Dear Husband, How Long Will You Be With Me?


When Lin Mu Mu wakes up, the first thing she saw was a stranger sitting beside her.


“Mu Mu, you’re awake?” Said the stranger, he’s a man.


“You…?” Lin Mu Mu looked up confusedly.


“Hello, I am Yun Ting, your husband.” The guy’s face was serious. He was biting his lips. It can be deduced that he was happy and nervous at the same time.


Yun Ting was a well built guy, with beautiful features, a charming man that no girl could ever resist.


This face of his, as something Mu Mu was extremely familiar with, to the point where she sees it even with her eyes closed. The strange thing was the fresh look on his face, the cleanliness, the look you see on a guy that hasn’t been invaded by sadness and depression, it was fresh, it was new.


Mu Mu was confused by what was happening.


It was sort of like he could read her mind, he pulled out a little red book from the pocket of his coat, pointed to a picture in it and showed Mu Mu, and said “This is our marriage contract, got it two days ago, it was approved by your master.”


Got it two days ago?


Mu Mu stared at the picture, it contains a man with a really serious looking face, and herself giving the biggest smile she’s got. Surprisingly, she did not question anything about what’s happening, rather, she asked “Dear Husband, How Long Will You Be With Me?”


“For a lifetime.” Yun Ting said.


Mu Mu stayed silent. She took off a necklace she was wearing, her favourite piece of jewellery, and placed it in his hands.


“This is?” He asked.


“A present that symbolise our marriage.” Mu Mu said.


She, turned out to be a lot more calmer than he expected her to be, and also more complying than he had expect.


Despite being betrayed by her own master to be mysteriously and forcefully married to guy, she didn’t seem sad at all, she even gave him her favourite necklace?


Doesn’t this mean, she approved this marriage too?


A tiny trace of relieved can be seen on Yun Ying’s straight, serious face.




Mu Mu closed her eyes, trying to hide her excitement.


Thanks to fate, she was able to come back to 10 years ago, when she and Yun Ting just started their relationship, when it hadn’t yet become an unhealthy one, the time where both of them weren’t covered with scars yet. The happy times.


Moments ago, she was still on the very verge of death.


In her last moments, she witnessed Yun Ting rushing into the fire to reach out to her, saying romantic words she’s never heard him saying before.


It was also at that moment, she knew, he loves her, way more than she thought.


Their love life was ruined by a single misunderstanding.


He said that when the got their marriage agreement ten years ago, he had decided that he would not let her go, that she’ll be the best decision he’s ever made, that he’ll love her for his entire lifetime.


Sadly, the only time he confessed, was the time when their lives were ending, how tragic.


Lin Mu Mu said. “ Yun Ting, if there’s such thing as rebirth, let’s be together again.”


Yun Ting replied, “Yea, I will be waiting for you on the path to heaven, in the next life. I, Yun Ting, will still marry you, Lin Mu Mu, forever.”


That was the deal between them.


Turns out Lin Mu Mu never got to set foot on the path to heaven. Instead, she miraculously came back to 10 years ago.


She’s back to the time when she was just 18 and Yun Ting being 22, the time where they just met, the time where their unhealthy and torturous relationship hasn’t start yet.


Supposedly, the planning was that Lin Mu Mu would pursue her further studies in the city, but on the way she was sorta kidnapped by Yun Ting and got knocked out of conscious. And when she woke up, Yun Ting just simply stated that they were married, and have got a marriage agreement.


An eighteen year old girl, a girl that was filled with dreams and hope, hoping to go out to the world, work and explore. How can she accept the fact that she was now suddenly tied down to a marriage? But Yun Ting is someone that follows his life principles strongly, which is that Mu Mu is his, no one else can have her.


Since then, Mu Mu’s impression of Yun Ting was a total dickhead, and even his insanely good looking face can’t cover it – her bad impression of him.


Because of this unhappy beginning to the relationship, Lin Mu Mu always had misunderstandings with him and she had always hated him, and unfortunately Yun Ting was the type of person who doesn’t talk much, hence little to none explanation whatsoever was given.


Sometimes, understanding someone really takes up to ten years time.


Meanwhile, as she’s back to where she was 10 years ago, she will not let those misunderstandings happen again, she would not allow an unhappy relationship this time.


She knows he loves her, to the point where he gave up his life for her, which was pretty enough.


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