410 Part 1

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410 Magi Craft Meister

12-60 An Unexpected Ending


Confronting the giant Golem Goliath, Reiko first examined the opponent’s movements.

That was not the first time she faced a giant opponent. Sham Dragon, Sandworm, Hecaton Cale, Death Sea Serpent, and Giggers.

The current opponent in front of her paled in comparison to those giants.

“But carelessness is one’s greatest enemy, is it?”

That was something she learned from Jin. Reiko reminded herself that she should never let her guard down no matter who she was fighting against.


Goliath was fast, but at most only several times faster than humans. However, Reiko could be several hundred times faster.

Goliath attempted to stomp and crush her. Reiko evaded. Instantly, she moved behind him while he was still trying to adjust his position.

Then she kicked the back of his left knee, which was supporting his weight. That maneuver was called single leg “knee dislocation”.

Goliath’s left knee, which supported almost all of his body weight, collapsed. He lost his balance. He reached out his left arm for the ground to prevent himself from falling over.

Reiko was anticipating that move.

She hugged his left arm and pulled while twisting it.

It was a high-level throwing technique that not everyone could utilize. Due to the precise amount of force, Goliath had completely collapsed.

The loud thud echoed throughout the venue, accompanied by a cloud of dust.



“Wow ….”

The audience gasped in disbelief.


“No way. Was that an ‘Arm Twist Throw’*?”

Sitting next to Her Majesty the Empress, Marquess Gueren Theodoric von Eisen was fascinated.

That was a secret fighting technique of the Shouro Empire, used only to beat an opponent empty-handedly when a fighter had lost his sword: Dodged the opponent’s incoming blade, twisted the whole body while holding the opponent’s arm, locked the opponent’s elbow and shoulder, then collapse while throwing.

That was the only known application of that technique.


“Gueren, what is an ‘Arm Twist Throw’?”

The Empress, who was sitting across from the Prime Minister, inquired. The Marquess briefly explained,

“That technique is using the opponent’s power, one mistake could result in the user’s self-destruction. And that Automata Reiko successfully executed it. Well, not only I’m interested in when she learned that technique, but also how amazing that she could actually master it.”


“O-oh? Your Majesty, look!”

Prime Minister Jung Fowles exclaimed in astonishment. At the same time, the audience cheered from their seats.


Before Goliath could get up, Reiko slipped under his body and lifted it: with her tiny body.

The 1.3-meter tall Reiko lifted the 6-meter tall Goliath with ease. It was surreal.

However, Goliath did not stay put while being lifted. He was flailing and stretching his arms in an attempt to grab Reiko.

An instant before she was caught, Reiko threw Goliath up in the air.

Goliath weighed about 4 tons. Reiko had enough power to throw him more than 30 meters up in the air.


“Wha ….”

Both Viscount Georg Randall and Marcus Grinwald were lost for words at the unbelievable sight.


Reiko evacuated from Goliath’s falling path. The law of gravity took care of the rest. Goliath plunged and crashed on the ground.

A thunderous impact shook the entire arena. It created a crater of more than 10 meters in diameter on the ground.

Goliath lied motionless at the bed of the crater. Looking closely, his hip joint was crushed and damaged.


After waiting for a few minutes, Goliath still did not move. Reiko then walked over the referee, the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Magical Technology, Christoph Valde Von Tarnat.

“Is it all right to call it done?”


Christoph snapped back to his senses upon hearing Reiko’s words, collected himself, and then said,

“That’s a wrap! We have a winner! Winner, Jin Nidou, and his Automata, Reiko!”


As the announcement echoed, the quiet spectators gave enthusiastic applause and cheers as if they had just been revived.



“Cute! Reiko!”

Reiko bowed in response to their cheering, and the applause seemed to become more intense.


“Lord Jin, she’s a wonderful Automata.”

An interview was held with the winner while waiting for the arena to be cleaned up.

“Is there any secret for such a cute Automata to being that strong?”


“No, I simply worked real hard in creating her.”

Jin tried to elude the question.


“There is no secret. My father made me. That’s all there is to it.”

Reiko explained while praising Jin.


At this stage, the audience was finally beginning to cool down. Some of them thought Reiko’s unfathomable power was fearsome.

Meanwhile, others who had witnessed her power concluded that it would be better to get on Jin’s good side instead of interfering.

And everyone knew that was the wisest choice.


*          *          *


“Well then. This marks the end of the competition.”

The moderator announced the end of the competition, followed by the official statement from Empress Gelhart Hilde von Rubies Shouro.


“There seemed to have been some disputes, but this year’s technology expo ended with great success. We would like to thank all participants, all visitors, and the executive committee members.”

To the brief statement from the Empress, the venue gave a thunderous applause.

Jin was also clapping. He hated long speeches but welcomed the Empress’ brief statement.


“After this, the award will be given to these brilliant people after a short break.”


*          *          *


“No way … no way, no way! I can’t believe this! Something like this can’t happen!”

Viscount Georg Randol, was muttering in response to the incredible display of Reiko’s abilities.


“But this is the fact. Father, … Jin’s true ability is the best in the world. It was a mistake to challenge him.”

However, Elsa’s words fell on deaf ears.


“Shut up! What the hell do you know? I’ve been compared to my outstanding elder brother since I was a kid, and I couldn’t even become his successor. But now, I finally managed to earn this position. Just when I was aiming higher, he showed up. Why?! Why does he get in my way?!”


“… Jin doesn’t get in your way. You’re one-sidedly seeing him as your enemy, Father. Jin is very kind to friends and colleagues. However, he is very tough on his enemies. He’s such a person.”


Upon hearing Elsa’s words, Georg glared at her with bloodshot eyes.

“… You … don’t tell me ….”



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