My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 17 – The Medicine-Picking Team In The Magic Cave (I)


McQueen’s backpack was finally found in a small pit. The huge Chimera’s egg was still in his backpack without any harm. How is it possible for McQueen not to thank God? He hurriedly transferred the dragon egg and the ice crystal nucleus to the wind crystal. Now, McQueen has already a certain extent of knowledge to the toughness of the dragon eye. Even though the backpack was almost deformed by the wind, the dragon egg was not broken at all. One can only imagine how tough the dragon egg is, and only such a strong egg can hatch such a powerful double-headed Chimera. McQueen looked even more forward to seeing it.


“The city owner, let’s go, we’ve dug the steps in the cave, and we have to hurry.” Bruce yelled and urged them, the veterans were very efficient, they used just a short while to finish digging such a long passage.


“Okay, off we leave.” McQueen held his sword high, and he was full of enthusiasm as the leader. He was wearing a wide smile on the muddy stairs. His two front teeth appeared to be extra white at this moment.


When he started to climb up, McQueen put away the wind sword and put it inside the wind crystal. He was paying close attention to it. The passage was curved all the way, and the disgusting moss inside soon dyed McQueen’s clothes. With the light of the torch, McQueen tried not to vomit, and followed the people to climb up.


Originally, McQueen thought that it would be hard to climb such a steep path with his size. Yet, later he found out how quick he was, and he even led in front of all the veterans, his speed was almost like Bruce’s.


“Hey, the field of the wind has already transformed me, and I am no longer the useless person as I was. Given my current physical strength, I am quite confident to take the first place for a 100-meter race.” McQueen felt so excited. Using both his hands and legs, he climbed even more quickly.


It took only a few minutes for them to come down, yet almost half an hour to climb up.


When there was finally bright light on top of their heads, McQueen and the veterans couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. They finally saw the sky.


McQueen panted and climbed to the solid soil on the ground. He sat on the dead leaves, even with the transformation of his body, he’s tired as a dog. Then, he glanced at Bruce whose face wasn’t even red, and the calmness of the veterans, McQueen was finally willing to admit that even after becoming the son of the wind, he’s still an ordinary person. And he’s still more useless than these veterans of intermediate level.


“Hell, even a group of old-fashioned old men are better than me. I’m under so much pressure. I must learn magic, and I must also practice vindictiveness, I have to completely remove my identity as being useless.” McQueen tried to encourage himself. As the city owner, it takes not only wisdom, but also physical strength. The worse is, McQueen didn’t perceive himself as someone having a high IQ level either. He even got cheated in a game and got married with a shemale in it. Both have become a forever painful mark in his heart. Since then, McQueen was sure that he’s not born to be clever.


The sun was shining through the leaves, to Bruce’s observation, it should be noon now. “Bullshxt, just look at the sun and I know that it’s noon as well. But how strange is the Pifa Continent, where the sun rises from the west and goes down from the east? It’s so peculiar.” McQueen was murmuring to himself and lying lazily on the ground. He was waiting for the veterans to hunt and make lunch for him.


“Our leader, I cannot even see a mouse here, I’m afraid that the beasts and monsters have been scared away by your blood. We can only dig some wild vegetables to stuff our stomach.” Alva was dragging his knife and ran back to McQueen in frustration. He’s the one responsible for hunting.


“Well, wild vegetables as it is then. As long as we don’t have to starve.” Even Bruce became confused as well. He didn’t expect McQueen to have such strong power. He thought such a divine spirit could only suppress the magic monsters. “Well, maybe this is a good thing. In this case, we don’t need to worry about being attacked. We must be very safe now.”


“Well, I think you’re right. However, I can’t live without meat. This is such torture…” Alva sighed.


“I am the same, as a warrior, every one of us likes meat. Well, we have to bear with it now. When we get to the southern and northern camps, I will treat you a big meal with a lot of meat.” Bruce patted Alva’s shoulder and went on getting busy with other things. A warrior needed to practice vindictiveness and he needed to consume a lot of meat, as meat provided more nutrients.


Fortunately, there are a lot of wild vegetables in the forest. Everywhere is covered with vegetables. They could find types like pink plaques, triangular leaves of linseed, green onion, etc. It’s really rich in variety.


When eating the boiled wild vegetables, McQueen suddenly felt so happy that he wanted to cry. These are such delicious vegetables. They tasted so fresh and had a slight hint of fragrance. When he ate the linseed, it’s full of oil and crispy, the green onion tasted also smooth and fresh, as if it melted immediately once in the mouth. McQueen had such a new and tasty experience by trying different kinds of vegetables. For someone who’s eaten vegetables grown with pesticides for 20 years, this is such an unforgettable experience. “I had no idea how tasty vegetables can be. Oh my god…”


McQueen continued eating the vegetables frantically. And it stimulated the veterans’ appetite as well. Since they had such a long day, the meal became extremely delicious. The people even started admiring McQueen, as the city owner, he was even having wild vegetables in such a joyful mood, it made the veterans more willing to suffer for him.


