My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 14 – Chimera with two heads


The Pifa continent of the ancient times is full of traces of high-level elves. They are either gathered in the forest or buried deep underground. Wherever they live, there is always a robust magical element, and elemental affinity is the natural gift of the high-level elves. They are used to decorating their homes with magical elements, using magic to manage their daily lives. Over time, their settlements become magical holy places.


As time went by, and after wars occurred, the high-level elves gradually faded in history. In those days, their settlements were either destroyed by war or forgotten. Only a small number of settlements were preserved. These settlements are known as the remains of ancient elements.


Bruce inferred that this cave, full of wind jewels, is a relic of the ancient arches and a gathering place of high-level elves.


“So, here are the traces of the ancient settlements? Are the elves still living in the cave? Isn’t it true that the elves love the big trees and live in the forest?” McQueen asked suspiciously. He thought that the place looked more like a residence of dwarves. In a novel, elves always live in a forest and dwarves under the ground.


“There are indeed many elves who like to live in the forest, but there are many kinds of elves, such as the night elves who live under the ground.” Bruce already knew how ignorant McQueen is. However, as a city lord, how could he be so ignorant? Bruce could only assume that it’s because he wasn’t familiar enough with McQueen before.


“Understood, there’re even many types of dogs. Of course, there’re elves under the ground and in the forest.” McQueen understood it immediately, and he just wanted to give an example to Bruce to make him speechless. “After we are clear about the origin of this place, we’ll count what we’ve gained. I can’t wait for that.”


“Let me reply to the castellan. There’re in a total of 677 gemstones. Among them, there’re 567 spiritual wind stones. There’re about 100 smaller ones and nine bigger ones. The smallest spiritual wind stone is only about the size of an ox’ eye, but it seems to be a bit different than the other gemstones.” The old veteran counted the gems carefully and reported to McQueen; at the same time, he handed him an ox-eye sized bright gemstone.


This gemstone has an elliptical shape with a smooth surface and no jagged edges. The most peculiar thing is that there is a tiny shape of a tornado in the gem that keeps rolling. With it on his hand, McQueen felt that his body seemed to become a lot lighter. It appeared that he could fly with a little effort.


“It’s such a wonderful gemstone. Bruce, look at it, do people know about it?” McQueen handed it to Bruce. Among many people there, only Bruce would be able to distinguish it.


Bruce held the gemstone in his hand, closed his eyes and felt the strange power of the gem with sensitivity. He opened his eyes after a long while and returned the gemstone to McQueen. “City lord, you should keep this gemstone. Although I don’t know much about it, I can feel its value is much higher than a regular spiritual wind stone. Maybe one day you will be able to know the real side of it. Also, its power can relieve some of your burdens. My lord, you haven’t practiced; that’s why you need it.”


“Well, I will keep it for myself.” McQueen stuffed the gemstone into the pocket of his chest. Through the clothes, he could still feel the mysterious power of the gemstone which made him light as wind. “Right, since this is the relic of the ancient place, the place where the ancient high-level elves lived, maybe there are other treasures buried under the ground. Everyone, try to work harder, let the city lord see if you can dig out some valuable things.”


“Oh, in addition to the immortal magical elements, I am afraid that nothing can withstand the erosion, the city owner must not have high expectations.” Bruce smiled, yet he still had hope. The ruins of the elements are well-known in the Pifa continent. It is also normal to sometimes have any accidental discoveries.


“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, the city owner has already had countless cities in hand. It’s good. There will be no loss. Now, I am going to take a proper shower. Bruce, if you don’t come, at least think of a way to get us out.”


McQueen didn’t even take off his clothes. He jumped directly into the river. The river is clear and bright, and you can see the sand at the bottom. There is no danger. The cold river water calmed McQueen, and washed away all his dirt. It made him look brand new.


The temperature of the cave was not high, and McQueen had soaked himself for quite a while, and now he felt a bit cold. However, he found the river so refreshing that he didn’t want to get up and leave. He even started singing and swimming in the river.


What McQueen didn’t know was that the gemstone in his chest pocket had absorbed a little magical element from the river, it had slowly turned itself into white strings, and entering McQueen’s body, without him knowing it.


“The city owner, something is there.” Bruce suddenly held a muddy wooden stick, ran to the river and waved. “Oh, I suspect that this is a magic wand, one that was used by the high elves.”


“Haha, there’s something. Come here. Throw it to me…” Just before McQueen finished talking, he saw the magic wand that Bruce wielded. It broke into two pieces, one in the hands of Bruce, and the other fell.


That is bad.


“Uh.” Bruce looked at the broken magical wand in his hand silently, and he became speechless.


“Don’t be discouraged; keep looking, if it’s a real treasure, it will be able to stay.” McQueen tried to comfort Bruce.


Bruce nodded and turned to join the excavation team, McQueen continued to bathe himself.


