“Brother is right. I think talent is not as important as hard work. Although Li Xuan is ruthless and arrogant, he knows how to work hard. This time, his private meditation shows his good attitude towards training. From this, he will achieve great things that we cannot even imagine,” another teenager said solemnly.

“Brother Wenchuan, who do you think is more powerful, Rao Gang or Li Xuan?” The cute girl asked while blinking her big eyes.

“It’s hard to say. As of right now, Rao Gang is definitely more powerful. But who knows what will happen in the future? This kind of talent can’t even be predicted by the Great Prophecy of the Mages of the Light Element.”

“Rulan, why don’t you like Rao Gang?” The teenager named Wenchuan exclaimed with some regret.

These people did not realize there was a boy silently watching them.

“Without the talent of Rao Gang, the Rao Family is only a small dark element family. This doesn’t matter, the point is that the Rao Family meditates dark element; our family meditates light element.

At the age of seventeen, Rao Gang meditates both the light and dark element and is already at third realm (3rd Fen). He also grasped part of the concept of a special ‘law’ and broke through the fourth layer, reaching third realm fifth layer now, all because of meditating both light and dark elements. But since he meditates dark element, if we meditate together, there is no benefit for both of us, and it will only weaken each other.

Although he is a very nice person, quite stubborn and courageous, he lacks scheming skills. Without anyone leading him, he will definitely suffer,” the girl with the nice body evaluated. 

“Yes, you are also right. A third realm (3rd fen) wood element mage will be the best, and even better if he is around the age of seventeen.”

“These are all less important. Even though light integrating with wood element would yield the best result, I will not be taking them into consideration if I don’t like the person.”

Li Xuan had already collected information about them from their conversation. The girl with the nice body, named Qianyue Rulan: a five element innate meditation talent, at the moment was at the second realm (2nd Hui) ninth layer. The silent and cool youth, named Qianyue Wenchuan, was aged twenty two with a four illusion (4th Xiang) innate talent and at the third realm (3rd Fen) fourth layer. The oldest youth, aged around twenty five, perfect five elements innate talent, was at third realm (3rd Fen) seventh layer.

The youngest boy seemed shy, cute, and pretty clever. His name was Qianyue Wenze, at the age of fourteen with four illusion innate talent, second realm (2nd Hui) first layer.

Lastly, the cute and tiny girl who always had a smile on her face was Quanyue Miaoxin, at the age of fifteen: a five elements innate talent, at second realm (2nd Hui) fifth layer.

Li Xuan pondered with his head low. At this moment, he looked like a seventeen year old youth just at third realm (3rd Fen) first layer.

There were not many third realmers at age seventeen. So most third realmers at seventeen had very good talents but advancing to the next layer at any realm was very difficult.

Currently, in the Vido Empire, Li Xuan was the only one at the third realm at aged sixteen.

Even Ran Gang had advanced to third realm at the age of seventeen.

“Hm? Sister, look at that person, so young, probably only sixteen or seventeen. He looks so powerful!”

“Also, he is in the third realm….. He is also a wood element mage…. What a coincidence!” Wenchuan smiled as this was actually quite rare.

“Wenchuan, what are you talking about!” Rulan was a little mad. She looked at Li Xuan and blushed.

Another reason to request help from Li Xuan was that she needed to complete second realm tenth layer, in order to compete for a spot to enter Vido Imperial College in two months time.

Even though it was easy to reach second realm tenth layer, completing this level is quite difficult.

Also, since she did not get to see Li Xuan this time, she missed the chance to ask for help and couple meditate (Shuangxiu) with him.

So, she wanted to find a wood element third realm male to help her. Even though the meditation was called couple meditation, it was only merging essences.

To her, the process was the same as losing one’s virginity, so she was very hesitant.

Although she needed to advance, she would not agree to couple meditate if she did not like the person.

She would rather accept someone she liked, even if the result of couple meditation was less than expected.

She looked at Li Xuan, who was tall and handsome and had a cute but timid smile. She couldn’t stop herself from being attracted to him and wanting to pinch his cute face.

“Tsk tsk, looks like the problem is solved. But we still need to ask if he is willing. Our family would never force people into things,” Qianyue Boheng said, smiling.

“Of… Of course. How can we force people into things? That’s disgraceful,” Qianyue Rulan answered timidly.

“Hahaha, alright. He is walking away already. Miaoxin, Wenze, come on, we need to catch up.”

“OK, Brother Boheng,” the young boy and Miaoxin answered together.

They were very thrilled when they saw Li Xuan.

“Friend, please wait,” Boheng said gently, expressing his openness and graciousness.

Light element sure made people more gracious! Even Li Xuan had to exclaim after he felt the senses of the five people.

However, the thoughts of man were very unpredictable. The early stage of meditating light element for light mages was to merge and receive, which would make the person very gracious.

However, after reaching stage four – the illusion stage – it became very hard to tell what would happen to their character.

When all the lust and desire were amplified and the purification of light element was suppressed, the result would be very interesting.

But, right now these five people all seem to be very nice people. Li Xuan did not reject them. He needed to continue on with his false identity..

“Friend, do you need anything?” Li Xuan asked timidly, lowering his head. He glanced at Rulan and his face reddened.

At this time, Li Xuan was cursing himself. Why would he pretend to be this kind of person subconsciously? This is really embarrassing.

But, he had to go along with it. There was no way to turn back now. Li Xuan was also very interested in this couple meditation. He wanted to know more about it.

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