paternal rights as a shield. Indeed, Elsa’s independence in the Shouro Empire had not taken effect yet.

There was no system of family registers or resident cards in this world. Even if there was, Elsa’s current place of permanent residence would be Viscount Randol’s origin as well.

Both Jin and Laojun did not expect for Elsa to be found so soon. She would not be able to defy her father if he brought up his paternal rights.

“Hmph, you seem to get it.”

Georg snorted while signaling the man next to him. The man stepped forward and confronted Jin.


“That airship was pretty good but in the end, it was still a toy. It still needs power if it were to be used as a weapon, doesn’t it?”

The man was Marcus, the creator of the giant golem.

“Talk about a giant golem brought by an unknown person and getting praised by some prince that turned out to be a sham. The bigger it gets, the worse the golem’s performance will be.”


Because his opinion was not completely off target, Jin thought to engage the argument …. He changed his mind and focused his attention on Elsa.

While Jin was exchanging arguments, Georg had grabbed Elsa’s arm and pulled her toward him.

Elsa tried to resist, but the overwhelming difference in physique rendered her helpless.


“Viscount, please do not force her.”

It was Edgar who stood up for the struggling Elsa.

An Automata made of raw materials from Horai Island took pride in his physical strength that was a few times more powerful than humans.


“W-what are you doing?”

Edgar grabbed Georg’s arm and peeled it away from Elsa with ease.

“Are you going against me using your wooden doll strength?”


“No, I’m merely protecting my master, Elsa.”

Edgar casually stepped in between Georg and Elsa.


“… What?”


“What’s happening?”

At that point, curious onlookers started to gather to find out what the commotion was all about.


Instead of withdrawing, Georg became even more fired-up. He directed abusive language toward Jin.

“You bastard! Are you trying to deceive my daughter?!”


As expected, Reiko could not stay silent hearing her master being verbally attacked.

“That’s quite enough, sir. I won’t allow any more insults from you.”


Author’s note: Arsenic seems to be methylated and excreted by the liver, but a larger amount of arsenic cannot be methylated completely and will accumulate.

Arsenic also accumulates in hair and the like, but since the Marquess was bald ….


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