My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 18 – The Medicine-Picking Team In The Magic Cave (II)


McQueen looked at the big tree and grinned. It’s all because of Alva who was hung on the tree.


“You guys finally came. Hurry…please save me. I’m afraid of the altitude.” Alva was crying and yelling, his hands and feet were entangled in vines, and it was impossible to save himself. He felt like the whole body was being divided into five horses, hanging in the air.


“Alva, wait for us. The main body of the Green Devil Vines must be removed, or we can’t save you.” Bruce waved his hand and told Alva to calm down.” Jerome, Zaku, Berd, you climb up first and look for the roots of the Vines. Be careful not to be entangled in the vines. Phil, Drew, Torres, Tumen, you guys come with me and deal with the vines. And we will cover for Jerome.”


The big tree was very tall. McQueen looked up and saw the veterans climbing up quickly. He sighed with admiration. He thought of the times when he was young when he could catch the birds’ nest on the tree.


The leaves were luxurious, when Bruce and the others got in, there was no more movement. And when McQueen’s neck started hurting from looking up, there was suddenly a loud cry of Bruce. The tree started swaying and the leaves fell. All the veterans yelled, it seemed that they had already put the Green Devil Vines under control.


There was a loud noise. A broken vine suddenly fell from the tree and hit McQueen’s head. It’s obvious that vine wasn’t dead yet, and it quickly entangled McQueen’s neck. “Eh…” McQueen grabbed the vines with both hands and pulled hard, but the vines had smothered McQueen, and his face was reddened, he couldn’t pull the vines down at all.


“City lord, let me help you.” A veteran rushed over and caught the vines at both ends. With all his strength, the vines let go of McQueen’s neck.


“Cough…thank you.” McQueen covered his neck and gasped loudly. Hell, how shameful. He took the Zephyr from the wind crystals and looked at the twisting vines on the ground. Then, he cut the vines furiously.


The vines are divided into two, the Zephyr was undoubtedly sharp enough. “So, show me what you can do. How dare you touch the city lord, I’ll kill you.” He used the sword to smash the vines, so that they couldn’t twist anymore.


“Be careful, the city owner, there’re other vines falling down!” A veteran screamed to remind McQueen who was still thrilled.


“Hell, let’s go back!” McQueen fled, and successfully avoided the vines that had been cut off. He was frightened, and he watched the vines which were still twisting and turning, but he didn’t have the desire to cut them anymore. What to do if other vines fell down again? “Well…you…right, you, cut these vines.”


McQueen hated these vines to the guts. Whenever some fell, he immediately ordered people to cut them into pieces.


“City owner, these vines can be used as medicine. It might be a waste…” The veteran called Barrett couldn’t help but feel sorry.


“Don’t worry. These Green Devil Vines aren’t worth a lot of money. And it’s not like I lack money now. Also, can’t they still be turned into medicine after being smashed? It’s still possible, right?” McQueen sounded arrogant – he was looking up, his triangular-shaped eyes were looking forward, his dry, yellow hair was moving with the wind, he looked like someone who got rich overnight.


“Haha, our city lord is right.” Barrett looked at the smashed vines with pity. He thought, they’d become like this already, who can still recognize them as the Green Devil Vines?


However, McQueen still listened to Barrett’s suggestion, and he stopped cutting the vines that fell down. McQueen thought to himself, he could still be an understanding person. Then, some other vines fell, and the ground was full of vines now. Aside from the new ones that kept twisting, others had almost died.


“Heck, how many vines are there in total? It’d endless. But I like it, haha…fall, keep falling! As long as you keep falling, we will have our coins then…by the way, Barrett, how much can we sell these vines for 1 kg?” McQueen suddenly became interested. He wanted to know how much wealth he could make out of these vines.


“How much? Well…I’m not so sure either, but the Green Devil Vines are the top potion. I think their value will not be lower than those of the saint crystal nucleus. Let me calculate…um, a top crystal nucleus is equivalent to one hundred high-grade crystal nuclei. And a high-grade crystal nucleus is equivalent to a purple gold coin, then a purple gold coin can be exchanged for one hundred gold coins. Well, a top crystal nucleus can be exchanged…with a lot of gold coins.” Barrett couldn’t figure it out exactly how much the Green Devil Vines are worth.


Poor guy, this guy must have failed his mathematics. He couldn’t even calculate such a simple math equation. McQueen said, “let me calculate it for you. A top crystal nucleus is equal to one hundred high-grade crystal nucleus, that’s one hundred purple gold coins, equal to ten thousand gold coins. That is to say, a green magic vine is not less than 10,000 gold coins.”