Time slipped away, McQueen almost fell asleep in the river, since he’d never so soaked in such a relaxing bath. Now, McQueen started feeling warmer, and he felt as if he’s melting in the river. “Sure enough, the city lord is made for enjoyment.”


At the treasure-digging site, Bruce had destroyed dozens of antiquities of the high-level elves, which were pots and pans, etc., and they would automatically fall apart after being taken for a while. Bruce was confused, how could they be intact in the underground, and break apart immediately once someone holds it? Poor Bruce didn’t know that antiquities would be oxidized when exposed to the air, and naturally, they would corrode.


“Leader, look at this stuff, it’s a big stone, there are even pictures on it.” A veteran had dug out a good thing, and quickly showed it to Bruce.


It was a table size thing, with a word on one side and a pattern on another side. The word was twisted, and Bruce couldn’t figure it out. On the pattern, there was a dragon with two heads. One dragon spat out gas and the other spat out a piece of ice.


“Do you have any idea what is this dragon about?” Bruce asked.


“Leader, we haven’t even seen a dragon’s tail. How could we know?” The veteran named Alva said with a look of bitterness. He thought, if someone had seen a dragon, he would have turned to the crap of the dragon by now.


“I have seen a lot of my grandson’s picture books, there are many dragons inside, but no dragon in it seems to have two heads.” Another veteran said.


“Leader, everyone, come and see, this stone has a seam. It may be a hollow box.” A veteran said, while pointing to the gap covered by mud. Everyone had also discovered that this gap just bypassed the four sides and divided the stone into two parts.


“Open it and have a look, maybe it’s an artifact.” Alva screamed curiously while shouting, urging Bruce to open the box.




McQueen, who was quietly taking a bath in the river, suddenly opened his eyes and ran into the crowd at a speed of 80 mph. The first thing that caught his eye was the pattern of the two-headed dragon, McQueen yelled, “a double-headed dragon Chimera?” This two-headed dragon looked precisely the same as the Chimera in the single-machine Warcraft. Except having no colors, everything seemed the same.


“City owner, do you know about this dragon?” Bruce asked in amazement, how is it possible that the usually ignorant McQueen suddenly became so knowledgeable?


“Haha, I don’t know if it is a dragon, but Chimera is a good friend of the night elves, and it often helps the night elves to protect their homes. If there are night elves, there is Chimera.” McQueen showed off his knowledge about the world of Warcraft. He didn’t expect that such “knowledge” could come become useful.


“It turned out to be the guardian beast of the night elves. The night elves also lived in the underground world. Maybe it was the ancestors of the night elves who stayed here.” Bruce felt enlightened. The high-level elves did not exist anymore, but his descendants were still active on the Pifa continent. Almost all elves belonged to the younger generations of the high-level elves.


“Hurry up and open the box. See if there’s anything good inside.” McQueen’s urging everyone, he couldn’t open the box with his thin arms.


Bruce invited several veterans to open the box together. One of them dragged the side and shouted, and suddenly made a force to lift the upper part of the stone and threw it aside. The stone box was now exposed to everyone’s eyes.


There’s an egg, a giant purple egg with a pattern. It looked like a giant bottle of salad oil, quietly sitting at the bottom of the box. Around the egg, there were many pale blue and grey-white gemstones, as well as some powder.


“A Chimera’s egg?” McQueen suddenly came up with this thought. The next moment, he twisted Bruce’s thick arm.


“Ah, the city owner. What are you doing?” Bruce screamed and asked in pain.


“That’s to see if I’m in my dreams. Since you said you are painful, I am not. This is the egg of Chimera. It must be, so that when the Chimera hatches, I will become a dragon knight! To see whether a man has power or not, one has to see what he has. Chimera is simply the Ferrari in Warcraft.” McQueen was too excited that none of what he was saying made sense. When he thought of himself becoming a dragon knight, he felt his blood boiling. He couldn’t wait to ride on this egg and fly.


“What Ferrari? The city owner, can you wake up? Even if there is a dragon, you have any idea how long the growth cycle of a dragon is? Young dragons will spend fifty years before becoming an adult one, and imagine where we’ll end up to be after fifty years. One has to wait until a dragon has become mature to ride on it. Do you know how old it will become? One thousand years old, or two thousand years old?” Bruce pulled McQueen aside and explained to him.


“Oh, I see.” McQueen’s eyes enlarged. Could he only ride a dragon after 1000 years? Well, even if he could survive until 100 years later, maybe his grand grand grand grandson could ride it then.


“Yes, do you think it’s that easy to become a dragon knight? Moreover, this egg has been buried in the ground for god-knows-how-long. No one knows whether there’s still a living creature in it.”


“Well, I am going to take it away and incubate it myself.” McQueen said firmly. The dragon knight plot inside his mind made him insanely in love with the egg.


He thought, even if there’s no living creature inside, he might as well cook the egg and eat it.

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