Chapter 84


“How can you fuse with the world and concentrate on meditation if you refuse? Relax, and merge!” Li Xuan warned himself.


By his own guidance, the repulsion in his heart slowly faded away. Li Xuan felt like he had enhanced some kind of strength.


It may not be much, but the improvement that can be clearly felt must be a big step!


At the Qianyue Family, Qianyue Lanru’s father, Qianyue Dave was looking at Li Xuan, nodding slightly to show his approval.


A person who could condense wood element, which represented life to such purity was sure to be pure and clean.


It was much like the meditation of a light element wizard. Without a pure heart, successful meditation would be extremely difficult.


So the density of a Mage’s magic elements can also be a strong measurement of the strength of his essence and purity of his heart.


It might not be the best evidence, but this kind of person was either very decisive and not conniving, or very simple and honest.


Qianyue Dave didn’t think the former was possible. So this boy must be the latter.


“Mu Zi, even though this is Couple Essence Meditation, your minds will be linked. Even if you cannot be a couple, you can still be best friends. So I hope that, you two like each other, help each other reach the third realm in the fifth layer, till then please take good care of Rulan for me.”


Qianyue Dave said solemnly. “Yes, I will! My master said that everything including relationships need to be put aside until the third realm of the fifth layer so it doesn’t interfere with meditation.”


Li Xuan nodded. “Alright, if that is the case, I will prepare the best meditation place for the two of you, Rulan is depending on you this time!”


… In the secret meditation chamber, there were huge light and wood element magic arrays interlacing with each other in the middle.


Li Xuan sat on the wood element array, while Rulan was sitting on the light element array. Rulan took out two special crystals blazing with beautiful shine.


Looking at these two crystals, Li Xuan’s heart shivered. These were similar to soul cores that are condensed from essence.


“Mu Zi, meditate and put this on top of your head -” Rulan said as she positioned one crystal on top of her head and started meditating.


At this time, Li Xuan’s soul acted quickly and grabbed the wood element crystal. While glancing at the crystal, Li Xuan couldn’t stop himself from showing his surprise.


His expression had only showed his sincerity and honesty in a natural way, and wouldn’t let others raise questions.


Li Xuan’s soul surrounded and penetrated the depth of the light element crystal.


After grasping the meditation method, Li Xuan’s heart was racing.


“Merge, split meditation, if I could use this method to fuse this soul core into the nine ‘planets’ in my dantian. Replacing the ‘God’ with the space system, then … what a revolutionary step this will be?”


Li Xuan was almost shaking with excitement.


At same time, he was also shocked at the Qianyue Family’s heritage.


This family seemed to be at the bottom of the five families, but their heritage was already so powerful.


The memories were compressed into essence storage objectively, just like the videos recorded on a computer.


This is a master’s creation! Who else could use essence in a such powerful way? Is this the strength of the Great Prophet at the later stage of light elements?


Li Xuan couldn’t stop himself from feeling astonished.


Right now, he felt like a frog that suddenly jumped out a well and saw how vast the sky really was. At same time, this also strengthened Li Xuan’s resolve to meditate.


“Hehe, Mu Zi, don’t be so surprised, this is the meditation method created by our family’s heritage pearl. Inside the pearl, there is a place of chaos. Light air and dense air replace each other over and over again.


… My family, although is the weakest, we will never fall.


That is because those who have tried to make a move for this pearl have all been devoured or destroyed by it without any exception.


However, this pearl has never left the family’s forbidden place, nor can it be taken away or be used. It can only passively defend.


Otherwise, Qianyue Family would not be the last in rank.” The words that Qianyue Rulan said casually made Li Xuan shiver.


If this world had the Li Family’s space element pearl, the Qianyue Family’s heritage pearl, and many things like it, how terrifying would this world be?


“That’s right, I’m still in the city of Aris. I’m only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Aris has more than a billion people. The Vido Empire has more than one hundred cities, how many people would there be?


The three empires; Vido, Aiya, and Yelens, and the Magic Beast Forest that crosses all those three empires; also the Ancient Empire, Fick Empire, and Elf Empire of the legends.


How large are they?


How many powerful beings are there? Also at the Desperate Sea, Wild City, Wind Thunder Island, Deep Ice Palace – what treasures are hidden in these four forbidden places?


The legend states that there are Eight Magic Kings, Nine Death Lords, Ten Emperors, Hundred Calamity Saints, Thousand World Undead, Ten Thousand Gods. Are they real?


Why can the *** do whatever they want? Why do the largest auction house in Vido Empire has to bow to a level ten ***? From what is known,the *** tenth realm is invincible! But even the infamous  Seventh Realm (7th Xing)-Monarch has never appeared; no one knows anything about them.


The Eighth Realm (8th Fa)-King is already a legend. The Ninth Realm (9th Ming)-Lord and Tenth Realm (10th Fang)- Emperors are myths.


The enlightenment that Li Xuan had made him realize that the path before him is still long. “I have never even heard about these things.


Even in the martial school, I had never heard about it. Our continent is extremely vast and filled with lots to discover!” Li Xuan nodded, then started to concentrate on the Couple Essence Meditation. After understanding the steps of Couple Meditation, he needed to seal the process of meditation with Rulan, then meditate on his own. So Li Xuan calmed himself down and put the wood element crystal on top of his head.


Then he entered the state of being one with nature , hiding the murderous and impure thoughts in the bottom of his heart, and faced the wood element crystal with pure thoughts.


Fusing with nature and the ability to easily enter the state of being one with the nature whenever he likes, Li Xuan easily made his thoughts pure and simple.

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