Chapter 2 : Little Lady


Lin Mu Mu was an orphan, she was picked up by Lin Guan Zhu, the head of Wan Qin Guan, a temple up high in the mountain. Since then she saw her as her master. They lived together for eighteen years, meditating and learning about Buddhism, there were zero contact from the outside world.


Even-though she had received all these years of training, she’s still pretty bad at everything. All these ‘catching ghost’, ‘directing through stars’, ‘fortune telling’, she was no where as good as her master.


However, she had a specialty, her strong senses. She’s extremely good in planting crops and flowers.




Yun Ting was a little surprised by Lin Mu Mu’s kindness. She not only gave him her favourite necklace, but also held his hand willingly? Is she not mad at him at all?


Yun Ting appreciated the opportunity of course, and just stood there holding her hands, hoping that this moment will last longer.


In Yun Ting’s heart, Mu Mu is shining so bright even a thick canvas cannot block the light.


He knows her way longer than she knows he does. There were countless nights where he had missed her dearly.


“Mr Yun, is your wife awake? When are we going back to Yan Jing” someone said. The sound was projected through the door behind them.


Someone knocked the door.


“Come in, have you got everything I told you to buy?” Yun Ting said without turning his head.


“Yeah I’ve got all of it.” Said a soldier who was wearing his brown uniform, clearly an underling of Yun Ting. He had an oversized backpack behind him, and a few bags of shopping.


Without looking, Lin Mu Mu can tell that, inside that backpack is some basic groceries, including an expensive set of skin care products, alongside with some chips, snacks, and some drinks. As for the shopping bags, they’re filled with shoes, shirts, and some other clothings. All women’s.


The soldier put everything down beside Lin Mu Mu, did an army salute, and said “Hi, I, Xiao She, is under your command!”


Lin Mu Mu gave him a kind smile, and Xiao She continued talking, “Okay look, Mr Yun ordered me to buy all these. You have no idea how manly he was when he told me ‘Get the most expensive set of everything from Jing Zhou shipping centre.’” Xiao She imitated Yun Ting’s way of speaking.


“Then he thought for a bit and added on, saying ‘The clothings must be clean, and the shoes must be flat soled. Do not come back until you get all these’ It’s already my fifth trip to the mall today, please, you have to like them, Ms Mu Mu.” Said Xiao She.


She remembers last time when this happened, Yun Ting interrupted Xiao She halfway by saying something rude, she’s certain he did but she doesn’t remember what it was.


As she grew up in the temple in the mountains, she had zero experience with love. She didn’t really know what to expect in a marriage.


This time, everything seemed to be a little different. Yun Ting did not interrupt Xiao She.

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