Chapter 5 : A billion Why(s)

Lin Mu Mu was getting more cheerful as she was chewing her chips happily. She started her curiosity mode of a billion whys.

“Yun Ting, where’s this?” She asked.

“Jing Zhou.” He replied.

Mu Mu : ”Yun Ting, where are we going?”

Yun Ting : “Yan Jing.”

Mu Mu : “What kind of place is Yan Jing?”

Yun Ting : “It’s the capital of our country.”

Mu Mu : “How big is Yan Jing? How long more till we’re there?”

“Yun Ting, How old are you?”

“Yun Ting, when’s your birthday?”

“Yun Ting, what’s your favourite colour?”

“Yun Ting, how did you get to know my master?”

“Yun Ting, which part of the army are you in?”

“Yun Ting, is your army training tough? Have you ever cried?”

“Yun Ting, ……”

Lin Mu Mu was asking tonnes of question, none that really matters, they are all gossips. It’s her personality – an energetic, extrovert young lady that’s fulled of curiosity.

As for Yun Ting, he’s quite the opposite. He rarely gossiped about anything while he was in the army.

Yun Ting had a flashback of a similar scene that took place 5 years ago, when Mu Mu was still pretty short and young, yet already had this habit of curiosity, and whenever he was tired of being questioned, Mu Mu will give out a cute chuckle, teasing that he was a Mr Stranger that knows nothing.

That time, she called her Mr Anonymous, and he called her Little Dumbass.

Lin Mu Mu’s question was weird and random as always, but Yun Ting still answered them with patience, there wasn’t a single trace of annoyance.

Halfway asking, Mu Mu herself got tired, and fell asleep on Yun Ting’s shoulder.

Yun Ting looked at Mu Mu, staring at her thick eyebrows and small lips, nervously shifted his body slowly to not wake her up.

Xiao She turned around wanting to say something, but was shut up by Yun Ting as he looked at him fiercely, indicating Xiao She to not speak.

Xiao She felt lucky that he witnessed all these happening. This topic of his Major General and his spouse is enough to keep him and his army buddies busy gossiping for quite a while.


A while later, Yun Ting’s phone rang, the familiar ringtone woke Mu Mu up.

Lin Mu Mu blinked her sleepy eyes. If she was not mistaken, this phone call was from Yun Ting’s adopted younger sister – Yun Ruo Sha.

She listens as Ruo Sha spoke through the phone, “Second brother, how can you be so stupid, dad wants you to get married and you actually dug a worthless girl up out of nowhere just to piss him off? You shouldn’t make yourself suffer just to piss him off right? I can flirt with our dad for a bit and help you talk to him, saying no on on earth is good enough to marry my brother! You are Yun Family’s second son, and the youngest general in the country, there are tonnes of girls in Yan Jing city that would love to marry you, why bother going miles away to get a Taoist nun from deep in the mountains? Oh yea, you got a Taoist nun this time, how unique is your taste? Haha. Are you gonna get a Buddhist nun next time? Didn’t figure that you had such weird taste lol. Who knows if this will go on the news tomorrow.”

Last time, this phone call that she overheard was one of the biggest reason for the unhappy relationship they had. Mu Mu did not know that Ruo Sha was not his actual sister, little did she know that this adopted sister does not want Yun Ting to get married to anyone.

Ruo Sha said all of this, just to make Lin Mu Mu feel uncomfortable and mad after listening to it, so that she’ll think that Yun Ting did not actually want to marry her.

To worsen things, Yun Ting was also the type of people that does not like to explain much.

It’s hard for this misunderstanding to not be spread into a bigger false mindset.

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