Chapter 44 What Sin Did This Brother Committed?


McQueen, who got a satisfactory answer, finally jumped off the city wall, and walked towards the castellan’s mansion with the cheers and embrace of the people. The huge black dragon head could not squeeze into the city gate, so he had to use a rope to hoist it over the city wall, and then it was lifted by the big guys together as they followed behind McQueen. As for McQueen’s battle trophy, it naturally was placed in McQueen’s home, which was the castellan’s mansion. The black dragon was a sacred beast, its body hardly rot, and had all kinds of incredible and unexpected effects. It happened to be used as an ornament in the small plaza in front of the castellan’s mansion.


The people struggled to squeeze their way in to the side of the head of the black dragon, all wanting to reach out and touch its head. After all, black dragons were rare. Those people did not see it before, not to mention that some might not heard of it. Now, since there was such a great opportunity to be able to feel its texture with their own hands, how would they just let it slide? Although that was just a dead dragon, whether it was dead or not, the identity of the dragon could not be faked. In the future, if the people went out to visit relatives and friends, they could simply brag about it, which was also an incredible honor.


“Wow, it’s so hard.” A big lady tried several times before she finally mustered the courage to squeeze the scales on the black dragon’s head. She shyly said in excitement.


“Wow, it’s so big.” The other big lady also reached out and touched the scales, covering her mouth excitedly.


“Sigh, comparing with dragons with humans is a bit too much. It really is so big and hard.” The old man on the side listened to the ladies’ words, he could not help but touched it as well. He then shook his head and sighed.


Among the commoners of Toss, the two battalions returned to their camps, leaving only a few officers and veterans to follow McQueen, and gradually walked to the castellan’s mansion. On the small square in front of the castellan’s mansion, Garcia was dressed in festive costumes, waiting for McQueen with a smile. Although there were a few patches on his clothes, yet it did not hinder the grand moment at that time. The statue of Arathi was also repainted, as it stood in the crowd looking extra majestic.


“As a humble old servant, I welcome the return of castellan after slaying the dragon!” Garcia bowed deeply, the expression on her face was full of indescribable pride and relief, as if it was not McQueen who slayed the dragon, but she slayed it instead.


“Well, thanks for your hard work, Garcia. These days when I’m away, your organized Toss City well.” McQueen nodded appreciatively. In fact, he did not know if Toss City was actually well-organized or not, but weren’t those words just like a polite greeting? Wasn’t a leader supposed to always pay attention to praise his subordinates, but also indirectly set off his own insight of valuing talented people?


“No hard work, no hard work, these are all what old servants should do. My lord, please move to the main hall of the castellan’s mansion. I have already ordered people to prepare tea.” Garcia smiled modestly. She also gave Bruce, Will and the others a nod and said hello. Regardless of Garcia acting as a servant in front of McQueen, when facing Bruce and others, her posture was still held very high. After all, she was also a famous master in pharmacy. Even the Pharmacy Union under the Magic League used to look for Garcia, and hoped that Garcia would join the Pharmacy Union and teach pharmacy in the Utopia School of Magic. Could Garcia’s confidence be insufficient?


The Magic League was at a mystical level, and McQueen had gradually understood it. Although it was not like the Mercenary League and the Dark League, which established a country on its own, the whole continent and the surrounding islands had the Magic League’s dispatch agencies and its forces were all over the world. It was definitely comparable to the Mercenary Alliance and the Dark Alliance.


Of course, such a low-level small city as Toss City had not yet been settled by any organization of the Magic League. Not only the Magic League, but also transnational forces such as the Illuminati, the Thieves Guild, the House of Adventurers, the Temple of Knights, etc., have not entered Toss City. In the eyes of those forces, Toss City was probably no different from any other small town.


McQueen walked to the gate of the castellan’s mansion, suddenly turned around, and looked at the people crowded in the plaza. He pointed to the head of the black dragon and said, “Today is the day of great joy in Toss City. To show my gratitude to the great love of the people, I now announced that every household can receive a kilo of dragon meat for free. Tonight, all of you shall enjoy the dragon meat feast with me, the castellan!”


