430 Magi Craft Meister

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-18 Finally, The Decision


June 29th was the last day of the month.

There are 30 days in a month according to this world’s calendar. However, the long summer months, June through August, had only 29 days.

As a result, a whole year consisted of 357 days. There was also no concept of days of the week. Therefore, calling the same date of the month in each year with the same name would be no problem at all.


“Ah, today is the deadline for me to give a reply ….”

That was the final day Jin had to reply to Empress Gelhart Hilde Von Rubies Shouro.

“I was intending to reply with the Fuso Island plan ….”

However, that proposal had been rejected.

“Well, at least for Her Majesty and the kingdom that gave me the title of Magi Craft Meister ….”

The night before, Jin consulted with Laojun regarding which course of action that would get the best out of the current situation.


*     *     *


Shouro Imperial Palace.

“Is Jin not here yet?”

Empress Gelhart was waiting for Jin to come into the office.

The pile of documents to be read had not diminished at all. The Prime Minister had been out for another matter since morning. There was only a maid and a guard in the room.

The time was 9 AM. A messenger knocked on the door and delivered the words.

“Your Majesty, Sir Jin Nidou wishes to see you.”

“L-let him in immediately.”

Fifteen minutes later, the door to the office opened, and Jin entered the room.

“I’ve been waiting, Sir Jin Nidou.”

“My apologies to have kept you waiting.”

“You’re here to give me your answer, I presume?”


The Empress leaned forward in anticipation. After making a slightly regrettable expression, Jin replied,

“… I can’t serve you.”

He muttered briefly.

“Eh …?!”

The Empress reacted in a manner not befitting of an empress as Jin’s response took her by surprise.

“I-I see …. Well, that’s too bad …. Too bad, indeed ….”

Her expression was as if she was about to cry any moment now.

“I’m truly sorry I couldn’t meet your expectation.”

Jin bowed and apologized.

“But ….”

Looking at the depressed empress, Jin continued.

“I would like to introduce ‘science’,”


The Empress perked up her head.

“… Um, I have prepared someone outside ….”

“Let him in! Let him in!”

Without consulting with everyone, the Empress gave her permission. The faces of the maid and guard standing next to her twicthed a little.

“Y-yes, then …. Reiko, please bring him in since I’ve got permission.”

“Yes, father.”

The door opened, and Reiko with … another Automata came in.

“And this Automata is …?”

His appearance was masculine. He looked to be in his mid-20s. He had a normal overall appearance.

His physique was normal as well. However, he was wearing an outfit that was rarely seen in the Shouro Empire. A navy blue suit with a white shirt. It resembled a suit one would wear to a job interview.

“This is Führer. He’s loaded with scientific knowledge. I would like to give him to you as a present.”

He was Jin’s last resort to apologize for turning down the offer.

He was loaded with the transcription of science and mathematics (arithmetic) that was generally taught in elementary schools in modern earth. Jin’s thought was to have this Automata teach science so it could bring benefits for the people in the Empire.

Dangerous knowledge, such as how to make bombs and poisonous gases, had been redacted. That was all that Jin could offer.

“… Thank you, Jin. … And what about you? What are you planning to do?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of traveling around the world.”

“I see, the world ….”

Jin wanted to know more about this world and hopefully found people who could become his “comrades”.

“Your Majesty, may I say something?”

“Oh, what is it?”

“… What I want is a world without borders. And a world without war. Such a thing may be too idealistic. It may very well be just an illusion. But I want that kind of world. … For my sake.”

“For your sake?”

“Yes. Even if I come up with various reasons, it all comes back down to myself. I want to create a world where I can do what I want to do and create what I want to create with my comrades. A world where honesty is rewarded. A world where efforts bear fruit. I want such a world.”

“I see. I feel like I can understand your feelings, Jin.”

“Thank you for listening. Well then, I’ll excuse myself.”

When Jin was about to leave, The Empress stopped him.

“Oh, wait a minute. … Please have this as a token of thanks for giving me Führer.”

The Empress presented a plate with the Crest of the Shouro Royal Family. Jin’s name and title, Magi Craft Meister, were engraved at the back of the plate.

“It’s an ID that will allow you to enter and leave this castle, as well as any public facilities in this kingdom at any time. You may also freely stay in this kingdom as long as you like.”

Jin soon realized how precious the ID was and was grateful to have received it.

Undoubtedly, he now could use the Warp Gate to travel places within the empire. At least within the Shouro Empire.

“Well, somehow I knew I couldn’t monopolize you, Jin. But please come by anytime, okay?”

“… Thank you.”

Jin excused himself from the office showing the utmost respect to the Empress.

The Empress sighed quietly as the door closed.

“… Well, I could have expected that much. It’s hard to tie him down after all ….”

The Empress smiled when she saw “Führer” standing beside her.

“But I got you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. My father was worried. He created me afterward.”

“I see. Jin was ….”

The Empress stared at the closed door. Through the door, it was as if she could see Jin’s back as he was leaving.


“How did it go, Jin?”

Reinhardt, who was waiting in the hall on the first floor of the castle, called out.

“Oh, Her Majesty was willing to listen to me.”

“I see …. The public figure in me felt sorry that you don’t work for me. But as your best friend, I feel relieved.”

“The Marquess said the same thing. For the time being, I’ll travel to find my comrades.”

“That’s right. … In that case, what about that person?”

“… Steirleana?”

“Exactly. I heard she’s returning to Celuroa Kingdom either today or tomorrow.”

Jin decided to consult with her before she left.

“Where could she be?”

“Maybe at the guesthouse.”

He then left for the guesthouse with Reinhardt. It was about a five-minute walk from the castle grounds.

He could go in freely by presenting the ID he received earlier.

He then asked to see Steirleana and waited in the entrance hall for about five minutes.

“Jin, Reinhardt, are you here to see me off? I’m sorry, but I’m not leaving until tomorrow.”

Steirleana appeared and was already addressing the two gentlemen with familiarity.

“No, I have a lot to talk about with you.”

Steirleana seemed happy upon hearing Jin’s remark.

“Oh, I wonder what the Magi Craft Meister would like to talk about. In that case, let’s go to my room to talk.”


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