409 Part 1

409 Magi Craft Meister

12-59 Reiko’s Battle


The one who made the first move was the combat Golem.

The length of his greatsword was about the same as Reiko’s height. He held the sword over his head and swung straight down at Reiko.

With her splendid steps, Reiko dodged the attack.

In a swift motion, the Golem swung the sword diagonally from below, attempting the next attack. But it was too late. Reiko was no longer there.


“Hmm, speed is the only remarkable trait she has, eh?”

Marcus murmured, and then barked an order to his combat Golem.

“Garboreal! Get serious!”


In response to his command, the combat Golem increased his speed by one level, no, two levels.

Likely to weigh over 400 kilograms, the giant began to move faster than humans.

The ground was either gouged or cracked from the impact of his footsteps.


“What an amazing speed with that enormous body …!”

Most spectators were astounded by his movement.


However, Prince Ernest was not impressed. He turned toward Princess Lieschen, who was sitting next to him, and whispered,

“It’s not that big of a deal at all. With her small body, Reiko had knocked off dozens of stampeding combat Golems in the past.”


“Yes, I have also witnessed her true ability. She neutralized 50 bandits in an instant with ease.”

Just as she said, Reiko was dodging the combat Golem Garboreal’s onslaught with a devil-may-care attitude.


“Heh, all she could do is dodging. She’s just a second-rate Magi Engineer’s doll, after all!”

Reiko heard Marcus’ muttering.

“… I’m only following my father’s order to not cause you too much embarrassment, but it seems like you don’t even understand that.”


Reiko stopped. She blocked the incoming greatsword.


“Oh, oh?!”

The audience could not believe their eyes.


Reiko started to engage the attacks of the combat Golem Garboreal; sometimes she dodged, sometimes she repelled them, sometimes she directly blocked them.


The entire audience was flabbergasted seeing how Reiko’s tiny hand could skillfully wield the tiny sword, which was only one-tenth the size of the greatsword. She could withstand and even overwhelm the physical strength of the greatsword wielded by the combat Golem. Her physical strength was already unbelievable to begin with, but what she was currently displaying was even more ridiculous.


“Why doesn’t it break?”

Such a comment could be heard from among the audience.


“This pseudo-sword my father had created for me won’t break that easily!”

64 Aluminum was stronger than steel. With that, Reiko now had the capacity to deal with the impacts of the greatsword. Even though their swords seemed to be clashing directly, Reiko relaxed her power at the moment of impact that dampened the effect.


“It’s about time I counterattack!”

Reiko increased her attack speed further.

Garboreal’s tower shield seemed useless against her wave of attacks. Reiko slashed from the direction where the tower shield was not guarding. If she were to wield either the real Peach Blossom or the Vibration Sword, the match would have ended with a single blow.

Alas, Reiko was wielding a mock sword with no blade. So Reiko chose a fighting method that accumulated the damage.

She persistently attacked the Golem’s left shoulder, which was the pivot of the arm that supported the heavy tower shield. Despite being covered in full body armor, moving parts such as joints were relatively weak.

With more than 10 blows, a part of the armor flew off. After 10 more attacks, the Magical Muscle on the left shoulder cracked. The weight of the tower shield aided the crack to spread gradually.

Upon taking more attacks, the deltoid muscle equivalent of the Magical Muscle ruptured. His left arm could not be lifted anymore.



Reiko pointed her mock sword at the throat of the combat Golem who could no longer hold the tower shield.


“T-that’s it! Winner, Jin!”

Jin felt a little sorry for Reiko because it was her creator’s name being called instead of hers.


A wild cheer erupted when Reiko bowed courteously at the audience.


“You did well, young lady!”

“Aim for a complete victory just like that!”

The scene in which a beautiful girl played an active part in any world seemed to invite the sympathy of the viewer.


“Reiko is amazing.”

“Truly, she’s something formidable ….”

Prince Ernest and Princess Lieschen shouted in joy for Reiko’s great success. At the same time, they felt a strong fright as well.

The audience was unaware of how threatening that was. They did not realize it because they were too excited about the outcome of the match.


Meanwhile, the Empress who was sitting at the very top row of the VIP seat was greatly perplexed.

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