410 Part 2


“I won’t forgive you! You are to marry a superior nobleman to guarantee my success! Otherwise, there’s no point in recognizing that woman who gave birth to you.”


“Father, … how about the promise you made if Jin won this competition?”

Though Elsa thought of him as an imperfect father, she adored him at one point in time. His gut-wrenching words really gave Elsa a shock.


“I don’t give a damn about any promises! Your role is to live as a tool for my success!”

With bloodshot eyes and bright red face, while engaging in a heated discussion, Georg reached out his hand to grab Elsa in an attempt to drag her out of the arena.


At that moment, something from within Elsa shattered.


That was the keyword to activate the absolute barrier Guard Ring.

Georg’s hand was blocked by the activated invisible wall.


“W-what is this?! Elsa! Are you defying me?!”



Elsa kept her head down and did not respond. Her eyes were tearful.


Knowing his hand could not break the barrier, Viscount Georg Randol attempted to slash the barrier with his sword. However, he could not make a scratch on the Guard Ring.

The absolute barrier Guard Ring created by Jin could withstand high-level magic and even Reiko’s physical attacks. Human attacks would not have any effect.


“Argh, this is troublesome! Puppet soldiers, prepare to utilize magic!”

The puppet soldiers he was referring to was the Automata that were guarding Elsa.

The Automata soldiers raised their respective wands readying to attack. The wands were imbued with flame magic.


The spectators around had already left, but it would be a serious concern if they were to utilize flame magic here.


“Uncle! Please stop!”

At that point, Reinhardt, who was stunned by the development, was desperately trying to stop Georg. But his pleading could not reach Georg at all as he was too pumped up.


It was Edgar who snatched the wands off of the two Automata’s hands.

“Wha …! You are the wooden doll that Elsa made! Do not interfere! Puppet soldiers, destroy it!”

Following their commands, the two puppet soldiers violently attacked Edgar.

He dodged a punch from one of them, and then slipped close and threw him.


“Oh, that’s a body throw!”

It was a technique used by Shouro Imperial Knights. It was one of the techniques that Laojun recently taught to all Golems and Automata related to Horai Island as a self-defense technique.

The knowledge was transmitted to Edgar through Transinfo during the time he was on Horai Island, as Jin’s disciple.

Since he did not have Tactile Sense like Reiko, the thrown puppet soldier struck the ground. All his limbs scattered, and he stopped moving.


Then Edgar proceeded to the other soldier.

He evaded the incoming kick and swept the pivoting leg with a hooking kick.

The puppet soldier was turning a somersault due to the attack and was about to land on his back. But Edgar grabbed his leg and used the momentum to lift it even more.

Naturally, the puppet soldier’s head forcefully crashed into the ground.  His head was smashed, and he was neutralized.


“What … the hell …?”

Elsa’s father could not believe his eyes. The Automata that looked like a boy was fighting on par, or even better against puppet soldiers that were specially designed for combat.


However, such an uproar was known to others immediately. The soldiers dispatched by the Empress had arrived at the scene.


“Viscount! What are you doing?”


“These are the audience seats!”


At that moment, a strange phenomenon befell the Viscount.

“Ugh?! … Ugh ….”

He seemed to be in pain. Suddenly, he lost consciousness and tumbled down.


“… Father?”







His subordinates also rushed over in a panic. Those who knew about first aid on the battlefield instructed,

“Let’s lay him down quietly! … All right.”


“His pulse is weak. Carry him gently!”

Ignoring Elsa, they carried Viscount Georg Randol and quickly left the scene. Soldiers dispatched by the Empress also followed along for monitoring.


Elsa and Reinhardt, who were left behind, remained confused by the unfortunate turn of events.


“T-that’s right. We have to tell Jin! Edgar, protect Elsa!”

After saying tat, Reinhardt ran off to inform Jin.


“… Father ….”

Elsa was taken aback. What exactly happened to that tough father of his? She felt hopeless against her father until a while ago, but now she felt worried.


“… It could be hopeless this time.”




Elsa turned around to find Marcus Grinwald standing behind her. There was no one else around.

She was being cautious.


Upon seeing this, Marcus showed both of his palms and muttered something mysterious.

“I have no interest in you, so rest assured. Besides, my role here is over.”




“Yes, my role. … It’s to measure the abilities of humans.”



Elsa was wondering about his manner of speaking that suggested as if he was not human.


“… Oops, that was a slip of the tongue. Well then. Miss Elsa, I will take my leave now. I feel relieved when I think that finally I don’t have to keep up with this play anymore.”


“… A play?”


“Heh heh heh, I did various things to gather information regarding the true abilities of Jin and his Automata. I never thought that Goliath would be completely destroyed, but I have accumulated enough information.”


“Who are you?”


“Who knows? Oh, look. Say hello to Jin for me. I’m someone who wants to get along well with a brilliant Magi Craftsman like him. You too, Miss. You’re skillful.”


That being said, Marcus glanced at Edgar who was standing in between to protect Elsa, turned around, and left.

Marcus suddenly paused, then murmured as if he just remembered something.

“Oh yeah, please give my best regards to the Marquess. Tell him I am sorry about a lot of things.”

This time he really left.


In the hustle and bustle of the end of the technology expo, the SP Marron and Plum, who were attached to Elsa, were listening to the whole story and was transmitting in realtime to Laojun on Horai Island.

Then Laojun commanded a Quinta that was on stand by right there and 50 Regulus to chase after him Marcus.



Jin came rushing. With Reinhardt’s information, Jin quickly left after the Empress’ closing speech at the end of the competition.


“Brother Jin ….”

After releasing the barrier, Elsa jumped into Jin’s chest. All the anxiety she had been holding in so far dissipated. As soon as she felt relieved, she burst into tears.

“Brother Jin ….”


“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Jin could only hold the crying Elsa.



Translator’s note:

* Arm twist throw: https://w.atwiki.jp/kyodaijudo/pages/66.html


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