My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 15 – Tornado and Gem Stone!


McQueen carried his bag, which contained the enormous purple dragon’s eggs, which was piled with pale blue and grey gems, and these gems were the crystal nuclei of the Magic Monsters. Those in light blue are the crystal nucleus of the Ice Magic Monsters, and those in grey is the crystal nucleus of the Wind Magic Monsters. According to McQueen’s analysis of the patterns on the rocks, it is estimated that the Chimera should be the Wind and Ice Twin Dragons. These nuclei should be the energy source to maintain the incubation of the giant eggs.


Together, these things weighed more than a dozen kilograms. McQueen weighed them carefully. They weren’t that heavy, and it’s a piece of cake for him to carry them.


“Bruce, there aren’t many things to discover here. Let us leave, and we’ll think of how to get out. I can’t wait to look for and find the northern and southern camps, so that we could return to Toss City as soon as possible. I am not sure if the city is doing fine without me. I don’t feel very comfortable after leaving only old Garcia behind.”


“It’s almost ready. We shall dig the last foot. Even if there’s something good under it, we’ll leave. We have been here for more than half a day. The effect of the blood-vein-waking agent is limited in time. It would only work for one week, and it’ll lose its effects later on. We have to find the two camps within a week and escape from the Magic Cave. We don’t have a lot of time.”


Bruce held back his desire to dig for treasure. He plunged into the land with a big steel knife. With all his strength, a large mass of mud was prized up. Next, a veteran used his sword to dig up another piece of dirt.


“Dong!” Suddenly, Bruce’s steel knife seemed to have something stuck on it. There was a crisp sound of iron and gold clashing. Bruce instantly became more excited, and he dug harder.


The mud was flying over, and people were sweating and watching. A sword with half the length of a person was dug out of the soil. The blade had a width equivalent to three fingers, the handle was quite long, and even the soil failed to mask the light of the blade. Under the light of the sky, it was shining brightly.


“Wow, what a nice sword. I happen to lack a hand-held weapon. It’s such a godsend. Come, hand it to me. I will wash this sword clean and check if it’s good.” McQueen hurled and took away the sword that took Bruce so much strength to dig out. And this was also the first weapon ever discovered.


“Master of the city, I guess this sword will soon be broken.” Before Bruce could catch a glimpse of it, the sword had to be handed over. He couldn’t help but feel grumpy.


Ignoring Bruce’s grief, McQueen took a few steps to the river and soaked his sword in the water. It was shining brightly, and soon after it was in the water, the mud immediately fell off, revealing its true colors.


The sword was more than four feet long. Its body was about three fingers wide. It stretched straight and was in bright silver. The lattice was shorter than half a foot, the handle was longer than half a foot, without much decoration, it looked simple and useful. There was an empty hole in the connecting part of the sword body and the lattice, which was about the same size as a bull’s eye.


After being washed, its true self was revealed. McQueen fell in love with the sword at first sight. It’s low-key simple, elegant but also showed a vague hegemony, under the hegemony, there seemed to be a hidden aggressiveness. He thought to himself, “isn’t this sword matching well with my temperament, which is aggressive, calm and low key at the same time?” McQueen was delighted with it. It was challenging to find a weapon that suited his personality so well. The most important thing was that the weight of the sword was so light that McQueen found it unbelievable.


“It’s too light, could this be fake?” McQueen was holding his sword, and under the jealous looks of the veterans, he held it high for three seconds, attracting all their attention. Then, he slammed it down against the stone box.




McQueen didn’t know what was going on. He seemed to have twisted his waist too hard, he screamed and slipped into the pit where the stone box was dug out. His whole body filled the hole, and he failed to control the sword, which was thrown into the air.


“Ah, ah…”


Bruce and a group of veterans were confused by what had just happened. It took them a long time for them to realize that the sword was thrown in the air.  Along with McQueen’s scream, the sword cut through McQueen’s neck, then it got into the bottom of the pit, as if falling into the water, the body of the sword disappeared, leaving only the handle exposed outside.


“Help!” A scream pierced into the stone crack and went straight up into the clouds, striking the eardrums of all. McQueen was covering his neck, he was frightened, and blood was running down his fingers.


“City lord!” Bruce rushed to McQueen’s side and removed McQueen’s hand, it’s a finger-long wound, not deep into the flesh, but it happened to have cut a small artery. “Relax, city lord. It’s all right.” Bruce’s hand covered his wound, and it immediately stopped bleeding. Breathing might be able to block the blood vessels, but it could not stop the bleeding. Fortunately, it wasn’t a deep wound.


“Ah, ah, Bruce, save me, please. I’m still young, and I don’t want to die like that! I’m bleeding. I’m bleeding. Am I going to die? Bruce, save me, my good life in Toss City is waiting for me, and I can’t die…” McQueen was shaking all over. He was screaming and crying, while his tears kept flowing.