Wow–, the people were in an uproar, and they all praised the wise and brave castellan, McQueen. They not only could touch the huge dragon, but also could eat the meat of the dragon. Oh my god, they were thinking what they did today that got them such great honors.


“Castellan McQueen, Dragon Slayer Warrior! Castellan McQueen, Dragon Slayer Warrior!” The neat shouts echoed through the skies.


McQueen waved his hand contentedly, turned and walked into the mansion. The idea of ​​dividing the dragon meat was just the idea he had just thought of. After a slight twist in his brain, he finally made such a decision. The black dragon weighed at least 30 to 40 tons, and the meat cut out alone can weigh more than 20 tons. Toss City was just a little over 100,000 people. If a family of four was considered a household, then it would only be about 25,000 households. This number would only be small and never too high. After all, there was no family planning in that world, so there could be dozens of people in a household. With the calculations of having 25,000 households, it would only be 25,000 kilos of dragon meat, which was about twelve or three tons. With the twelve or three tons gone, wouldn’t there be a dozen tons more left?


In exchange for the absolute loyalty of the people of Toss City, McQueen felt that it was far more important than 25 tons of dragon meat. Moreover, rare things were the most precious, the dragon meat must be sold out of the city. The value of the dragon meat would not be shown when the quantity was large. McQueen could disperse part of the dragon meat, not only could he increase the price afterwards, but he could also buy people’s hearts. The most important thing was that anyone who had eaten dragon meat in Toss City could advertise. McQueen had tasted the delicacy of dragon meat. It was…what was it, wasn’t there saying ‘In heaven, there is dragon meat; on Earth, there is donkey meat.’? Anyway, he confirmed that the dragon meat was very delicious.


After eating, the people of Toss City would definitely compliment it. That was a huge advertisement. If dragon meat was already so delicious, then wouldn’t the dragon heart, dragon liver, dragon kidney, etc. be too beautiful to eat?


The above was McQueen’s thoughts, but it was a pity that his thought was like taken for granted in Bruce’s and others’ point of view. In the side hall of the castellan’s mansion, a few high-level people gathered together, Bruce’s butt was not seated, and he immediately asked loudly, “My castellan, why have you thought of scattering the dragon meat so far away? That was a priceless treasure.”


McQueen laughed, explained his own analysis, and waited for the admiration of everyone. As a result, he did not see anyone expressing their awe, but they were all dumbfounded and looked at McQueen full of resentment.


“Ha, what’s wrong? All of you acted like your wives are dead.” McQueen’s heart skipped a beat. He did not miss any details, right? Or, maybe his analysis was not perfect enough? That golden idea could kill three birds with one stone. “Bruce, Garcia, Will, Abraham? Percy, Bank? Just speak.”


“Ah.” Abraham and Garcia gave a long sigh at the same time, and then everyone sighed.


“My castellan, you’re old so you might not know it. If the meat of a hundred dragons is stored, then it is guaranteed to be priceless. There is no need to worry about the value at all. What we need to worry is what to do if we don’t have enough meat to distribute.” Percy shook his head. He looked despair, as if McQueen had committed a heinous crime.


“Dragon meat is not only edible, the key is that it can be used as medicine. It is a first-class tonic medicine. It can improve physical fitness, increase lifespan, aid sleep, whiten the skin, fight diseases, and improve… what was that again… Anyways, the most important thing is that long-term consumption of dragon meat can improve the perception and affinity for magic.” Abraham shook his head, looking disappointed, as if McQueen was a guy who was unbearable and ignorant.


“As soon as the news spread, people who come to buy anything from the dragon will definitely be able to squeeze through the gates of Toss City. At that time, even a piece of hair on the black dragon could be at a sky-high price. According to ancient estimations, 10,000 gold coins per kilo is the lowest price. That is to say, you, a castellan, just gave out a worth of 250 million gold coins with that mouth of yours.” Bruce thumped his chest and almost burst into tears.


“Furthermore…” Garcia’s voice continued.


“There’s more?!” McQueen spat out his old blood that was stuck in his throat, and almost lost his life. What sin did this brother committed? Why didn’t anyone tell him before!

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