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My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 16 – Wake Up, The Field!


Wind – the ubiquitous wind, the gentle wind, the frivolous wind, the chilly wind, the fierce wind, there’s wind coming from all the directions. The whistling sound was endless, and McQueen stood in the wind like a fool. Under the feet, he felt something soft, just like stepping on the clouds, yet he hadn’t realized that it was the wind which was supporting him upward. This is a world of wind. Aside from McQueen and the wind, there was nothing else.


“What is this place?” McQueen asked, confused. The previous second, he was still struggling to survive, but he appeared in the next second in such a strange place. Fortunately, McQueen had gained some immunity from all the previous incidents, and he didn’t perceive it as surprising anymore. He could only comfort himself, that he’s located in the Pifa continent, a world of magic and vindictiveness, it’s more than normal to encounter any supernatural phenomena.


“Human, you are in the crystal world of the wind, everything is wind, and the wind is everything.” A hoarse voice suddenly came from all directions, and it was impossible to tell which direction it was from.


“Who are you?” McQueen stretched his neck and looked around.


“There’s no need to look, I am right in front of you, everything here is wind, I am the wind as well.” It was still the same hoarse voice from all directions, and in front of McQueen, a sudden tornado appeared, it was big enough for McQueen, but still a mini-sized one. The gap in the tornado’s rotation seemed to have a few cracks, and it looked like the tornado’s eye and mouth. It was super incredible.


“You? The wind? Am I talking to a tornado?” No matter how “wise” McQueen had grown to be, he was stunned as well. If someone told him a monster could speak, McQueen wouldn’t be surprised, since a monster has a brain and mouth, it’s naturally possible for it to be able to talk. But what if a tornado can speak once it opens a crack? Can it be more unbelievable?


“Human, this is just my appearance. I am actually a wind element. I have been waiting for you for countless years. Come on, let me end my mission and hand you the inheritance of the wind.” The tornado’s appearance stayed the same, even when it spoke, it’s clear the words weren’t from the crack. McQueen had absolutely no clue of what’s happening.


“What kind of wind element are you? And you said you’ve been waiting for me? Can you be clearer? I’m entirely confused.”


“Yes, I am indeed the element of the wind, born in the crystallization of the elements of the wind, your blood has the breath of the wind and the divine nature, which have guided you to come here to accept the inheritance of the wind. And my mission is to sign a contract with you, handing you over the realm of the crystallization of the wind – the field of wind.”


The words of the wind’s elements made McQueen feel like having won five million yuan. The field of the wind, what a powerful name! But – why did it choose McQueen? Could it be because of the blood awakening agent which has developed the inheritance of Arathi? Right, Arathi is the holy demon guide of the wind system, more likely to be a demigod, and only his blood can trigger such a situation.


Having found the ancient relics above the wind, McQueen then got the crystal gems of the wind, and got injured. Finally, he also inspired the inheritance of the wind. McQueen has been so blessed. Right, signing of a contract? Let me do it then. No problem. I’m going to accept whatever it is, for the inheritance and the field of wind.


“Haha, the element of the wind, let’s sign it together.” When McQueen’s thoughts ran wild, he couldn’t help but laugh loudly, he wanted to see what the field of wind looked like.


“This is the realm of the wind, and the contract is being signed in the outside world, and in order to make your body be able to withstand the power of the wind, you need to reshape your body with the crystallization of the wind. After the transformation, your magic element of the wind system will reach the maximum, and you will become the son of the wind.” The tornado explained to McQueen in detail, “now, I will integrate into your spirit as a key to the inheritance of the field.”


The tornado did not wait for McQueen to react, and it instantly turned into countless tiny tornadoes, entering McQueen’s body through his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.


“Hell, what is happening?” McQueen felt slammed, his head felt dizzy, and he felt a lot of wind blowing through his body. He seemed to be constantly washing and feeling his body change. His body seemed to be getting more transparent, and to be replaced by the wind.


Then a lot of unspoken information flooded into McQueen’s mind. This is a mysterious feeling. It seemed that this information was McQueen’s innate knowledge, it was so clear and memorable. Through the information carried by the wind elements, McQueen finally understood about everything here.


Here is the inner space of the mysterious gem on his body. The gem is called the crystal of the wind, a gem that is highly condensed by the wind magic elements. Unlike the Wind Spirit gemstone, which is also a condensation of wind elements, the crystal of the wind is too intensive, and has formed a field of wind. The birth of the wind element gave birth to life with wisdom. It can be said that the crystallization of the wind is a world with extreme simplicity.


Only in such a world, one cannot be separated from the original world forever, the characteristics of the wind magic elements contributed to the birth of the wind crystal to be used. If McQueen did not accept this information, he would not understand the meaning of “being used”. In essence, the magic element is like a rule, just like the air is used for breathing, the water is used for drinking, and the legs are used for walking, etc. It is the rule of this world.


And McQueen’s current body is not real, his spiritual power is illusory, and the elements of the wind are integrated into his spirit, which is equivalent to McQueen becoming the wind element to control the field. This is the way in which the contract between the Pifa and the magic was signed. Once the contract was signed, the future achievements would become limitless.


