My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 19 – Knight Will

McQueen slapped on the big tree, and all the veterans who come into contact with McQueen’s were all panicking. At this time, the city lord’s mood was extremely bad, and his anger hadn’t stopped since he got out of the cave. And anyone would know the reason by looking at his face.


Originally, McQueen was never a good-looking guy. His nose was pointing to the sky, his ears were extra big, his eyes were triangular-shaped, and he had two big front teeth. When all features are put together, they were enough to scare his old servant, Garcia to death. Therefore, one can really imagine how “handsome” he looked. But when time went by, the veterans soon got used to the way he looked.


However, the way McQueen looked now had sabotaged it all. His face was swollen, and red dots appeared around his mouth, as if someone had deliberately destroyed his face.


His face felt itchy and painful, but he felt so incredibly sad that his face was sabotaged. How could he possibly endure this? How can someone important like him bear with this insult? “No way, if I don’t destroy that beehive, how can I still carry on as the city lord?” McQueen’s eyes looked deep.


“Bruce, I’ve made up my mind. I am going to use the fire attack, I’m going to burn that beehive. Barrett, go to find some dry wood with some guy, remember to find those which you can create smoke. Alva, find someone with you to create smoke. I’m going to destroy that beehive today.”


Several people were looking at each other, but at this time, McQueen was already on the verge of a nervous breakdown. If they didn’t do what he instructed, McQueen might get uncontrollably furious. So, they started gathering dry wood and making smoke.


“Deco, Zaku, you stay here. Later, when there’s fire, fan it with as best as you can. Jerome, Torres, you guys come here to guard, and don’t even let one bee get in. You kill whatever you see. Benedict, Winston, go get some wet mud, and put it in the fire later. Hehe…it’s not enough with only light, we have to make sure that we kill them all.” McQueen said with an evil smile. If only he could have a better-looking face, the veterans might find him a bit more trustworthy when he was giving all these orders.


As to why wet mud was required, McQueen didn’t really answer to that question. He only recalled what his previous Chemistry teacher had taught him, that if the wood wasn’t fully burned, there would be carbon monoxide, which is equal to gas poisoning. That’s why McQueen thought of adding moisture to the fire so that the smoke would turn out to be poisonous.


“The city lord, everything is ready.” Bruce reminded.


“Very good. Now, everyone, pay attention. We’re setting the fire!” McQueen took out the Zephyr, full of momentum.


With the order of McQueen, a veteran took out a “fire booklet” from his arms and ignited a little bit of fire, then lit a thick pile of dry wood. This dried wood was added with a dead grass leaf. Barrett said that the grass was called tobacco, and it was the most effective material to create smoke.


“Tobacco?” McQueen took a piece of tobacco leaf. When he looked at it, the leaf was long and looked like a needle. The smell was similar to that he had encountered on “Earth”. When he looked again at the smog, McQueen was almost sure that this is the tobacco found in his world.


It has been quite sometime after the transmigration happened, and McQueen had not yet seen a person smoke. This indicated that no one had invented tobacco on the Pifa Continent yet. He thought, it’s such a huge business opportunity, it might as well become one of the biggest specialties of Toss City. When McQueen thought about it, he ignored the beehive being burnt and grabbed Barrett.


“Barrett, what’s the use of this tobacco?”


“It’s just the most ordinary grass. What else can it be used for? In the south of Toss City, there’s full of tobacco. Last year, there were a few naughty boys burning grass on the slope, and almost got the city burned. City lord, didn’t you tell us to remove the grass last year? Why are you asking us this?” Barrett was completely confused.


“Nothing, you can carry on with whatever you were doing.” McQueen was not worried anymore. It seemed that Toss City is a suitable place for growing tobacco. Haha, people in Pifa Continent, watch how I will make you rich!


There was soon a big fire. When it was off, the whole cave was filled with smog. In the meantime, a group of bees was trying to attack, but when they all got on top of the fire, they were instantly suffocated by the smog. And no residues were left, not even the dead bodies.


“We’re almost done. City lord, we should continue with our journey. It’s getting dark now, we should find somewhere to stay before we head to the next cave.” Bruce had to remind McQueen before he got too carried away.


