420 Part 2


Races like wizards and sorcerers could absorb Ether from the atmosphere by breathing it in. It was then transformed into Mana in their bodies.

Mana in the body would be used up when utilizing magic. However, by absorbing and transforming Ether from the atmosphere, Mana could be recovered over time.

This Mana could take various energy forms and be manipulated, depending on the will and image of the user. And hence, it was called magic.

Chanting an incantation could support forming a clear image in the user’s mind. However, chanting became unnecessary if the user could create a clear image in the mind.

Simple phenomena such as fire, light, and wind were classified as beginner magic that could be easily utilized by anyone who could use magic.

The process up to activation became complicated for intermediate to advanced magic. Therefore, it could not be utilized by just anyone.

The process for activating intermediate to advanced magic would be similar to computer software.

Magi Engineering could be compared to high-end 3D model production software.

The place where this software was installed became the “library” of the “world where magic exists”.

Magical talent would be someone’s ability to access that library.

Jin had almost unlimited access to the Magi Engineering library.

On the other hand, the attack magic library was almost inaccessible.


Such magic theory had been forgotten for over 300 years. The Magi War was a significant incident that changed the world.


“How long will you be here, Your Highness?”

“Here” was referring to the Shouro Empire.

“Well, I’m planning to stay until the end of this month at most. I’ll have to leave this house in a little bit, too. I want some free time.”

Since he was the prince, Prince Ernest grumbled when he had no free time.

“Prince Ernest, I feel the same way, too ….”

Both the prince and princess looked at one another and smiled bitterly.




Due to the unexpected event in the morning, Jin, Elsa, Mine, Reinhardt, and Berthie finally headed for the Marquess’ residence after lunch.

Reiko, Edgar, Neon, and Noir were dressed as usual, but Lisa was wearing a hooded coat so to conceal her appearance.

Again, Noir rode a golem horse, and Reiko sat on Jin’s lap. After all, the carriage was overloaded, so it could not be helped.

It was approximately a 50-km journey between Banne and Mahahama. An ordinary carriage would take a day for the one way trip, but Jin’s carriage could reach their destination in less than an hour.

However, due to other carriages on the road, they could not maintain a speed of 50 kmph. In the end, it took them an hour and a half to get there.

The Marquess’ residence was built in a quiet environment surrounded by forests. An old-fashioned three-story building made of stones. On the left and right were spires proudly protruding.

“Hi, Jin, Reinhardt, Berthie, Elsa, and Mine. Long time no see.”

Many servants lined up by the front entrance to the Marquess’ residence to welcome them. Saki was there to greet them as well. She was dressed like a daughter of the Marquess. She was even wearing hair accessories.

With Saki’s drastic change in appearance, Jin was at a loss for words. Realizing what just happened, Saki blushed and gave a wry smile.

“Heh, as I thought. This doesn’t suit me, right?”

“Ah, no, that’s not the case. You look so good that I was speechless. Uhm ….”

At that time, Reinhardt came to the rescue.

“Wow, you look good, Saki. You already look beautiful, so anything would look good on you.”


Upon hearing Reinhardt’s compliment, Saki turned beet red and stayed silent.

“Well, everyone, welcome.”

Karen followed up after and welcomed everyone.

“I heard you’re coming from the messenger on a fast horse. Father is also looking forward to meeting you. … Elsa, you have returned. Congratulations.”

While Saki was still blushing, Karen instructed the servants to invite everyone in. Karen was tactful in a way that she did not neglect in greeting Elsa.

She did not greet Mine. Perhaps she thought Mine was a servant being assigned to Elsa, or that she was not her real mother.

The living room was huge. At the carpeted corner of the room, the Marquess was sitting in an armchair waiting for their arrival.

“Oh, Jin, you’ve made it. I heard that you received the title of Magi Craft Meister. Splendid. Pardon me for sitting down, because of this weak body.”

His body was still thin, but the jaundice had disappeared and his skin had returned to a healthy color. He seemed to be in better condition.

“Reinhardt, thank you for your hard work in keeping Jin entertained. Miss Berthie … how is your newlywed life?”

“Oh, yes, it’s wonderful ….”

“Hmm, you seem to be very compatible with Reinhardt. It seems that your sex appeal has also come out.”

The Marquess laughed. That would be sexual harassment, but there was no such concept in this world.


Perhaps she was still feeling uneasy, Elsa stood silently behind Jin. The Marquess noticed her.

“Elsa, come over here. I’m not telling you to marry me anymore.”

Beckoned and unable to remain hidden, Elsa stepped forward.

“Hmm, I always thought you’re still a young girl. But it seems that you have gradually become an adult. Could it be because of the fruit of Lord Jin’s education?”

“Eh, ah, yes.”

Elsa did not understand what the Marquess was saying and gave a strange reply. The Marquess squinted at her.

He then gestured for everyone to take a seat.

“Well, everyone, please sit down.”


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