Of course, there is another point. The power of the wind field is not currently available to McQueen. Only when his practice of wind magic reaches a certain level, can it be used.


McQueen was trying quietly to figure out the world of wind, accepting and digesting the information of the wind element, until the wind stopped, McQueen smiled and withdrew his spiritual strength and returned to reality.


The field of wind has been integrated into his body, the crystal of the wind has lost the field of the wind, and the internal space suddenly collapsed, maintaining only an area of about a hundred square feet. But its value would not be reduced, because the internal space reserved for crystallization can be used as the raw material for the so-called space ring and space bracelet.


The tornado in the cave has stopped, leaving a mess, and the light in the space has been reduced a lot by now. The veterans finally took a breath and looked around at McQueen, who was standing in the middle, and everyone was a little shocked.


McQueen was naked, and his whole body was shiny and jade-like, as if it was as delicate as a newborn, the wound on his neck was gone, and there was absolutely no trace. McQueen was with a smile while holding a sword in one hand, he suddenly opened his eyes, there was a tornado in his pupils which flashed, then disappeared.


At this moment, his new body is as light as the wind, and is full of strength.


“The city owner.” Bruce wanted to say something, but did not know where to start, all of which had exceeded the cognition of this old leader.


“I am very well, this time I am blessed in disguise.” McQueen did not explain much. Perhaps, reserving some mystery could help raise his value. As the city owner, he couldn’t be without any secrets. It would be better to not tell everything to his people.


“Eh, the city owner, what I was trying to say is, you are not wearing any clothes.” Bruce pointed to the particular place of McQueen, but he did not dare to laugh. The previous tornado was too fierce, it has torn away all of McQueen’s clothes.


“Hey? Ah!” McQueen was shocked, he immediately used his hands to cover the important part. What a shame…these people have seen it all.


“Haha…” Bruce finally couldn’t hold back and laughed loudly. Then the veterans laughed, and the deafening laughter echoed in the cave. The atmosphere suddenly became much more joyful.


Fortunately, there are still a few pieces of washed clothes. McQueen quickly got himself dressed, the veterans have already set up the ladder and they were ready to climb up. This cave has only one exit. Besides the underground river, both ends flow through the rock and people cannot pass through. The way the veterans do it is to first send people to climb while digging holes. As the cave is too steep and slippery, no one can go up without digging the stairs.


“Give the wind gems in your backpacks to the city owner. The city owner found a treasure that can be used as a space bag. It is not good to put these gems on the outside and expose them.” McQueen shook the wind crystal on his hands, and it impressed the veterans a lot. The Space-related items are a scarce thing in Pifa, for a space ring that accommodates a square, its value is not lower than the half of the Toss City. Fortunately, there are windy gems to pave the way, veterans were thus not too concerned about it, after all, the value of wind gems are still higher.


With hundreds of wind gemstones in front of McQueen, he was too thrilled that he couldn’t close his mouth. He took one piece at a time and focused wholly on them. Then, he carefully placed the wind gemstones into the wind crystals, as the wind crystals had already absorbed the blood of McQueen, they perceived McQueen as the owner, and McQueen could surely use the wind crystals to carry stuff.


After putting away the wind gemstones, McQueen suddenly had nothing to do again. He took the long sword and looked at the small hole on it. For this small hole, McQueen had long felt suspicious. Its size and shape looked very similar to that of his wind crystal. In that particular world, it’s very normal for weapons to be equipped with gemstones and crystals, or monster crystals with attributes, as they could give extra power to the weapons.


“Try it out.” McQueen had nothing to do anyway, so he stuffed the wind crystal into the small hole. They fit perfectly. The wind crystal was now stuck completely in it and it would never fall. If one has to take out the crystal, he just has to turn it a bit.


“Not bad, now this is a real sword, let me name you…how should I call you?” McQueen touched his chin and was trying to think of a name for the sword. In history, every legendary person’s weapon has a name. He thought to himself, that he’s going to become a wind-styled mage, how is it possible for his sword to go without a name?


“In my previous life, when I was playing Minecraft, I soaked the heart of Molten Fire for a few months, just for a blessed sword of Thunder Anger and Wind Chaser. Someone once cheated 200 yuan from me for that. But after I transmigrated, I didn’t even see the shadow of this sword. So, what if I call you the Wind Sword? How powerful it sounds! And such a name can also represent such a nice memory, isn’t it?”


McQueen nodded with satisfaction, then said to himself, “but the wind crystal should not be embedded into the Wind Sword, I have to look after it personally. Later, when I go back, I will use a monster crystal nucleus to polish it well.”


“And, after becoming the Son of the Wind, I have to practice the magic of the wind too. Haha…I am going to be a mage…maybe one day, I will become the demon leader of the wind, and when I ride a dragon…hehe, a mage dragon knight, how cool is that? Oh, yes…my egg, my dragon eye!”


McQueen finally recalled, that when his clothes were torn apart by the tornado, his backpack was also thrown to somewhere else. And the Chimera’s egg was inside.


He’s going to look for his egg!

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