Chapter 45 Tonight Was Destined To Be Sleepless!


The banquet was huge, and it was located in the small plaza in front of the castellan’s mansion. Full tables of thirty were filled with the leaders of Toss City, as well as all the famous people from big and small places. Pushing and changing the cups with great communications, the scene was lively. McQueen was always welcoming the guests. They could come and drink as much as they want. The people who toasted with him in a row felt that they had pride. Since the castellan was willing to toast with the people, how they have no pride?


Only McQueen knew why he did not refuse the guests from coming and kept on giving mouthful of toasts to the guests. In fact, his heart was bleeding all the time. He wanted to use wine to pour his sorrows to heal his trauma. 250 million gold coins were gone because of his one announcement. McQueen just wanted to slap that big mouth of his. Why did he have to act smart like that? How much did you know in this world? You were so smug that you forgot your brain.


The total value of the dwarf wrench tribe’s goods of one life nine deaths was only less than 20 million gold coins. Well, the payment for dozens of goods were gone. Oh, I don’t want to think anymore. Just drink. “That… Who is it again, historian, Randolph, drink!”


“Great, Castellan, I respect you.” Randolph took the toast of wine and drank it in one sip. He wiped his mouth, took out the notebook he carried with him, and wrote down a sentence: Castellan McQueen is welcoming. He takes light on money and has good righteousness. He scattered hundreds of millions of gold coins in one afternoon, and improved the lives of the people in Toss City. He is really a wise and benevolent castellan!


Brother, after spending so much money, yet he just bought such an innocent comment?


“Come, come, let this castellan offer a drink to everyone present here. In the future, the development of Toss City will be in all of your hands. Let us here wish that Toss City will have a better tomorrow!” McQueen raised his glass and shook it as he yelled loudly. The more drunk he was, the more sober he was. McQueen could only endure his heartache and try his best to show his good side.


“Hope Toss City will have a better tomorrow!” The crowd drank together, and the shouts were quite spectacular.


The dinner was only done when the moon was high up in the sky. Not just high-level leaders such as McQueen were eating and drinking happily, even the circle of big and small people were having their great time as well. Every household in Toss City was full of lanterns and streamers. After the dragon meat was distributed, whether it was eating or selling, it was very good news. Especially when the soldiers returned home, boasting about their experiences with their families about the dwarf’s mechanical sword of the castellan. Laughs were endless.


There was joy, but there would also be sorrow. Not every household could wait for the return of their family. Most of the 30,000 people died in the battle. That was how many families were in pain. Unfortunately, for that troubled kingdom, that kind of pain had become common. After crying, the days to live still needed to go on as usual.


The moon sank to the east, and most of the night passed. The dinner ended amidst the tumultuous crowds. McQueen was already crawling on the table and fell asleep. He drank at least seven or eight kilos of wine for that meal. Fortunately, McQueen’s physique had changed at that time. As the son of the wind, he had eaten dragon meat, or else he would have died to drinking the seven to eight kilos of alcohol.


McQueen, who was asleep, only felt something in his stomach, and then slowly woke up, no longer having a trace of alcohol or sleepiness. Rubbing his eyes, he found that he was actually on the second floor of the castellan’s Mansion, in his study. There were three rooms on the second floor, namely McQueen’s study, Garcia’s bedroom and a storage room full of worn-out armour.


“What’s the matter, it’s dawn? Why are you all gathered here? Didn’t I just drink alcohol?” McQueen was confused, picked up the tea made on the table, and drank it. He drank seven or eight kilos of alcohol. How could he not be thirsty?


“Castellan, the dinner just ended, indeed. You are drunk, and we have given you the sober potion, that’s why you are here.” Garcia quickly filled McQueen’s empty glass with water, and explained.


McQueen sat down on the desk, flipped through a thick-covered book that was considered a heavenly book, and started to look at it pretentiously, “Speak, what’s the important matter that makes all of you gather here so late?”


The study was not big and there were not many books in it. McQueen only visited once when he just walked through. And now in the small study room, there were Garcia, Bruce, Will, Abraham, Percy, Bank, and two other old men. One was the clerk of Toss City, Outlander Yelik, and the other was the lord aristocrat of Toss City, Sukh Thomas. McQueen had heard of them before, but it was the first time he met them. They went out of the city to find reinforcements before McQueen time-travelled. After he came back from his journey, he finally had the moment to meet them.


Outlander was a clerk in charge of the daily affairs of the city. If McQueen was not considered, he could be regarded as the castle secretary of Toss City. He had a high authority, so it was reasonable for him to be in the study. On the other hand, Sukh was a must to be present. Just by looking at his last name, Thomas, he knew that he was a bit related to McQueen.


McQueen Thomas Arathi, which was an uncommon naming method among humans on the Pifa Continent. General human beings like Bruce McDonald were composed of the first name Bruce and the last name McDonald. McQueen’s name had three parts. McQueen was the first name. Thomas and Arathi were both surnames, but Arathi was the father’s surname, and Thomas was the mother’s surname. Only the children of the royal family could have this way of naming. In the Kingdom of Soladin, only the descendants of Arathi’s blood could bear their mother’s surname.


