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Chapter 87 Couple Meditation with Oneself



As for Rulan, even though she was a good woman by her nature and mentality, Li Xuan did not bother to accept such a woman. Therefore, it did not matter if he played along with her for a little while longer.

After the fact that he lived in the city for more than twenty years and living with wild beasts in the mountains for more than twenty years, Li Xuan deeply understood that a woman who could find a couple meditation spirit for the sake of her training would also betray for the power in her family.

He could play with that kind of women, but if he really got into her with true feelings, he would only find himself uncomfortable and depressed.

Furthermore, such a woman was alright for the time being, but due to the imperfections and incomplete parts in her nature, her quality would deteriorate. ‘Three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to rip the tiles (meaning: spare the rod, spoil the child). That was probably the situation.

Therefore, if the other party accepted it when he forced his actions last time, Li Xuan did not care about keeping the person by his side. He could provide some percussion training at any time.

However, since the other party refused, there was nothing left to say. The woman got what she wanted, and his goal was considered complete. He had also obtained all the techniques of couple meditation.

Li Xuan had nothing to regret about that point.

For women, if he was willing, Feng Yeyuan would be a woman with the rank of a Queen, Feng Yao would be a Loli with stunning looks, like a jasper. Even Shuang’er was considered as the true, cute Loli.

There was Siyu as well, and could take one’s body directly to enjoy. Even for Liyun, it did not matter if they communicated with each other.

But, so what? Without impulsive passion, there would be no joy in the interaction. Only when one thought about it, then put it into action, would it be interesting.


Li Xuan sunk into deep thought. He proceeded to fit the nature of the world. He was fully involved in it, both physically and mentally. At that moment, two thoughts finally came in handy.

The light element dominated, and then the wood element merged with it. It was controlled by one person, with two minds, so the ability to use one mind and two purposes far surpassed the two people who had the same mind. The power naturally skyrocketed.

Li Xuan’s basics were extremely solid. Originally, he did not like to train hard just to reach the third level, and then went back and forth three times. However, after considering the purpose of doing that, Li Xuan started training, step by step.

Two minds, one leading light, and one leading wood. In that way, under couple meditation, that kind of process had appeared again. If he would regret, the only regret was that the complex magic circle in that world was very rare, because the magic circle itself was extremely costly. Nonetheless, compound magic circles were definitely the best among all magic arrays.

Magic array and elixirs (medicine) had the division of equipment that was exactly the same. It was very obvious as well. They were also at one to ten stars, and each star position was divided into low-grade, middle-grade, top-grade and ultra-top-grade.

Generally, the three-star magic array corresponded to the Third Fen realm. Only the training of Third Fen realm mage had the most suitable effect. Of course, with the three-star magic array, the First Yuan and Second Hui beings would naturally have better effects while training. However, the master of the Fourth Xiang realm would obtain weaker effects during training. If the Fifth Xing envoy trained instead, such magic arrays would not even have a big effect…

Another regret was that when there was no soul crystal nucleus, the effect would be slightly discounted, but it was not impossible.

After three cycles back and forth, Li Xuan began to extend the spiritual power of the light magic elements to create an “egg”. At the same time, another mind controlled another part of the soul. After fusing the wood magic elements and entering the spirit inside, a ‘sperm’ was created.

As it was in the state of the unity of nature, the grasp of all that was extremely accurate, so when the spirit was fused with magic elements, it naturally fused very thorough.

When creating such a fertilized egg, he used a special method of element aggregation to absorb the magical elements of light and wood between heaven and earth. Li Xuan could feel the shock and roars of the magic elements of heaven and earth.

The result was simply unexpected, but if he thought about it carefully, it actually all made sense.

When in discussion about the use of the richness and essence of magic elements, Li Xuan was certainly comparable to some Fifth Xing envoys and Sixth He ancestors, especially in the purity of the elements. He could pass when comparing with the aces of Sixth He ancestors.

If his basics were so good, things that were shown based on the basics, would have more powerful natural effects.

Those were also reasonable, but what was unexpected was that when the two sides merged with each other, sensed and fused the souls of the other side, the original mind with two purposes had merged into one mind, just like the ability of two purposes with one mind. It would suddenly disappear, but there was an extra emotion, which was a bit peculiar.

There were some weird thoughts in Li Xuan’s mind, and he even had the urge to stop his meditation and study whether the ability to use one mind for two purposes in his training was gone. However, those thoughts ceased to appear after a flash.

About the state of harmony between men and nature, he vaguely felt that this time the harvest would be great, and it would not disappoint him! There was an unexplainable self-confidence he got. A strong self-confidence that came from the bottom of his heart and was naturally derived.

In that way, he stopped worrying about everything, but continued to train seriously.

One spliced into two, two turned four, and four were divided to eight.

If something grew the fastest, such as the growth of the form of cell division, it would naturally take the champion. With geometric speed, there was nothing more than that.

Because the basics were strong, because the soul was sturdy, in the end, the speed of the magic array’s absorption of elemental energy was not enough anymore, so Li Xuan ruthlessly drew his own magic elements to supplement.

However, the result was still not optimistic. The speed of split growth was too fast, and it had even far exceeded the speed of absorption. If he continued with that time, the speed would increase exponentially.

With the movement of his heart, all the magic equipment in the ring space except the four-star and three elements magic equipment were basically released. The magic array, runes, etc. that were on the equipment were all used to absorb magic elements again. Sadly, the result was still the same.

Finally, unable to bear it, seeing the light and wood elements in the diaphragm rapidly shrinking and fading, Li Xuan no longer dared to train. He immediately stopped absorbing with powerful determination, and then began to withdraw both sides.

The thoughts that were originally integrated were now divided into two, but Li Xuan felt strangely, besides the divided mind, another him was born.

“This is… Not bad, the two parties intersect to form a fertilized egg, and life. In the individual minds and intersection of consciousness, a new conscience was born. Only in this way can a new conscience be born when two people are truly integrated. Even if they are twin brothers and sisters, I am afraid that they will not be able to achieve spiritual unity. Now, Rulan must have taken away a small part of the more compatible essence. That’s why there’s a breakthrough in the talent… And right here, I have this small part of the essence that is evolving into a conscience.”

In this way, I can already have three purposes with one mind.

In the stories of the legends, reaching the realm of immortality, could break one’s mentality, and achieve the body of the gods. Ten thousand respects for the realm of gods, as for the ten thousand respects, it expressed the awe and salute to the realm of gods, which was also an expression of becoming a god.

When an ordinary mortal became a god, one would probably have several bodies. That was when that person became the master of all, dominating the bodies of several gods.

And that, was also the myth of the ‘Ten Thousand Respects’.


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