Living in the twenty-first century, McQueen had never seen so much of his blood in his whole life. He couldn’t take it and was very anxious.


“City owner.” Bruce roared and consoled him, “it’s all right. It’s just a scratch. You won’t die.”


“So, I won’t die?” McQueen stared at Bruce and asked seriously, “are you sure?”


Bruce nodded helplessly and murmured, “I am sure!”


“Hell, why didn’t you tell me earlier? You scared me to death!” McQueen immediately got up and roared at Bruce. Hell, what an emotional waste. There’s nothing to be afraid of at all!


“The old man told you earlier. You’re like a lunatic, and you can’t blame anyone.” Bruce then shouted at the veterans who were watching them, “what are you looking at? Why aren’t you thinking of a way to get out? Are you here to watch a play?”


“Two ridiculous persons!” The veterans wanted to curse, and they turned away and left.


McQueen pulled out his sword and gazed at it with love and hate. After a while, he said, “when a sword is unearthed, you need to drink blood first. Every sword with such needs must not be a simple material. I will forgive you once.” His hands were full of blood, and he wiped it all over the handle of the sword. There were even one to two drops flowing through the lattice, and onto its body.


“City master, use the plaster, and your wound will heal faster.” Bruce found a small square piece of leather from the items he had brought and handed it to McQueen. There was a smell of smoke.


“What sort of plaster is this. Why does it look like this?” McQueen took the plaster and put it on his neck immediately.


“It’s made of dog skin. It’s a must-have item for survival in the wild. It’s very effective to heal wounds.”


Bloody hell, is this the legendary dog skin plaster? McQueen had goosebumps all over himself. Looking at the bloodstains in his hands, McQueen was so distressed, as he had wasted all his efforts in vain. Looking at his clothes, after he washed them in the river, they were all stained with blood again. How could he wear them without rewashing them?


McQueen just wanted to take off his clothes and wash them in the river. Suddenly, there was a heat flow coming from his chest. Something was emitting heat. “Did the gem break?” McQueen remembered that he had fallen into the pit on his stomach and had just put the jewel under his body. He quickly pulled out the gem, but found that the gemstone has been dyed red, emitting a high temperature.


“What’s the matter?” Before McQueen could think about it, the incident happened already. The gemstones began to absorb the blood from McQueen’s hands, and they became hotter and hotter. McQueen couldn’t stand being scalded. He wanted to throw it away. He never thought that the gemstones would stick to his hands. And he could not throw them away.


The gemstones absorb the blood and instantly become crystal white. The tiny tornadoes inside were initially grey, but now they became bright red. At the same time, a big breath suddenly rose from the jewels and turned into a strong wind, which engulfed the whole huge cave.


“Ah.” A veteran close to McQueen was blown by the strong wind and floated up on the spot. He stumbled and fell in the corner. “City lord!” As soon as Bruce started shouting, he was blown to the wall by the strong wind. One by one, the veterans were blown around by the strong wind, tilted to all different directions, and could not stand up.


McQueen, who was in the center of the gale, had a blank mind by now. The momentum of the gemstones shocked him for the first time. The strong wind blown by the precious stones swept through McQueen and made his clothes clatter. McQueen’s eyes closed tightly, and he dared not open them at all.


With the strong wind and the mud flying over, a vast tornado sprang up in the cave in a blink of an eye. Water from the river was spurred up by the tornado and turned into flying raindrops, McQueen became the center of it and was fiercely swirling.


“Quick, let’s stick to each other hand in hand and lean against the corner.” Bruce uttered with difficult, with his strength as a senior fighter, even he had little resistance in front of the tornado. The veterans immediately responded, pulling one by one, curling up in a pile and hiding in the corner. Fortunately, this cave was not a very regular one. There were some more concealed corners. Veterans could make use of those to avoid the tornado.


The light spots in the sky were not affected by the tornado at all, but they rushed rapidly to the center of the tornado. Gathering in the center of the tornado, pouring in the jewel. The chaotic white grass dug on the ground was torn up by the tornado, one by one, they became scattered dots of light and got into the gemstone.


The gemstone did not swell at all, but the next moment, a huge sharp breath suddenly followed McQueen’s palm and entered McQueen’s body.


“Ah…” McQueen cried on top of his lungs. It’s like he was stuffed with many small stones. From his arms, he started to have a feeling of tearing, bursting and breaking which spread all over his body instantly. McQueen wanted to faint, but before that, he was awakened by the horrible pain. Just now he had a blank mind, but now he was remarkably awake, feeling more sensitive.


“My life is over!” McQueen’s heart was filled with despair. Why? When I’m most proud of my life, when I’m about to be rich and rivalrous, God, you’re going to take it all!


“Goddamn it!”

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