“Our city lord, you’re so clever, you’ve figured it out so quickly. 10,000 gold coins, that’s a lot of money! Our family only spends one hundred gold coins per year. So, these Green Devil Vines can make our family survive for a hundred years?” Barrett was surprised. He would never have thought.


“Right, Barrett, what’s the value of one saint crystal nucleus?” McQueen was not familiar with the monetary system of this world and he wanted to find out more.


“A saint crystal nucleus is equivalent to a thousand polar nucleus, a polar nucleus is equivalent to one hundred super crystal nuclei, and a super crystal nucleus is equivalent to one hundred top nuclei.” Barrett wasn’t good at Math, yet he was okay in conversion.


McQueen secretly counted himself, a saint crystal nucleus is equal to…hell, one billion gold coins? Wait! That’s so not possible, let’s count again…one thousand times one hundred, then times another hundred…my God, it’s still one billion gold coins? Let’s take the annual expenses of Barrett’s family as ten thousand yuan, then one saint crystal nucleus is equivalent to 100 billion yuan, really? 100 billion yuan?


That’s so incredible. One saint crystal nucleus is worth that much? McQueen was speechless. This is such an insane world. With 100 billion yuan, you can even buy a province, and that’s the value of a saint crystal nucleus here.


Pang. Another Green Devil Vine that’s thick like an arm fell, and it’d interrupted McQueen’s thoughts. There were many branches with the Green Devil Vines, but they had all been cut, so what’s fallen must have been the main body.


“Those who’re under me, pay attention now, I am going to let Alva down.”  Bruce’s voice came from the tall canopy, without waiting for the people below to react, he took out a big knife and cut the vines that were holding Alva. Since Alva was still hung in the air and Bruce was worried that people below couldn’t hold him, the vines were also wrapped around the trunk for hundreds of laps, so cutting them seemed to be the only solution.


Bruce cut the vines accurately and in a short while, he had finished cutting all the vines which were holding Alva. With a scream, he started falling down.


“Hey!” The veterans quickly used the vines on the ground to weave a large net, they were slogans together and pushing the big net up.


Pang – Alva was like a stone, he fiercely slammed into the big net.


“Ah.” With a cry of surprise and many screaming voices, Alva was rescued.


“Ah, I didn’t fall to death, I’m so grateful.” Alva breathed a long sigh of relief. His heart was still beating. Anyone who had been hung in the air for so long would feel the same.


When Bruce and the few others got down, the team packed up the vines and continued forward.


Within a short while, a veteran yelled, “the city lord, leader, I see a cave here.”


The cave was located on the side of a small mound, and it could only accommodate one person in and out, the inside was dark. Bruce started leading them into the cave. Also, from the conversation among the veterans, McQueen started to understand why Bruce and the others wanted to look for the cave.


It turned out that the purpose of the north and south camps was for these caves. They took great risks and went deep into them. These caves were likely to be originated from a wise race with dwarves being their close relatives, and they were the people who dug them.


The dwarves are a special race on the Pifa continent. They appeared in this world as early as the elves. Their habitat is in the Dan Moolo Mountains in the United Nations of Schindler. They built underground cities in the open mountains, and the soldiers established their own country – the country of machinery. Like Zerg Nilab, the country of machinery is also one of the federal states of the United Nations of Schindler.


In an accidental situation, the current guardian of the city of Toss, Will Frederick, got to know that there’s a dwarf underground. He immediately asked the dwarf to bring him a variety of daily necessities, and he rushed to the magic cave to trade with the dwarf. On the Pifa mainland, everyone knew that the dwarves were expert in all kinds of war mechanics, and since they lived underground, they often lacked daily necessities and medicines. Once you get the network, you can always trade with these dwarves to get powerful war mechanics. No matter they’re for your own use or sales, you can surely earn a huge profit.


It is just that the mountains in which the dwarves lived were also known as one of the nine deadliest places on the Pifa Continent. It was extremely difficult to find them, let alone trade with them. The magic cave was the gathering point of the ten biggest monsters, yet its danger was still much smaller than the Dan Moolo Mountains, that’s why Will proposed to look for trading opportunities in the magic cave, he was hoping to get something from it.


But, after one week, there’s no more news from him. Garcia, who was in charge of the magic matters of the Toss City, hadn’t received any signal from the two camps since day one, realized naturally what had happened to them. And it made him understand what sort of a place the magic cave was.


After knowing the history of it, McQueen really admired the courage of Will. He only made it for one day. If he wasn’t dead, he must be hiding somewhere, trying to survive. Otherwise, he could have sent a signal long ago.


“Well…let me rescue you all. That guy called Will couldn’t do anything, but he was still praised by Bruce. That’s unbelievable.” McQueen scratched his eyebrows, bowed and followed Bruce into the cave.

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