Chapter 086

Li Xuan opened his arms to receive her and held her close, feeling her soft breasts against him.  

He hugged her so tightly, her perfect bosom was nearly flat and she felt she couldn’t breathe.

Feeling his body against her chest was driving her crazy. Her modesty was such that her face turned red from shyness.

Without fear, Li Xuan kissed her lovely lips overpoweringly, with impulsive directness.

Li Xuan kissed her thoroughly, crushing her lovely lips with his, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth, touching her teeth.

With her eyes closed, her body trembling, and without opening her mouth, Rulan shared kisses with Li Xuan.

Her virgin body pleasured him. He continued kissing her, biting her lips lightly.

She opened her mouth to try to speak, but in the same instant, he deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue further into her mouth.

Rulan was shocked, her eyes revealed confusion. Her pink tongue tangled with Li Xuan’s.

She never experienced this before. Her imagination was  running wild.

In that situation, Li Xuan placed his hand directly on her soft breast. His hand then travelled up along her right side, sliding to cup her perfect breast.


Whispering and moaning softly, Rulan’s tight body started to tremble. After Li Xuan fondled her breasts, she lost it completely, she had no defence against him.

She felt almost completely vulnerable.

Their connection allowed Li Xuan to continue touching every inch of Rulan’s body, caressing with cat-like movements, and then softly pinching and twisting her little grape, busily kneading and rubbing the nipple.

“Ah… ah…”

Lips whispering instinctively, moaning, bodies touching all over each other.

His hand holding her soft breast which constantly changed shape.

After a while, when Li Xuan’s hand reached out to caress that mysterious region between her legs. Rulan finally woke up.

“No! Please don’t do it! Please, I beg you… …” said Rulan, now confused and with tears in her eyes.

Deep down in her heart, Rulan considered this speed to be too fast.

She refused to lose her virginity.

“Come on! Let’s do it!!”

Li Xuan smiled and then proceeded to put his hand forward,  suddenly catching and  groping the soft breast using his hand…

“Don’t! Don’t do that, OK? I will give ‘it’ to you, but later.”

Rulan once again pleaded, begging him to stop.


“Come on, do not be afraid.”

At this time, Li Xuan felt so hot, and his heart was pounding.

“I will help you pass the fourth grade and reach fifth grade. I will help you break through, no problem!”

“I have not decided yet……”

“Just forget it if you don’t want to do it.”

Li Xuan’s impetuosity gave way to a change of mind after seeing her so reluctant.

Their hearts had cooled down, and he suddenly lost interest.

He took away his hand. Rulan’s face went back to normal, but she still looked confused. This made Li Xuan unhappy.

“You will find someone else, probably with the same result. Am I worse than the others?”

“In order to attend the ‘Imperial College’, you have to lose something. You need to pay the price. You have the opportunity now, why you are upset?”

“If you are upset, why did you make this request?” Li Xuan said bluntly.

“I’m sorry … … I really like you, but it was the first time for me to face these emotions.  I am scared. I will explain it later. Don’t be angry with me, ok? I already have fallen in love with you.”

Rulan stood by his side quietly. She suddenly felt an inexplicable emptiness deep in her heart.

“Well, all right, we both need practice. If you do not want to practice, then do not disturb me.”

Li Xuan sounded cold and ruthless.

Although he looked like a simple, naive teenager, still he retained his pride.

Li Xuan didn’t act, because he felt she didn’t want him to. If she did, his verbal seduction skills would make her fall for his charm.

At this time, he just wanted to be cold to her. Rulan heard his words and looked at him. Li Xuan remained cold and silent.

His heart felt fear and love. Emotions are complex. In this world, there is no morality or ethics. Even the principles of monogamy, of one husband and one wife, are very complex and very simple, all at the same time.

People enjoy the power to control their own bodies. They can even marry a close relative without having to worry about their children’s future, as science can enable them to become ordinary, talented kids.

Li Xuan was thinking.  He then focused on studying of Shuangxiu exercises. Shuangxiu’s teachings and spirit proved to be very beneficial to Li Xuan, who was able to experience a complete mental recovery.  

The almost magical effect of this body of knowledge and wisdom promoted Li Xuan’s energy absorption and personal mental growth.

The conversion of this energy into spiritual energy enabled him to undergo an awakening process.

This epiphany allowed him to experience a unique and complete transformation, travelling towards the path of enlightenment.

Matter can be converted into tremendous energy, which can be converted into spiritual energy. Therefore, a soul can have infinite energy potential.

The energy of the infinite soul is so great that if external energy can be transformed into internal spiritual energy, a soul’s energy can become infinite.

This enables a soul’s energy source to expand infinitely.

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