409 Part 2

Not only he changed the rules without permission, Georg had lost the match so easily.

The impression given to Jin could not be worse. And perhaps the audience would be dissatisfied as well.

The only positive thing out of this seemed to be that probably there were no spectators who blamed the rule change because Jin won the match. However, as the Empress who was trying to recruit Jin to work for this kingdom, I wanted to cry.


*               *               *


“Okay! Final battle! It’s a hand-to-hand combat showdown!”


It was obvious that the victor would be Jin and Reiko. But since the regulations dictated that the match had to continue until the very end, while glaring at Jin with animosity, Marcus readied his remaining combat Golems.


This time, it was the Golem that participated in the Heavy Throw.

Although he wore no armors and was unarmed, the Golem had a good physique. He might be over 2 meters tall, and weighed about 400 kilograms. His thigh seemed to be as big around as Reiko’s waistline.

Nevertheless, the audience was no longer skeptical of Reiko’s victory, since they had witnessed her display of abilities from earlier matches.



The Golem roared while throwing a fist aimed at Reiko. If he could land a punch, it would be like the shattering blow of an ordinary Automata. Reiko jumped a little and dodged it.

The Golem aimed at the timing when Reiko landed, and launched a kick.

It seemed the kick would hit … but Reiko ducked and evaded it completely. The ribbon on her head fluttered with the shock wave from the powerful kick.


Reiko seemed to be testing something while dodging the attacks.

“I’ll move my body the way I desire. The air movement that hits my cheeks and fluttered my hair. That air movement gives me clues. And the vibration that travels through the ground will also indicate his movements.”

Reiko’s “Tactile Sense” had significantly improved her ability to detect her opponent in close proximity. She continued to evade the Golem’s attacks. He was the perfect opponent to put Tactile Sense to the test.


“But I have to end this soon, don’t I?”

While dodging the Golem’s fist, Reiko stepped forward. She landed a counter punch near his solar plexus. It was probably her best effort to land a punch that high, since their difference in heights was significant.


But since he was a Golem, the solar plexus was not a vital point.

Although he could probably withstand the punch, Reiko’s power was enough to blow away the Golem that was more than 10 times heavier in bodyweight.

The Golem was blown about 5 meters away. He did not get up. Apparently, the Magi Device inside was damaged.


“O-one punch ….”


“It’s amazing ….”

Just like earlier, the audience exploded in a screaming cheer when Reiko courteously bowed.


A complete victory. It was also the first great accomplishment in the long history of Gonkurrenz.


“Way to go, Jin! It’s amazing.”

“Um, you’d be a menace if we weren’t friends.”

Knowing Jin’s personality, Prince Ernest and Princess Lieschen had a laid-back conversation with him.


“Jin, congratulations! Reiko is amazing!”

Reinhardt was also wild with joy over their victory and highly praised them.


“Ladies and gentlemen! The results are as witnessed! The winner of the Gonkurrenz is Jin Nidou!  And his Automata, Reiko!”

The cheers of the audience in the venue grew louder.


Jin stroked Reiko’s head that had just regrouped.

“Reiko, great job. It was amazing.”


“It’s all thanks to you, father. I didn’t think “Tactile Sense” would be that useful. I can detect the movements of my opponent by the air movements and vibrations. Subtle power adjustment was also at my disposal.”


“Ah, I see, I see.”

Jin broadly smiled upon hearing her comment. Reiko did not expect Jin to be that affected by how Tactile Sense was useful to win that last match.


Reinhardt asked about it afterward and decided to install a Tactile Sense sensor in Schwarz Ritter as well. But that would be a future project.


“Lord Jin, what about the simulated battle with a giant golem as a special attraction?”

Upon hearing the inquiry, the audience roared,



“Please give it a try!”

The audience continued to cheer. Jin did not see any problems in particular, so he agreed.


“Understood. … Lord Marcus, would you please ready the giant Golem?”


With a hateful expression, Marcus stammered,

“I don’t mind. But Goliath isn’t good at pulling his punches. I won’t take responsibility if something happened.”


Finally, the battle between Reiko and Goliath started.


“Okay, begin!”

On the referee’s mark, Reiko and Goliath’s one-to-one battle had finally begun spectacularly.


“Here I go …!”

Reiko had a quiet anger.

The reason being, her father was being looked down upon.

She was displeased when the Magicraft Meister Jin was lumped together with ordinary Magi Craftsmen. On top of that, they were making sweeping statements about him.

I will crush this Golem completely, and make them acknowledge Jin. Reiko was thinking along that line.


She also thought that it would be necessary to clearly show her ability on that occasion to eliminate interference and harassment against Jin.

However, Jin despised unnecessary acts of destruction. He also did not like to stand out in the crowd. Reiko understood Jin’s character very well.


Reiko ultimately decided to take action as directed by Jin, “to overwhelm and defeat without a flashy destruction.”


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