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12-61 Magi Craft Meister


“What the heck happened?”

Jin decided to take Elsa to the waiting room so she could calm down, so she could explain the situation.

For the most part, he heard the report from the SP to Laojun via Reiko, but he wanted to hear her side of the story. There might be something overlooked, and would be uncovered by hearing the story from Elsa’s perspective.


“… You know ….”

Sitting in a chair, Elsa beginning to explain what happened to her father, as well as Marcus’ mysterious words.


“… Measure the abilities of humans, he said?”


“… Yeah.”

Jin speculated that Marcus was probably a demon or their minion.

But regarding Marcus, there was nothing else Jin could do except waiting for the report from the pursuing Regulus 50. Moreover, he was more concerned about Elsa’s father.


“Did he suddenly collapse?”



Jin thought of several conditions that could display such symptoms.Brain or heart damage.

Brain or heart damage.

For the brain, it could be a cerebral infarction, subarachnoid hemorrhage, etc. For the heart, it would most likely be angina pectoris or myocardial infarction. Those were the diseases that he was familiar with.


“Was he taken by his subordinates?”




Although Jin was concerned about Elsa’s father, his utmost worry was toward Elsa.

Trying to console the anxious Elsa, Jin turned to and reassured her that her father’s life would not be in danger for the time being, since there were healing magic users among his subordinates.

“But once you’ve calmed down, let’s go and check out his condition.”


“… Yeah.”


Reinhardt joined them in the waiting room.

“Yo, Jin. Oh, Elsa, you’re here too.”

He followed the Viscount and confirmed his condition. As expected of Reinhardt, he was very attentive to others’ concerns.


“For now, there seems to be no danger to his life. However, he’s still unconscious. … This had happened once before.”




“Yeah. I think it was about two years ago. He lost consicousness once. That time, he came to soon after and was acting like nothing happened the next day. So this time he’ll probably be fine.”


“… Now that you mention it, I think I heard something like that. But I was on a journey and didn’t witness it first-hand.”


“Hmm ….”

Somehow, it piqued Jin’s curiosity. But since there was nothing they could do to improve the situation, he switched the subject and focused on Marcus’ last words.


“I’m a little curious as to why he told you to send his regards to the Marquess.”


“… The only Marquess who has a connection with my father is that person.”


“Marquess Gueren Theodoric.”


“That’s right.”

Jin concluded that it would be best to ask the Marquess himself about this later.

In any case, confirming it with the Marquess would have to be after the technology expo had ended.


“Well, apart from this uproar, there was no major trouble overall. I think the commendation will start soon.”


“Oh, I see.”

As participants, they had no choice but to attend the commendation. Jin, Elsa, and Reinhardt left the waiting room and headed for the great hall.


“Hi, Jin. You’ve brought Elsa back. That’s great. I’m glad.”

Saki, who just came out of the alchemists’ waiting room, joined them.


“Yeah, it was resolved somehow.”


“Somehow, eh? Well, it’s Jin we’re talking about. So there’s no need to be worried.”


“Haha. I’d like to live up to that expectation.”


*          *          *


“Finally, it’s time for us to give commendations to the best performers before ending this technology expo.”

At the end of the final day of the technology expo, a stage was specially set up for the commendations of the outstanding participants.

Elsa had also calmed down and was sitting with Jin and Reinhardt.


“From the Magical Technology section: an Excellence Award for Elsa Randol Von Razura.”

Amazing, Elsa’s name was mentioned here.

“This is to highly value her skills in developing ‘Recording’ technology and creating a jewel box for magic tools called ‘Music Box’.”


“Elsa, go on.”


“… Okay.”

A lot of people stared, while Elsa went up the stage. A commemorative medal was awarded by the Executive Committee member, Christoph in the presence of Her Majesty the Empress, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Magical Technology.

A proud expression could be seen on Elsa’s face while wearing the silver medal around her neck.


“From the Alchemy section: an Excellence Award for Loenus. He had shown an extremely interesting phenomenon.”

Loenus was the man who demonstrated that the pigment of purple Ganran could change into various different colors with vinegar or lye.


“From the Visitors’ section: an Excellence Award for Steirleana Beta of Celuroa Kingdom.That golem was wonderful.” That golem was wonderful.”


