429 Magi Craft Meister

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-17 Side Story 23: Lithia Became A Lady


In May 3457 of the World Calendar, Lithia Fahlheit, the daughter of a new nobleman, was awarded the status of Baronet for her significant contribution to the “magical power hectic fever” that struck Klein Kingdom.

At the same time, the former Earl Walter was dismissed. The territory was then assigned to several new nobles to rule.

Lithia received Toka Village as her territory to rule that way. Her appointment will officially commence starting July 1st.


“Congratulations, Lithia.”


“Thank you, dad, mom.”

The three of them held a small celebration at home.

“With this, I feel relieved. Rather, I’m very proud of you.”

Niklas was glad that the post-war rescue mission was finally over in Tetrada, so she could come back home.

She was serving as a knight in the post-war rescue unit and now had become the Lady of Toka Village.

Even though the rescue unit’s main task is for logistical support, it did not change the fact that it was still on the battlefield. Life-threatening situation was always lurking.

Although Lithia went to the battlefield to serve the country, Niklas was deeply concerned about her safety. He was delighted now that his daughter had become the Lady of Toka Village.

“All this is also thanks to Jin.”

“Lord Jin, eh? The other day, I heard that he was invited as an honored guest by the Third Princess.”

“Apparently so. He came by here when father and I were still in Tetrada.”

Apparently, Jin became acquainted with Deus Ex Machina and came to deliver Lithia’s sword found on the battlefield.

It was said to be delivered by a woman and received by maid Aal.

However, Lithia thought it must have something to do with Jin because he was the only one who knew that sword belonged to her. She implicitly asked him regarding the matter when visiting Kaina Village. Her suspicion turned out to be true.

Jin, who was an acquaintance of Machina, delivered the sword. Lithia still thought that Jin and Machina were the same person.

“But since our territories neighboring each other, I think we will have more meeting opportunities.”

Lithia explained while taking a bite of her steak.

“Yes, he seems like a great person. It would be wise to get along with him. So you can consult with him when you have a problem.”

Lithia’s mother, Milia, felt Jin’s greatness and awesomeness from the stories frequently told by her daughter.

“Yeah, and I still have to return the golem horses I borrowed from him.”


Jin let Lithia and Pasco borrow his golem horses when they left Kaina Village. The performance of the golem horses was amazing, and they had been very helpful along the way.

When Prime Minister Powell laid eyes on them the first time, he requested the Royal Magi Craftsman to create the same thing.

However, disassembling them to understand their mechanism was out of the question. If Jin were offended by that, then it would be a great loss for the kingdom. So they tried to study the mechanism from the outside, but it proved to be impossible.

They had no idea about the structure, material, or control at all.

The only thing they figured out was the outer shell of the golem was made of aluminum. Even then, using that much aluminum would most likely increase the cost very steeply. At that point, they had to give up on creating a copy.


A lot of work needed to be completed, such as preparing documents, assignments, on-site preliminary inspection, and arranging subordinates.

One month passed in a blink of an eye. It was June 25th.

Lithia’s parents saw her off. She left Alban. She was accompanied by a knight as her guard.

“Lithia, I’m looking forward to this journey.”

“Yes, instructor.”

“Hey, don’t call me that. With that said, I’m not properly addressing you as my boss either. Pardon me, Baronet Fahlheit.”

“Please stop … Gloria.”

“But you have to embrace your status properly ….”

“You’re the Deputy Captain of the Female Knight Imperial Guard Unit and an instructor. To me, you’re my mentor, my teacher. And you’ll always be my teacher. I would be a lost cause if I forgot that debt of gratitude.”

Gloria laughed.

“Haha, thank you. It was only for a short time, but thank you for calling me your teacher. Alright, then let’s talk normally unless we’re in public. What do you think?”

“Yes, if you say so. … Are you fine with me showing you respect like I would to someone older?”

“… Well, I guess so.”

The two of them continued their journey.


The second day, then the third day passed. As the days went by, Gloria’s horse was starting to be fatigued.

On the other hand, the golem horse Lithia had been riding was as good as new. The same was true for the golem horse that was carrying their belongings.

“… Those golem horses are amazing.”

Gloria muttered while feeding her horse at an inn in the town of Sharuru.

“Even though it also has been carrying all my belongings the whole time.”

“Hehe, Jin said that these horses are five to ten times more powerful than a normal horse.”

“Wow! Lord Jin is indeed remarkable.”

At that time, they could hear a post rider approaching.

