Chapter 6 : The Jealous Mu Mu

Lin Mu Mu was annoyed, she snatched the phone from Yun Ting’s hand and said, “Hi there, I am Yun Ting’s wife, may I know who is this?”

“You can’t just answer my brother’s phone call!” Yun Ruo Sha’s tone changed as soon as she hears soft voice of a lady on the other side of the phone. Her voice changed from flirty to high pitched instantly.

Ruo Sha then added on, “Well, a little heads up for you, my brother hates it when people touches his stuff, if you don’t wanna be a b*tch, give his phone back to him.”

“Yun Ting is my husband, please do not ever call him again, I will not allow him to have any chance of being with any other girl, nor being on a phone call with a girl.” Mu Mu shouted back into the phone, and ended the call.

She then stared at Yun Ting and said, “Yun Ting, you said you are my husband, shouldn’t you only belong to me? How can you have other girls out there?”

Mu Mu was mad?

Yeap, Lin Mu Mu looks insanely cute when she’s pissed. Her cheeks were red and round.

Yun Ting held back the temptation to poke it.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already married you, of course you’ll be my one and only.” Yun Ting explained calmly. He then added on, “That was my younger sister.”

“Younger sister? Blood – related or adopted?” Lin Mu Mu acted as if she didn’t know.

“Adopted.” Yun Ting replied honestly, he never liked lying.

“Adopted? These so called sisters usually are the source of affair in movies! Yun Ting, she flirted with you, and got angry at me. She doesn’t seem to be a nice person, I wanna blacklist her, I do not wan’t you to contact her ever again.” Mu Mu said.

In her previous life, Mu Mu was too matured, she forgives everyone and let everything pass, hence she was always bullied. This time, she want’s to be an immature, controlling young lady.

“Sure, whatever you say.” Yun Ting replied happily seeing how Lin Mu Mu got jealous cause of him.

“She said I can’t touch your phone?” Mu Mu asked.

“You can, others can’t.” He replied.

“Yay”. Lin Mu Mu said as she went through his phone, blacklisting Ruo Sha.

Lin Mu Mu’s dress did not have any pockets, so she held the phone in one hand, and the chips in the other.

Yun Ting then slowly put his hands behind her neck, and rested it on the head rest, but it wasn’t touching Mu Mu.

Lin Mu Mu was very concentrated with blacklisting Ruo Sha, she did not realise his movements.

This got Xiao She curious, he did not understand why he did not want to hug her straight up.

10 minutes later, Lin Mu Mu fell asleep again, she dropped the chips and the phone, and slowly dropped herself into Yun Ting’s chest. As his hands were already behind her, Yun Ting fell straight into his chest instead to his arms this time, sleeping soundly.

Yun Ting then retracted his arms a bit, and put it around Mu Mu protectively, with the excuse that he’s afraid that Mu Mu will fall over if he didn’t hold her.

Yun Ting was insanely happy this tricked worked, but he obviously did not show it.

Xiao She was surprised too! That such trick exists. This might come in handy next time she want’s to get a girl!


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