The award winners announced one after another.


“From the Theory section: Saki Eschenbach. Her work entitled ‘Regarding The Development Of Magi Engineering And Magical Power’ has an innovative point a view and is considered to be a pioneer of a new field in Magic Theory.”

Saki seemed delighted to be recognized. It was such a rare sight to see her blush while walking up the stage.


“From the Golem section: Marcus Grinwald. Despite being defeated, his skill that created the Giant Golem should be appreciated.”

However, Marcus did not appear. Although Elsa and Jin knew the reason for his absence, the Executive Committee member seemed to assume it was related to his defeat. He then proceeded the commendation ceremony without a hint of suspicion.


“From the Ship section: Reinhardt Randol Von Adamas. The ship will add a new page to the history of ship-building.”

Reinhardt gladly went up to the stage.


After that, several people had been commended, but Jin’s name was not mentioned at all.

And hence, the commendation ceremony ended.

“This concludes the commendations for the best performers at this expo.”

Upon hearing that conclusive announcement, the crowd in the venue protested. They showed doubt and dissatisfaction because there was no commendation for Jin’s achievement.


“Please be quiet. Finally, there is an announcement from Her Majesty the Empress of Shouro.”


Waiting for the buzz to subside, the Empress then began her speech.

“This year’s technology expo is also a great success. It seems that more talented engineers are growing, and as an Empress, I have never been more delighted. Visiting engineers have also shown their wonderful inventions.”

She briefly paused to take a breath, while looking at the audience.

“Perhaps you are wondering why his name was not called upon to receive the award.”

The venue bustled in murmurs for a second upon hearing her remark.

“Finally, a ‘Special Excellence Award’, Jin Nidou. Mini smiths and the airship are his inventions that overturned our common sense. Therefore, I shall grant him a Special Excellence Award as my commendation. At the same time, I shall bestow upon him the title of ‘Magi Craft Meister’ and the Honorary Knighthood of Shouro Empire!”

The audience roared and gave a crackling applause.


Jin was dumbfounded and sat still in his seat. Reiko urged him to go on stage.

“Father, please go on stage.”

Reiko who said that was also amused. Finally, in front of the public, her father, Jin had become the complete successor of Adrianna Balbora Ceci.

Although limited to Shouro Empire, he was given the title of ‘Magi Craft Meister’.


“O-oh, okay.”

With an excited voice, he replied and stood up to proceed on stage.


“Sir Jin Nidou, I pray you bring wisdom to our empire.”

The Empress hung a gold medal around Jin’s neck.

At that moment, a publicly recognized Magi Craft Meister was born within the Shouro Empire.

The people who gathered at the venue gave a great round of applause, the only Magi Craft Meister in the world.


*          *          *


The technology expo had officially ended after the commendation ceremony and Empress Shouro’s closing speech.


“Congratulations, Jin!”

“Congratulations, Jin.”

“Brother Jin, congratulations.”

Reinhardt, Saki, and Elsa were congratulating Jin on stage.


“Father, congratulations on being appointed ‘Magi Craft Meister’.”

Reiko also gave him a congratulatory message.


“Well, it’s a title, not a job.”


“Even so, it’s a big deal. Magi Craft Meister is higher in rank than Magi Engineer Maestro. After all, there’s only one Magi Craft Meister in the world.”


Knowing Jin and his predecessor’s circumstances, as well as minding the fact that people around them could hear their conversation, Reinhardt gave an ambiguous remark.

“Even though it’s an honorary title, you’ve been knighted as well.”


“You’re right! No random person could attain the Magi Craft Meister title without possessing the abilities comparable to Jin’s.”

Saki praised.


“Thank you, everyone.”


“Jin, that’s amazing. I’m glad.”

Steirleana also came to congratulate him. Moreover ….


“Congratulations, Lord Jin.”

“Magi Craft Meister Jin, I’d be honored to work with you.”

“Honorary Knight, Lord Jin, I look forward to working with you.”

Other award winners on stage asked Jin for a handshake and flocked to get acquainted. More people from the audience also rushed on stage to get acquainted.

Had Reiko not requested them to break it off, no one knew how long that chaos would have carried on.

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