420 Part 1

420 Magi Craft Meister

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-08 Visiting The Marquess


After enjoying the hot cake, Jin and his friends had a little more time to spare before they had to go back, so they went back to finish their tasks at hand.

Elsa went to check out Lisa who was working with the golem maids.

Reinhardt continued monitoring Noir’s operation.

Berthie and Mine were being polite and helped cleaned the dishes.

Jin went back to the underground hall and asked Laojun regarding his progress.

“My Lord, I’ll give you an interim report on Marcus.”

“All right. I’m listening.”

“Yes. My Lord’s presumption was correct after all. I learned a lot more from Transinfo level 8.”

Even if his memory was erased, there seemed to be some remnants remaining. It would be more accurate to say that his memory could not be recalled, instead of being erased.

It was comparable to protected sectors of FAT (File Allocation Table) of a personal computer so they could not be read or deleted.

Although it seemed to disappear at first glance, it was still there.

“I see! So what did you find out?”

“Yes. … There was an important finding. First of all, there is no doubt that Marcus was manipulated by a demon.”

That was as expected. So my presumption was confirmed.

“The demon’s name was Marcosias. Marcus was targeted most likely because of the similarity in their names.”

It seemed Marcus was very unlucky to have been chosen just because of that.

“Here’s the important part. First of all, Marcosias, or Marcus, was investigating human technology, ecology, and society.”

Elsa also mentioned something similar. Their purpose was to measure human’s ability. That was probably his mission.

“He seemed to do various things to see the reactions of human beings. Georg Randol’s inferiority complex toward his brother was used to cast magic similar to Seduce to manipulate his actions.

According to Laojun’s analysis and reasoning, the cast magic seemed to have awakened and encouraged his deepest desires.

“I see, that explains his abnormal behavior, right?”

“That’s correct. Poisoning the Marquess was completely arbitrary. I think this analysis is accurate.”

That was good news. That fact would change the situation considerably. Elsa would be happy to hear that, too.

“Anything else?”

“Yes. It seems that the Seduce cast on Mine was part of it as well.

Laojun ended his interim report with such a conclusion.

This would be our chance to learn about Marcosias’ abilities and demon skills.

“All right. Please continue.”

Jin felt relieved. The poisoning of the Marquess was not directed by Elsa’s father, the former Viscount Georg Randol.

Thinking more thoroughly, the timing of poisoning was pretty bad. It would have been more advantageous for Elsa to marry and poison him after their baby was born.

Jin felt a little relieve since he and Elsa would not need to visit the Marquess with a guilty feeling.


Two hours later, Jin and his friends returned to Count Randol’s residence.


June 26th, after dawn. Jin and his friends were planning to head to Marquess Theodoric, but some unexpected things happened.


“It’s been three days since I last saw you!”

The first was the unexpected arrival of Prince Ernest and Princess Lieschen at Earl Randol, Reinhardt’s parents’ home.

The other unexpected thing was ….

“’Lord Jin Nidou, Egelia Kingdom would like to grant you the title of Magi Craft Meister together with your honorary knighthood.’”

“’Lord Jin Nidou, Klein Kingdom would like to grant you the title of Magi Craft Meister as well, together with your honorary knighthood.’”

The prince and princess read the document aloud.

Egelia and Klein Kingdoms had granted Jin the title of Magi Craft Meister.

“Isn’t the Manaphone convenient? The day before yesterday, I reported everything regarding the technology expo to my father. Yesterday morning, I was contacted to grant you the title of Magi Craft Meister.”

“Same here. My father made a swift decision. He probably thought he would fall behind other countries in granting you the title.”

After announcing the official notice, the Prince and Princess returned to their casual tones and laughed openly.

“Congratulations to Jin! You’re now a Magi Craft Meister who is fully recognized by three countries!”

Reinhardt was so happy as if he was the one receiving the recognition.

“Brother Jin, congratulations.”

“Congratulations, Lord Jin.”

“Lord Jin, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Congratulations, Father!”

Elsa, Mine, and Berthie were also pleased that Jin was named Magi Craft Meister by two other countries. Reiko expressed extreme joy for the good news. She looked so happy that she was about to break into a dance any moment now.

“Say, Jin, what’s Magi Craft Meister?”

Even though Princess Lieschen announced the title, she did not seem to know what Magi Craft Meister was.

“Lies, Magi Craft Meister was originally called a legendary Magi Craftsman a long time ago.”

As expected, Prince Ernest answered her before Jin did.

“I see. In other words, Jin is the second generation, right?”

“That would be accurate. Maybe messengers from Celuroa, Franz, and Elias Kingdoms would come soon as well.”

Disregarding Jin, the Prince and Princess had a conversation by themselves. With a warm expression, Jin smiled listening to their conversation.

Although he was recognized as a Magi Craft Meister, which was the pinnacle of a Magi Craftsman, Jin knew that was not the only perk. Only Jin knew about it, to be exact.

It was the “right of access to the Magi Engineering Library”.

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