As a son of the royal family, McQueen inherited the title and status of his father, which was the viscount aristocracy of the kingdom. It was just that the wars have been frequent in the past few years, and the status of the nobility had been greatly reduced. Therefore, the people of Toss City respected the status of McQueen as the castellan, not Lord McQueen.


Well, no matter what status McQueen was, he certainly had a family of his mother’s side, the Thomas family. The family was not huge. The patriarch, McQueen’s grandfather, was just a small baron, and like his mother, he died very early. The Thomas family now consisted of McQueen’s uncle, who was the old-fashioned Sukh Thomas in his early forties. The nobles of the kingdom implemented the Tweet Order, as long as they could not make merits, the next generation’s title would be reduced by one level. Therefore, for Sukh, he could only be regarded as the tail of the noble, the aristocrat’s lord.


McQueen did not need to ask, and he already guessed the identities of the two. No choice, there were only a few qualified people in Toss City. There were also the commander and deputy battalion commander of the North Camp as well, Januan and Elita. However, they were killed in battle. Then, the two qualified people would have to be the two old guys, Outlander and Sukh. As for how to distinguish the two, McQueen could tell at a glance as long as he was not a blank stunner.


There was a saying, ‘the nephew is more like the uncle’, it was clear from Sukh’s upturned nose and big ears, triangular-like eyes and buck teeth.


“Castellan, the reason why I didn’t sleep at this late hour was to sum up how to deal with this black dragon. It won’t be long before anyone else come to make plans with the black dragon. It would overwhelm the city of Toss. Also, the people who are interested in the black dragon would probably be difficult to deal with.” Bruce said.


“As far as I know, there is an organization under the Magic League, called the Dragon Slaying Squad, which is responsible for collecting materials from the dragon. There is also an organization under the Illuminati, called the Dragon Firm, which has been committed to the sales of dragon materials. Also, the Royal Dragon Slaying Guards of the Uranus Empire, the Bone Dragon Research Institute of the Dark Alliance, and the Dragon Slaying Warriors Mercenary Group of the Mercenary Alliance are all very interested in giant dragons. Until then, we will certainly meet with any of these groups.” Abraham spread out his hand and said helplessly.


“We can’t afford to offend these groups, so we have to find a way to settle with them. At that time, the majority of the head needs to be sold to them at a low price. Let’s not care about that too much because we have to find a way to deal with the next-level materials. Even if they did not have a thousand people, they would at least still had 800 surrounding forces, and these forces are the main business objects.” Outlander directly pointed out the key to the problem.


The next-level materials, wasn’t it the dragon meat or something? Damn it, it turns out that brother did this stupid thing thoroughly! The more McQueen listened, the more he became speechless. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. “Could it be that me, this castellan worked so hard to slaughter a dragon, just to give others their wedding attires?”


“This…” Bruce thought for a while, and said, “You can still have a mouthful of soup. The most important thing is to use the dragon to win over the relationship with these groups, and ask them to settle their branch in Toss City to help Toss City get on the right track.”


To find out whether a city was developed or not, it not only depended on the large population or the amount of food, but also the variety of capability and power. For example, just like the presence of magic guilds, medicine associations, alchemy associations, etc. where the Magic League was stationed, whether there were priests associations and exorcist guilds where the Illuminati was stationed, or whether there were mercenary guilds and berserker associations where the mercenary alliance was stationed.


What was the role of those groups? Naturally, it was to cultivate talents! What was the most important thing in Pifa Continent? Talents!


“Damn it, if I have to speak according to this, how can this castellan of me bear that tone?” McQueen’s eyes flickered, his anger was full, but he could not vent it.


Will clasped his fists and said in a deep voice, “Please bear with me for a while. I feel that a breakthrough is imminent. After my breakthrough, I believe that with the strength of the Ultimate Swordsman, they will not dare to act too far.” That one Ultimate Crystal nuclear was not used in vain. Will finally stepped forward at the critical moment.


“Good, as the castellan, I will deal with them first.” McQueen was rather surprised. He witnessed the great strength of the Ultimate Crystal before. The three-eyed sharp madness was simply unforgettable for a lifetime. Unexpectedly, Toss City would also have that kind of combat power. Although it might not be comparable to the three-eyed lizard, he believed that it was also a huge deterrent. “Will, you really didn’t disappoint me.”


“A subordinate like me was cultivated by the castellan. I will of course share castellan’s worries.” Will replied with firm eyes and a calm tone.


“Well, you are a promising young man and worthy to be taught.” McQueen nodded, looking stupidly, and then said in a serious tone, “Before facing the challenge, as the castellan, I will take care of the politics of Toss City. Although the sparrow is small, it had all its internal organs, Toss City must show its vigorous side, it is necessary to let others see the potential of Toss City, and to be respected in future negotiations.”


McQueen quickly entered the serious state and began to make plans. Compared to the outdated world, the system on Earth in his previous life was too advanced, and there were already too many things in McQueen’s mind.



Tonight, was destined to be sleepless! Tonight, would be an opportunity for the rise of Toss City!


Everyone thought of it with fire in their hearts!

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