419 Magi Craft Meister

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-07 Hot Cake


Jin took only Reiko and boarded Pegasus 1. Both of them transported to the sky above the town of Taki through the “Warp Gate that does not require a receiver”, also known as the “Transporter”, which was installed in the plaza behind the research institute on Horai Island.

As a precaution, they transported a small rubber ball through it, and had a Regulus 50 nearby the destination confirmed it. When no problems were confirmed, they transported Pegasus 1.

This time, the coordinates of the Regulus 50 was used as a marker for their destination, which error resulted was almost negligible.

“Hmmm, if I put a marker in the known world ….”

Jin’s murmur was transmitted to Laojun. However, marking various places in the known world would be for future discussions.


It was still bright, so they activated Invisible and landed on the outskirts of town. The Regulus 50 showed Jin and Reiko the way toward the sanatorium.

“He’s here.”

It was a small sanatorium on the outskirts of Taki. Marcus Grinwald was resting in that one room.

“… He looks terrible.”

It was debilitating to see. His consciousness had not returned. Reiko seemed to be indifferent. It was only natural for her to show the cold attitude since Marcus was Jin’s enemy.

Meanwhile, Jin was talking to the Regulus 50.

“This is most likely due to the strengthening and mobilizing the body by force.”

Marcus was a human being. He was manipulated by a demon so that the extraordinary physical abilities beyond human capability could be demonstrated. His muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones were battered.

“The healer has finally able to recover him to this point.”

“I see. I don’t have much time, so I’ll do it quickly.”

Jin took the Magi Crystal that he had prepared out of his pocket and used Transinfo at level 8. It was the normal highest level.

Above that level, there were only level 9 that could copy up to the personality, and level 10 that Jin’s predecessor used when passing her knowledge to him.

Unlike level 9, level 10 could even add “annotations” to the knowledge being transferred. It would take more time to do that.


Setting that aside, Magi Formula surfaced from Marcus’ head and disappeared into the Magi Crystal as the level 8 Transinfo was utilized.

“That should do it. Let’s have Laojun do the analysis.”

Jin left the treatment room and returned to Pegasus 1.

He handed a bottle of recovery medicine available aboard Pegasus 1 to the Regulus 50 that was seeing them off.

“Administer this little by little. It should help speed up the recovery.”

Then, Jin and Reiko returned to Horai Island through the Warp Gate installed aboard Pegasus 1. Pegasus 1 would return to the island by autopilot.


“Welcome home, My Lord.”

“Laojun, please analyze this.”

Jin entrusted Laojun with the Magi Crystal that should contain all of Marcus’ memories, knowledge, and experience.

“Understood. I will do it right away.”


At that time, someone came.

“Brother Jin, Edgar’s remodeling is completed,” Elsa reported.

When he heard her voice, Jin thought of an idea. But he held back in expressing it. He thought to talk about it after more careful consideration.

“Oh, I see. Have you tried activating him yet?”

Be that she was Jin’s disciple, Elsa was quite fast in working.

“Yup, I have just activated him. And I wanted Brother Jin to see it.”

Jin had just finished talking to Laojun, and was about to return to the workshop anyway.

“Oh, looks good.”


He tested Edgar’s activation. His operation seemed to be stable. It seemed that the data sent by Reiko to Laojun was also useful.

“Well, you’re ready to create an Automata.”

“If Brother Jin says so, I’ll try it.”

Finally, Elsa started working on creating the Automata to be given to the Marquess.

“So that it can provide healthcare, I think it should have about your physique, Elsa.”

Jin was thinking about the possibility for the Marquess to carry the Automata on his back or hold her up in his arms.

“Yeah, I think so, too.”

The skeleton used 64 aluminum. The muscle was from Magical Fiber produced on Horai Island. Magical Skin was also used to create the skin.

The goal was to have half of the specs the earliest version of Reiko possessed that Jin created. Of course, a measure against rewriting the magic for slavery purposes should be taken into account as well.

