Chapter 88 Purpose with Spirit, Heart with God


“Although it was the myth in the legends, it had spread. But now, I already have three consciences, don’t I?”

We should be extremely cautious about this matter and never expose it, just like how I am the identity of an extraterritorial evildoer in the hearts of these people. There must be no exposure about this, otherwise it will be death in the ace’s hands.

There was a solemn flash in Li Xuan’s heart. That method almost involved the terrifying realm of legends and myths. Once exposed, the consequences would be extremely serious.


The borne conscience was not stable for the time being. Li Xuan would only use it to think more about some things and train. As for the other two minds, they were now cultivating the corresponding light and wood magic realms.

Before that, the vortex was absorbed and shrunk. At that moment, the vortex gradually recovered and grew, and when it reached the third level of the Third Fen mage, it naturally stopped.

The third level of the Third Fen mage was reached. Both elements had reached. It was originally possible to move forward, but Li Xuan used the excess energy to continuously purify it, in order to balance the “solar system” in his body. The light element and the wood element reached the third level of the Third Fen mage and did not move on.

This time, the best effect was the recovery of the soul. It was directly recovered one-eighth of what it used to be. Although it seemed that it was one-ninth to one-eighth, it only grew by one-seventy-second. However, compared with the extremely huge soul energy, this little growth was unimaginable to Li Xuan in a short time!

“Light element is nothing more than using some related connections that are in common with the life of the wood element, so that they can both couple meditate with each other. As for the common aspects between the elements, since the water element and the fire element of this world are restrained, then the restraint between light and dark elements will also exist. After all, it is obvious that the theory of the entrapment between the five elements and the Yin and Yang is completely feasible.”

In the previous life, in order to understand the inner meaning of the Twelve Animal Patterns, Li Xuan carefully studied the Hetu Luoshu (River Map Luo Chart). He also had a great understanding of the relationship of the five elements (Also known as Wuxing aka Five Phases): mutual generation and mutual overcoming. Therefore, facing the combination of light and wood at that moment made Li Xuan caught its key point.

The mutual generation of five elements consisted of: Wood feeding fire, fire producing earth, earth bearing metal, metal collecting water, and water nourishing wood. Meanwhile, the mutual overcoming of the five elements consisted of: wood overcoming earth, earth overcoming water, water overcoming fire, fire overcoming metal, and metal overcoming wood. (Note from translator: These are the five elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Go to for more understanding. J)

According to this calculation, wood and fire elements could be compatible in couple meditation, even for fire with lightning, lightning with earth, earth with water, and water with wood.

It just so happened that since the both light and lightning elements could be cultivated with the wood element. If there was mutual overcoming, it could definitely be couple meditated as well! In other words, the dark and fire element could also couple meditate with the wood element.

As for the wind element, the wind from the water, which was the so-called spring wind transforms the rain. Wind and water elements were often inseparable from each other. In the previous life, there was also the term ‘feng shui’. Since water nourished wood, then the wind element could certainly double-cultivate with the wood element…

In that way, the whole cultivation would be held together!

Although the strength of the soul would become more difficult in the future, in that case, from a different perspective, it would naturally be a lot easier.

However, Li Xuan also understood that in the same process, if the leading series was replaced, then the process would definitely be difficult. That would need to require constant experimentation.

In the following time, Li Xuan seriously thought about the related things. Regarding his three consciences, Li Xuan would take care of them calmly. One of the main ones, which was he himself, would naturally still be in control of his body. As for the other two, they would be silently cultivate on a loop, such as visualizing the universe and practicing between the eyebrows, for example, thinking about the couple meditation methods corresponding to the mutual generation and overcome of the five elements to generate restraint, etc. It was also rather enjoyable.

If a person had to face three different things, the person would have a breakdown. However, if a person had three types of thoughts, then after arranging each place, not only did it not feel like a mental breakdown, but every moment, it would be a progress of epiphany.

The feeling was relaxing and pleasant. Instead, it was a bit more refreshing than when with one mind alone.

That was the advantage of multiple thoughts.

After studying the possibility, Li Xuan stayed at the level of thinking for a while, without taking any further action. However, when his soul had recovered to one-eighth, Li Xuan was naturally extremely satisfied. He felt his own soul energy now. Although he had only recovered one-seventy-second of his soul power, Li Xuan was still confident that he could shock and frighten the aces of the level six Sixth He ancestors. However, under his full power, he could also wipe out the aces of Fifth Xing envoys at level seven. Of course, he could deal with only one. If there were two people, there would be no benefits.

However, with such growth, Li Xuan felt somewhat satisfied.

Standing up and stretching his waist, Li Xuan was more satisfies with his current state. His figure and appearance were not changed much, so he did not have any pressure. As for appearances that changed greatly and having a great change of the body’s height, it could cause a relatively great damage for the bones and etc. Those methods were also difficult to pursue in the previous life. This world, had mystical magic, so it was a lot easier, which also made Li Xuan’s had the ability to have ‘variable changes’.

In fact, that kind of huge different change itself did not last for a long time. In addition, the damage was large, and Li Xuan was not willing to use it when it was unnecessary. After all, the process of using it could make the body itself, suffer.

After throwing a few punches of Xingyi magic punches, without using the power of soul, but fusing magic elements to fight. The feeling of natural fusion, such as the state of combination of purpose with spirit (Qi), spirit with force, force with heart, and heart with god. The state was extremely comfortable and natural.

In the process of such exercise, Li Xuan’s body was constantly strengthening, keeping pace with his mentality.

In that state, while Li Xuan was having awareness of understanding couple meditation, he was also thinking about some possible and necessary changes for that.

In the spiritual space between the eyebrows, Li Xuan’s thoughts were contemplative, and he muttered to himself, “If I can get the lightning cultivation method, then it will be great. With the comparison between the two, I can start the next step for couple meditation possibilities.”

“If I can make the lightning couple meditation method, then compare it with the method I speculated. If the method I speculate is wrong, then after the comparison, I can infer other possible aspects based on these mistakes. If my speculation is correct, then the possibility of error is also low.”

“Should I reincarnate as a Third Fen mage with lightning elements, and find a woman to couple meditate? If it was just for that, it would be too suspicious. However, I did watch everywhere with my mind, this big family should always have men and women who are couple meditating as lightning mages, right…”

“As for the soul nucleus, it is a necessary thing. With my soul power, the souls of the dead magicians are compressed into soul nuclei. It may not be as good as the inheritance pearl of the Qianyue family, but it should not be too much of a difference. Replacing it won’t be a problem.”

Li Xuan thought like that in his heart. In the state of the unity of nature and man, he instantly dispersed part of his spirit, and spread it widely. He proceeded to turn into a state of mind, and everything around him suddenly became clear.


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