“You are seventeen years old and already at third realm (three feng)?”

“Yes. I have traveled and trained all around the world. I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you the name of the school I trained at.. And you are?”

“So you came from a distinguished martial school, no wonder you are so talented!” Bolan praised.

“We are inner and elite pupils from Qianyue family. Our family is competing for a spot in Vido Imperial College. Rulan is the nominee. Here she comes,” Boheng said, pointing to Rulan.

Rulan smiled to Li Xuan with grace, making Li Xuan blush again.

Rulan looked at Li Xuan with increasing interest and suddenly had a strong urge to pinch his face.

“Our light element family has a special meditation method. It is called ‘Essence Couple Meditation’. Though effective, it isn’t really a secret.. When used with wood element wizards, one can quickly advance in levels.

Light represents holiness, the source of life, and wood is life itself. When both integrate with each other, it is very beneficial for meditation.

When it comes to meditation, the process is a bit… dubious. Normally, it is done between families and friends. But right now, we have no other choice. Though the Mandun family meditates the wood element, we have no current relations with the Manduns.

Because the Qianyue family and Li family are in good relations, we were going to ask help from the son of the Li Family, but he is still in private meditation. As a result, we have to find a wizard who is at third realm (three feng) and nineteen years of age.”

Boheng told Li Xuan everything. Li Xuan liked his honesty.

Li Xuan had heard a little about couple meditation and essence couple meditation. He was curious to try it. If light element could couple meditate with thunder and wood element, did that mean one person could also couple meditate?

If they were giving out meditation methods so easily, then how could it be kept confidential?

With those doubts, Li Xuan questioned, “If I can help, I am fine with it. But wouldn’t it reveal the secret of Qianyue Family? Or, will all the people who know the secret be killed?”

“Hehe …”

Just when Li Xuan finished his question, Miaoxin and Rulan laughed out loud.

Wenchuan and Wenze smiled at same time.

“That will not happen. Essence couple meditation is a special method. The Light element leads while being supported by both thunder or wood, but both receive the same benefit.

The supporting part can never lead, so it does not matter whether or not it is kept secret. But during couple meditation, minds will be linked, so … if one side were to have corrupted thoughts, the meditation would be unable to proceed.

The meditation is marked in essence, so once failed, the following steps will disperse. There are no worries about exposure.

Even if the method is exposed, without essence crystals, couple meditation is impossible….

If the couple meditation is successful, since their minds were linked, it will be very easy to tell if the person is reliable or not….”

“What if someone has two consciousness?” Li Xuan asked.


All five laughed this time.

“The great essence wizard that reached five elements could dual cast, but only dual casting.. Having two consciousness is impossible, but you do really have a good imagination. Hahaha!” Boheng laughed heartily.

He was not mocking this boy, but was laughing out of happiness. He thought this boy was very innocent and simple.

If he only knew that this boy was the great devil Li Xuan, who killed without batting an eye, he would probably collapse.

“So, two consciousness is impossible, I see… This is my first time experiencing the real world. There are still lot of things that I don’t know.”

“I promise you that after you finished the couple meditation, you can go to Qianyue Family’s library. They have lot of records of common sense that you really need to know.” Boheng smiled.

“Really? That’s great. I want to know more about the Empire and the continents, but couldn’t find any. There were nothing other than meditation books and scrolls in the martial school. It was awfully boring!” Li Xuan complained intentionally.

Rulan thought Li Xuan was very cute.

Li Xuan wanted to know about the couple meditation technique. The library of the Qianyue Family was simply a bonus.

He knew that the Qianyue Family emphasized on heritage. This was a good chance for him.

Knowledge of this world meant power for Li Xuan. The unknown meant ambiguity and confusion. This could not be ignored!

An example was the case of smallpox, as soon as it was discovered, death became inevitable otherwise, one could live their life in blissful ignorance.

Li Xuan had thought of visiting the Qianyue Family library before, but who would let him enter knowing that he was murderous and cruel? There was no doubt his intentions would be questioned as well.

But right now it was different, he was an honest, pure, and kind person. By helping the Qianyue family, he should have no difficulties accessing the library.

The library was not too restricted. It was open for all people who practiced couple meditation with the members of Qianyue Family.

“Okay, I’m glad that you agreed. It isn’t safe to go alone these days. Don’t wander off. Let’s go already!” Rulan said, laughing.

Li Xuan stared at her until she blushed.

Li Xuan looked at Rulan not because of her beauty, but because the Qianyue Family looked Asian.

Li Xuan was intrigued by their black hair and delicate skin.

Black hair, big black eyes, and the elegance that pulsated naturally, plus the warm feeling that the light element brought about, could made a good impression.

As for the ladies from this different world, Li Xuan thought that making love with them would feel like doing it with a monkey, so he was strongly opposed to the idea.

But only these kind of people could make Li Xuan feel alright. Only because of these feelings would he start to accept this world.

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