To improve Elsa’s skills, template references were kept to a minimum; it also served as OJT (on-the-job training, a method of teaching through hands-on experience).


This was her second creation, so it took her about 3 hours to complete. Her skills had clearly improved since it took her 4 hours to create Edgar in the past.

She used Grand Caterpillar for the material of the clothes. She created a typical maid outfit for Lisa to wear.

“Well done. She has a bigger physique than Edgar, but she’ll be Edgar’s little sister.”

It was not something strange, because Reiko was the eldest among all Jin’s golems and Automatas.

“Have you decided what to name her?”

“Yup. I think I’m going to name her Lisa.”


In general, a maid would often have names with two syllables so that they could be easily called. Nicknames would usually be given for those possessing longer names.

Even though aristocrats might give their children short names, but ordinary people rarely gave theirs long names like aristocrats. That was the custom.


“Lisa? Sounds great and easy to be called. Please activate her.”

“Okay. … ‘Activate’.”

Lisa had been activated. She got up slowly.

“Nice to meet you, Master Creator.”

“Your name is ‘Lisa’. How are you feeling?”

“Yes, I conclude that there is no problem, Master Creator.”

Elsa’s second Automata, Lisa, was a girl with bobbed cut platinum blonde hair down to her shoulders and pale blue eyes.

Her face was similar to Edgar, probably because both were designed by Elsa.

“Okay, then let’s ask Peridot to check her housework skills.”

As such, “Lisa” was born.


*          *          *


“This is quite difficult ….”

Reinhardt had also managed to install Tactile Sense on Schwarz Ritter somehow, and was getting ready to have a test run.

“Noir, how are you doing?”

“Yes, I’m superb.”

“Can you feel the Tactile Sense?”

“… Yes, it’s fine.”

“Okay, then move slowly and try to accumulate data. Don’t suddenly move fast or lift heavy objects, okay?”

“Roger that.”

While recalling the case with Aal, Reinhardt let Noir slowly get used to Tactile Sense.

After carefully checking every movement for about 30 minutes, Reinhardt decided to have Schwarz Ritter move on to the next step.

First of all, it was the stealthy feet movements.

“Walk slowly without making any noise.”

That went well.

“Okay, a little faster.”

That also went reasonably well.

“Yeah, that’s pretty good …. Here try to take this.”

Reinhardt pointed to a hollow metal sphere made by Jin during Aal’s testing. It was extremely thin, so it would collapse immediately if held firmly.


Noir grabbed the sphere … and lifted it brilliantly.

“You did it! Well done, Noir. Please keep that condition.”

“Ja, mein Schöpfer*.”

Reinhardt was also growing.


Berthie and Mine came around that time.

“Shall we have lunch? We baked hot cakes.”

Considering when they ate breakfast, it was considered a late lunch for them.

The time difference was about five and a half hours, so it was almost dusk on Horai Island.

“Oh, I see.”

“Hot cakes?”

Jin immediately responded to the word, but Reinhardt was puzzled upon hearing something unfamiliar.

“Brother Rei, as the name suggests, hot cake is a cake that is served while warm. It’s delicious. I think.”

Everyone enjoyed hot cakes in the dining hall. Peridot leader taught the recipe so it was very delicious.

Jin had made crepe for Saki in the past, because he did not use leavening agent. But they were enjoying the fluffy hot cakes this time.

“Hmm, this is delicious!”

Reinhardt loved butter.

“… Delicious. This is happiness.”

“It’s sweet!”

Elsa and Berthie used plenty of honey.

“Yeah, it’s delicious. Thank you, Mine, Berthie.”

“You’re welcome.”

“No need to thank us. We’re just trying out a newly learned recipe.”

Eating delicious food would give a content feeling at heart, and would put a smile on anyone’s face.

For a moment, everyone was smacking their lips, forgot about all the unpleasant things and concerns.



Translator’s note:

* The author used katakana to write this German expression. It means “Yes, my creator.”

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