It turns out that Lord McQueen is really like a sage, a wise and benevolent sage. If McQueen knew what the veterans were thinking about, he would be happy to death. He had no idea how he could win people’s heart by eating wild vegetables…


McQueen was licking his lips and stretching out comfortably, he patted the big belly and he was in such a great mood. The veterans started packing and going deep into the cave.


The deeper inside, the weirder plants there were. There were even potions.  The potions and magic monsters are somewhat things in common, as they are all influenced by the power of magic, changing the nature of animals and plants. According to Bruce, a long time ago, there was no magic monsters and potions on the Pifa continent, but a vast catastrophe that lasted for more than a thousand years completely changed the continent. It was once occupied by human beings, elves, dwarves and giants, there were more than a thousand kinds of creatures with wisdom, and the magic monsters had occupied the whole of it.


“This is called broken golden grass, a low-level potion. It seems to be a material for making explosives. Although the value is relatively low, there’s a high quantity of it.” Bruce pulled out a small grass and the grass is very ordinary, it’s just that around the leaves, there is a faint rim of gold. On the ground, there was plenty of broken golden grass.


A few veterans picked the medicine, while the others continued to search forward, since it was rare to come to this side of the magic cave, Bruce also had some preparations. It’s best to find the two camps, but they also faced a risk of not finding it at all. All in all, it’s still a good idea to collect some good stuff from the magic cave…


Not only that it’s a comfort for themselves, but it’s also a comfort for the people of the Toss City. At least Bruce could make it clear that it’s not been a useless trip after all. In fact, Bruce’s attitude had already changed after finding the wind gemstones, they could bring them a great fortune, and with this fortune, they finally had something to hold on to.


However, they could not reveal the secret of the wind gemstones yet. And it had to be camouflaged by the “specialties” from the Pifa continent.


“Hey, the magic flowers. What a big magic flower! City lord, the leader, come and have a look.” The veteran named Jerome was at the forefront of the team and he found something good. The magic flower is an intermediate-level potion, a necessary material for making magic medicine, the value is quite high, and the demand is also large.


“I’ve got it.” Bruce waved his hand, and the veterans began picking the magic flowers.


“The city owner, the leader, I found a small amount of star grass too.” Another veteran found another potion as well.


The star grass is an advanced-level potion. Nobody knows what it’s used for, but its market price is very high. After Bruce made an order, they started picking it. Since there were so many people, they didn’t mind spending some effort.


“I found a piece of ox lotus.” The ox lotus is an intermediate-level potion, a material that’s used for meditation.


“Found some butterflies-root grass.” The butterflies-root grass is a high-level potion, its use is still unknown.




When they went deeper into the magic cave, McQueen also gained a lot of knowledge. These years, there were no more footprints of mercenaries and adventurers in the magic cave. And these potions got to grow everywhere. The whole searching team became a medicine-picking team. Bruce made a painful decision to everyone, who weren’t allowed to pick low-level and intermediate-level potions anymore. They could just pick high-level potions.


“Ah.” Suddenly, there’s a scream, interrupting Bruce’s happiness.


“Alva, what is it?” Then, a veteran asked.


“I was entangled in the tree vine, it was dragging me, please save me…” Alva’s voice was disappearing, he was apparently dragged by the tree vine.


“It’s Green Devil Vine, don’t panic.” Bruce instantly saw Alva who’s being dragged away. A green vine was wrapping Alva very tightly and it quickly disappeared into the woods. “The green devil vine is parasitic on trees that are more than 100 years old. Everyone, start looking for it and find the green devil vine.”


“The Green Devil Vine? Is it a tree or a magic monster? Will anything happen to Alva?” McQueen asked immediately. Alva was the first veteran making a vow, and McQueen cherished him a lot. Of course, he didn’t want anything to happen to him.


“The Green Devil Vine is a high-level potion that likes to devour blood, it usually wraps around anything with blood, throws it on a tree and starts eating it after it dies. I don’t think anything will happen on Alva now.” Bruce explained calmly. No wonder he’s the leader of the knights. McQueen lacked exactly this kind of calmness.


“That’s good, I didn’t expect that there’re more risks in the magic cave, even the potions can be dangerous.” McQueen sighed.


“Not just the magic monsters and the potions, the magic cave is actually very dangerous. All kinds of insects found here can impose fatal danger to human beings. However, you just have to be careful enough, even these dangers are small ones when comparing to the magic monsters.” Bruce said.


“Are the magic monsters that terrifying?” McQueen asked doubtfully. Until now, he still hadn’t seen one single magic monster. The big spider that he saw previously looked like one, but it turned out to be an insect with wisdom.


“About how terrifying the magic monsters are…” Bruce’s facial expression changed entirely. He turned away and stopped. It seemed that something had touched the deepest spot in his mind, and he didn’t want to continue.

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