Post rider work alongside pigeons to transmit information. Although it was not the fastest, it had a high probability for the information to be transmitted to remote areas as well.

In addition, pigeons only worked one way as in they always went back to the same place. However, post riders were more effective in searching for various destinations.

“Oh, a post rider? That’s unusual.”

When the post rider saw Lithia and Gloria, he slowed down and changed direction because he was already in town.

“Hmm? Is he coming this way?”

The horse clip-clopped toward the ladies. Upon looking more closely, a knight wearing a cloak with the crest of the royal family was riding it. A messenger knight.

“Is it a decree?”

The messenger knight jumped off the horse in front of Gloria and Lithia, and took out a letter from the bundle wrapped around his torso. It might not be a decree because there was no royal seal on it.

“Are you Baronet Lithia Fahlheit? Please read this immediately.”


Even though it was quite unusual, Lithia was to confirm the content right then due to the urgency of the letter. The letter was written in black ink on a piece of fabric made of linen. It was the style of letter used between noblemen.

“Um, Klein Kingdom is granting Lord Jin Nidou Magi Craft Meister title ….”

The letter indicated that Jin had been given the title Magi Craft Meister, and Lithia was appointed to deliver his certificate as proof of his title.

“… Is it okay for me to deliver it?”

Lithia was worried about her Baronet appearance. The messenger knight also handed her a short letter along with the certificate wrapped with a royal seal.

“Eh? … Lord Jin Nidou doesn’t like exaggeration, so it’s best for someone he knows and who has received assistance like me to deliver it?!”

“Then, my delivery is confirmed. Lady Lithia.”

With that said, the messenger knight jumped on the horse, reigned the horse to turn back, and went back in the direction he came.

“… So Jin is now a Magi Craft Meister, eh?”

Just from the sound of it, anyone would know it was a terrific title.

“I hope we can meet him. But what should we do if he’s not there?”

“Since our villages are neighbors, why don’t we ask Jin to get in touch when he comes back?”

“Oh, that’s right! I didn’t realize that.”

Lithia put the letter and the certificate in the storage compartment inside the golem horse’s torso. That was the most secure place. Only Lithia (and maybe Jin) could open it.


The next day arrived. It was a day-long journey, but if all went well, they would reach Toka Village as planned.

The two of them left the town of Sharuru early in the morning, just like the journey she had with Pasco in the past.

“We need to stick to a strict schedule today.”

Looking up at the sky, it appeared that day would be hot and sunny. Gloria grumbled.

“I agree. Let’s get as far as possible while it’s still cool in the morning.”

Like last time, they left early in the morning and had breakfast on the way. They finished eating lunch on horseback and managed to arrive at Toka Village before sunset.

“Phew, we’re finally here. Thanks to the longer daytime during this season.”

Gloria seemed tired, but Lithia did not look tired at all.

She had Jin to thank because the golem horse he created took into consideration of long-distance rides so that it would not be tiring for the rider.

Originally, Lithia thought it would be good for Gloria to ride the golem horse Pasco had borrowed. However, she only mentioned it casually and did not want to be pushy about it. In the end, the golem horse carried all their belongings instead.

“Oh, if it’s not the Lady’s company. Welcome to Toka Village. My name is Burak, the village mayor.”

“I’m Lithia Fahlheit.”

“I’m Gloria, her security detail.”

After exchanging a brief greeting, they went to the mayor’s house. During her last visit, she stayed at the soldiers’ dormitory. Now that she had become the Lady of this territory, the mayor himself welcomed her.

The two of them, who originally were not concerned about a meal, had a wonderful dinner.

“Currently, we’re preparing to start mining at the Inado mines in the near future.”

“Apparently so. We passed by the site on our way here.”

They started their conversation with small talk, and gradually advanced to discussions about the village.

“… Basically, I shall leave the managing of this village to you, mayor. I will act as a mediator and negotiator for this village when negotiating policies passed by the kingdom or the enactment of new policies.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Recently, our neighboring village, Kaina, has improved its reputation as a better place to live. Some of our people have begun to migrate there.”

“I see. That’s a problem. As the Lady of this territory, I’d like to improve the living condition in this village as well.”

“We would be grateful if you would do that.”

They continued the various discussions about current issues faced by the village until late at night. June 29th went by without anyone realizing it.

Lithia Fahlheit would officially be the Lady of that territory on July 1st.



Author’s note:

There are 29 days in the month of June, July, and August. The rest of the months have 30 days.

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