Chapter 85

After being able to start couple meditation, Rulan was very excited, but also a bit shy. It was quite unbelievable for her that her meditation was going so well.

After all, concentrating on meditation under this kind of situation was very difficult, she thought.

Seeing that Li Xuan had immersed himself in the meditation,and was ready to begin, she immediately assumed focus and put the light element crystal against her head to begin the process.

The effects took place very quickly. While they were meditating, the two crystals started to melt into their heads and played memory-like scenes.

Then, Rulan relaxed her mind and let the essence that combined with her conscience fly over to Li Xuan.

Li Xuan sensed this essence and took it in. After knowing that light element would lead through the whole process, Li Xuan only wanted to confirm his meditation. After confirming  that, he would have something to refer to. When he couple-meditated with himself, he would have more experience and make less mistakes.

Rulan’s essence was just like herself. It had a sense of being especially sweet, clean, and rich. Although they were meditating, they couldn’t help but shiver a little as her essence mixed together with Li Xuan’s.

The feeling of merging their essences was better than with their physical bodies. During the  couple meditation, they  paid special attention to each other.

Li Xuan felt Rulan’s essence was relaxed, indifferent, vivid, lovely, and also had whimsical and innocence traits. He felt quite happy for taking this request of couple meditation.

Among the ladies in the world, only the Qianyue family looked like Asian. This gave him a better first impression. Moreover, Rulan was an elegant and attractive girl, Li Xuan didn’t have any reason to feel discontent.  But, only if she did not have the ambition for power deep down in her heart.

As these thoughts flashed through Li Xuan’s second conscience, Rulan also took a ‘real’ look at ‘Mu Zi’. She saw ‘Mu Zi’ has a pure heart, took great pleasure in natural and fine things. He also expected a romantic relationship, and was a knowledgeable and forgiving person. Rulan was a bit dazed with all this information and felt much happier for this meditation. Since their minds were linked, he also felt her happiness. Li Xuan purposely created intimate thoughts about Rulan. He even imagined some scenes of kissing and hugging with Rulan. Li Xuan smiled happily pretending that he didn’t know that she could read his mind.

Rulan was a bit shy. She thought this boy was pure in heart, but he didn’t know she could read his mind as the leader of the meditation. She read all his intimate thoughts about her, but she couldn’t bring herself to be mad at him.

Gradually returning her focus on meditation, Rulan sent out a thought to Li Xuan, telling him to concentrate and start meditation from the beginning- first realm, first layer. This was the first step of  Mage’s meditation.

Li Xuan was a little bit surprised, but quickly followed her steps of meditation.

First realm, second realm, all way up to second realm  tenth layer, then they meditated from second  realm tenth layer down to  first realm first layer.

They cycled through the same process twice. Rulan’s essence expanded to take Li Xuan’s essence inside. His  essence started to swim in this ocean of essence.

Rulan’s essence slowly  formed a ball-like shape, just like a soul core being compressed into a solid energy. While Li Xuan’s essence was swimming, it solidified and became dragon-shaped. Then they started to combine and grow.

This process was normal to Rulan, but Li Xuan suddenly understood something.

This process was very much like the growth of a gamete.

Sperm and egg met together to form a gamete. Then it stated cell division. One to two, two to four, it grew into more cells.

However, what was different from right now is that after the number of cells reached the limit of the essences of two people, they needed to  dominate these essences. Rulan would need to take back her part of the essence, and the rest would flow back to Li Xuan.

This is theso called couple meditation of essences.

Rulan may have understood the process, but she could never truly understand that this was the process of which human life and many other lifeforms  grows. The process of the life growth is the true Dao.

After a long time, when the ‘gamete’ that formed by their essences expanded to Rulan’s limit, Li Xuan finished the process, though he was far from his own limit. The result of continuing would be the explosion of essences and Rulan’s brain death.

Li Xuan was very cooperative when Rulan took back her essence, ensuring that her essence returned successfully.

Because their essences were mixed together, the essence she was taking back carried a little sense of Li Xuan’s essence. So when it entered her mind, Rulan could feel the power of being one with the nature. She was somewhat surprised by it and glanced at Li Xuan with peculiar look in her beautiful eyes.

Her look only flashed by before she cautiously  observed her present power and talent. After checking over everything, she was astonished by the result.

“Perfect talent of five element meditation, with third realm,  first layer!”

“I, I actually made it to first layer of the third realm, and my talent seems to improve.”

Rulan was so happy that her tears streamed down. Without hesitation, she threw herself into Li Xuan’s arms and sobbed.


Li Xuan didn’t know what to do with the girl in his arms.  He lightly patted on her back. Her fragrance could provoke anyone.

But he was quite calm. He was much calmer than he thought he would be with such beautiful girl in his arms. Li Xuan realized now that he was more interested in her body.

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