Chapter 3 : Negative EQ

Lin Mu Mu looked at Yun Ting suspiciously.

They’re still holding hands.

Yun Ting had been holding Lin Mu Mu’s hand since the time she handed over her necklace to him.

Now when he saw Lin Mu Mu’s expression, he nervously let go his hands, acting like he wasn’t concentrating, and looked at her as if nothing happened.

The two of them stared at each other for some time, Lin Mu Mu looking a bit in control, threatening whereas Yun Ting looking embarrassed.

“Pfhh-“ Lin Mu Mu let out a small laughter as it was a rare scene seeing Yun Ting being nervous. She found it entertaining.

“You are now my wife, there’s no need to try to escape. But don’t worry, I won’t tell the public that you are my wife and I certainly will not interrupt your life. It’s all because my father wanted me to marry you. Even though it’s all an act to please my father, you too have to play along. Besides, I am a soldier that has swore an oath to serve the country, and our country’s policies are strongly against divorcement, so don’t even think about it.” Yun Ting said coldly but with hesitant. He didn’t want to be too fierce which might traumatise Mu Mu, nor too soft and that she might go against his words.

It felt like his words were ones spoken by a kidnapper.

Surprisingly for Yun Ting, Mu Mu nodded her head willingly, there were no sign of anger nor disobedience.

“Alright then, go get changed, I’ll bring you to Yan Jing. Yan Jing college will start school in 3 days time, it’s a bit of a rush.” Yun Ting said, and then left the room with Xiao She.

As the door closes, Mu Mu let out her laughter that she had been holding in, she said to herself, “Yun Ting, how dumb can you be!” Acting like it’s all a show to please his parents even when he actually liked her.

In her previous life, Yun Ting said the exact same thing, that it was all to please his parents, and it affected Lin Mu Mu’s mindset. Even though afterwards she fell for him for a little, she still always thought that Yun Ting was doing all this just to please his parents, not that he actually loved her.

To think of it, last time when Yun Ting spoke fiercely and threatening, it was all because he was afraid that she’ll go against him and ask for a divorce. It was all a military trick, but not one that should be used on girls ~~

Xiao She’s tastes weren’t bad too, clothings that he bought were all very fashionable, not too revealing, colourful, nor old fashioned.

Lin Mu Mu put on a light blue coloured dress, and a pair of black leather shoes. She took a hairband and tied her hair together like a horsetail.

Looking at this young, beautiful Mu Mu that was wearing a gorgeous smile, Yun Ting subconsciously stared at her with shock. Who knew this woman was going to be so attractive.

Yun Ting is not perverted nor is he a player. He was well known for not giving a damn about girls no matter how beautiful or gorgeous they are. Mu Mu was probably the only girl that will ever catch his attention.

“Wow, this dress looks nice on you. Sir, I have nice taste don’t I.” Xiao She joked.

“Hm, not bad.” Yun Ting said while smirking, implying that he was in a good mood.

“Alright then, let’s go.” Yun Ting snatched Mu Mu’s bag from her hand and tossed it over into the front sit. This way, the both of them had to be in the back seat. But part of the backseat was filled with shoe boxes, forcing Mu Mu and Yun Ting to sit close together.

Lin Mu Mu smirked. How naive was she last time, she thought. How can she not realise Yun Ting’s slyness and smartness back then?

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