Chapter 46 Dawn Council Was Established


The light of the candle was dancing slightly, causing trances in the study. Without knowing it, McQueen started his own preaching. He motioned to Garcia to bring a pen and paper to write and draw on the desk and—- gave an explanation.


“First of all, in terms of military affairs, the current number of troops in Toss City is more than 13,000, and many of them are used to replenish their numbers. The combat effectiveness is too poor, which really damage Toss City’s image. I decided to move both North and South camps away. Soldiers under the age of seventeen and over forty and female soldiers will be eliminated. Soldiers severely disabled and those who affect combat effectiveness were also eliminated. They will be reduced to regiment-level support, named the Guardian Knights of Toss City. The regiment is led by Will, and Percy is the deputy head of the regiment in charge of their daily routine.”


Bruce frowned and said, “But in this way, at least half of them have to be cut out to reach the standard. A knight order with less than 7,000 people can’t play a big role at all.”


“It doesn’t matter. I said that this is just a support. There can’t be only 7,000 people forever. Aren’t there still more than 40 small towns under Toss City? Aren’t there more than 300 villages under the town? The people there are all precious assets. I believe it is not difficult to train the young and middle-aged men to become soldiers. Their family members can be arranged with jobs with Toss City’s help. I believe those people will not refuse.”


“This is a good way. At least three to four thousand young people can be allocated, but where can we find that many jobs to arrange to their family members? Besides, Toss City is not very big, how can it accommodate that many people?” Bruce continued asking.


“Don’t worry, listen to me carefully.” McQueen smiled slightly and appeared confident in the dim candlelight. “After the establishment of the Guardian Knights, I plan to build another group of guards against bandits, which will be led by Bank. The members will be picked from the eliminated soldiers, so combat power can be ignored. Men and women can be unlimited, but they must be intelligent and loyal. This group is responsible for inquiring about the news regardless of anything else, as long as it is about the opponent. Bank, do you have the confidence to lead the group?”


“I am guaranteed to complete the task!” Bank patted his chest loudly and replied. After speaking, he glanced at Percy, as if saying: Look, I am a leader, you are just a deputy leader.


Percy rolled his eyes and ignored him. He was just a substandard leader, what’s so proud with that?


McQueen patted his shoulder with satisfaction for half a moment. What he wanted was Bank’s enthusiasm, “In addition to this, I also plan to build a group of militia knights. The purpose is to train ordinary people in the spare time, so that they could either farm or go for battle to be able to kill the enemy. They don’t need to be trained so seriously. The main purpose is to cultivate everyone’s consciousness and not to panic as soon as they get into battle. Bruce will get the position as the commander, how about that?”


Bruce did not hesitate, and said solemnly, “I humbly thank castellan for having my trust. Bruce will certainly lead the militia knights well. The residents of Toss City have also seen blood, and I must train them well.”


“The lower-level officers of the three knight groups will be arranged by the commanders themselves. After finishing all arrangements, come and report to me.” McQueen turned the paper full of drawings over and continued, “That’s all for the military. Now, let’s talk about the political affairs. Clerk Outlander, firstly, please tell everyone about the current arrangements of the affairs in Toss City.”


“Yes, castellan, everyone.” Outlander was not too young, but his beard and hair were still black. He looked very tough, yet his speech was gentle. “Currently, Toss City is managed by me, as a clerk, Mr. Abraham as the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Lord Sukh as the Sheriff. Behind the scenes, we were also assisted by the Grand Secretary Randolf, the ceremonial officer Ryle, the judge Tracy, the historian Randolph, the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce Marshall, and the warden Corey.”


Next, Outlander introduced their respective divisions of their work. McQueen nodded, thinking that the official positions were really messy. It was hard to remember and easy to get confused. For example, the sheriff and the warden felt that they were at the same level, but Corey was a direct subordinate of Sukh. The clerk was similar to the historian, judge, and ceremonial officer, but they were also a relationship of senior and junior.


“Well, let’s adopt the ministerial system.” McQueen forcefully wrote the word “Minister” on the paper. Of course, that was just a ghostly symbol for others.


“What is the ministerial system?” Outlander asked.


McQueen casually said, “The minister, as the name suggested, is the chief in charge of some things. For example, the chief who is in charge of growing crops, raising chickens and ducks, and the chief who deals with farmers is called the Minister of Agriculture; those who are in charge of shop managements, buying and selling, dealing with businessmen is called the Minister of Commerce.”


Both Outlander and Abraham’s eyes lit up, and Outlander smiled and praised, “Castellan is great, this ministerial system is very appropriate, and it is indeed a good system.”


Hehe, this is just some popular matters on the Earth in the previous life, McQueen smiled lightly. He proceeded, “I think that’s it. Outlander, you will be the Minister of City Affairs, and the overview of the affairs of Toss City will be in your hands. Abraham is the Minister of Finance of Toss City, and you are in charge of dealing with money. Uncle Sukh is the Minister of Public Security, and you are at the helm of public security affairs in Toss City. Garcia is the Minister of the Interior. All matters of my castellan matters will be managed by you.”


“Ah, an old servant like me can also be a minister?” Garcia asked in surprise. Although his status in Toss City was not low, he did not have any positions before.


“Of course, you are my best assistant and helped me manage the city of Toss for so many years. I know your skills very well.” McQueen laughed. Garcia was the first to see him in this world and he thought of Garcia as a relative. “As for the others, let’s make arrangements like this first. Adolf will be the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ryle will be the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tracy will be the Deputy Minister of Justice, Randolph will be the Deputy Minister of Culture, Marshall will be the Deputy Minister of Commerce, and Corey will be the Deputy Minister of Logistics. The reason why you are not a minister is to distinguish the ranks. Once the division of work is clarified, it will be implemented strictly in accordance with the ministerial system in the future, and the responsibilities are individual. You three ministers must strictly supervise all this.”


“We will complete these tasks.” Outlander, Abraham and Sukh said at the same time.


McQueen crumpled the paper into a ball with satisfaction, stood up and walked to the door, looking at the sinking moon, with infinite emotion in his heart. Regardless of whether the sun or the moon rose in the East or set in the West, life still had to go on. The future of Toss City was still waiting for its own development!


“I have another plan. I will emulate the Council for the Guardians of the Elves, the Council for the God of War for the Orcs, and the Joint Conference of Schindler’s United Nations to establish our own council of Toss City. This council includes me, Garcia, Bruce, Will, Outlander, Abraham, Sukh, Percy and Bank. We will gather our strength together, twist our hearts together, and lead Toss City on a path of glory. The name of this council will be called…”


The moon was sinking in the East, slowly disappearing. The sky on the West side had lines of white rising, like the pieces of dark covers of a surface slowly peeling off, showing freshness and brilliance.


“Let’s call it the Dawn Council.” McQueen had never seen such a beautiful dawn. Spotless and clean.


“Dawn Council?” Everyone was shocked, and they could not help looking up at the sky.


The darkness before dawn receded, and it was the time when the morning light came to sight.

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