“Okay, off we go.” McQueen realized that he had been in his tobacco dream for too long.


The team searched carefully around the magic cave, and they hadn’t seen one single magic monster. They had to admit that the effect of the Arathi blood was very strong. After 3 days, they had searched about 20 caves, and finally, they saw traces of human beings in the woods.


A small piece of linen was hanging on a tree shackle, which brought great excitement to McQueen and the team. In the fearful place like the magic cave, and after three, four days, even if there were no magic monsters, those poisonous insects and plants were enough to make them exhausted. Now that they’d finally seen some traces, how could they not get excited?


There were a lot of magic monsters near the magic cave and no human beings dared to get close. Bruce couldn’t think of any other humans stepping foot there, except the northern and southern camps. “Search here carefully, don’t even let a mouse leave your sight.”


“Yes!” The veterans were determined and started searching carefully. This was their first time finding traces of human beings, as the storm had already swept clean every possible trace. Without them, the searching team’s efforts would go in vain.


Now, it seemed that everything became clearer. They knew that they shouldn’t neglect a usual cloth that Bruce had found, since it contained enough information in his eyes.


“There is not much dust on the fabric. It must have been left for the past two days, and it is obviously the fabric on pants. Since it’s still hung on the tree, and there are no footprints on the ground, this means that this person must have been jumping on the branches. At the very least, it must be someone with senior warrior level, or a senior magician.” Bruce held the cloth in his hand, and his old face was full of excitement. “There are 30,000 men in both camps, and there’re in total 27 senior-level warriors. It’s impossible for someone inflexible to jump on this tree. So, with this cloth, we have only 3 possibilities. The first is Super Warrior Guardian – Knight Will Frederick, the second is the top magician, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Abraham Oston, and the third one is the Deputy of the Southern Camp, Bank Croft.”


“The strength of these three people is tyrannical. It must be the backbone of all people. There are places where they must gather other soldiers. Therefore, the two camps are definitely near this place. Now, it’s obvious that they are still alive and come out for some activity. They must have found a hiding place, or else, they must have found the dwarves’ settlement.”


McQueen finally understood what it meant by having an elderly beside is good, as they’re experienced persons and you can rely on them. If it was McQueen who saw this cloth, it was not possible for him to spot anything strange. It’s because he would never have an idea as to why the cloth was torn off, and if he didn’t know the time, he naturally wouldn’t know when the incident happened.


Fortunately, there are still some talents in this city. Hey, how happy I am. We’re going to find the two camps, and we can then go home. And after going home, they can be relaxed. Also, McQueen’s face was not so swollen anymore, his mood was naturally better as well.


He didn’t care how others think. He just had to feel good with himself.


“I’ve found it. City lord, leader, come here! Haha, I still can achieve something, apparently.” Alva had attracted the attention of the veterans.


What was in front of them was a cave of the size of the door hidden in the grass, and it’s not the real grass, but something that’s been moved. Come to think of it, who would hide the cave entrance? Only the people from the southern and northern camps!


“Try to yell and see if anyone answers.” Bruce immediately ordered Alva.


Alva nodded excitedly, took a deep breath and yelled at the cave, “is there someone inside? I am Alva!” His voice was loud enough, McQueen was getting closer, and his eardrum was almost shattered. Bruce could really pick someone who’s good at doing what’s required.


The echoes were reaching further inside the cave. Everyone near the entrance was holding their breath, and patiently waiting for the response.


Just when everyone was a bit annoyed already, there was a calm voice coming from the cave, “Alva? Alva Nicholas?”


“It’s the voice of Knight Will!!!” Alva exclaimed excitedly, “the city lord, it’s Knight Will! They are still alive!”


McQueen also heard it. This voice was not that loud, but it seemed to be near him enough. And McQueen suddenly had a familiar feeling, “Alva, answer him.”


“Okay.” Alva was thrilled, he hurriedly shouted, “Knight Will, is that really you? That’s so great, that you’re still alive! The city lord and leader Bruce have led us personally to look for you. And we’re all outside the cave now.”


“Are the city lord and the leader here?” The voice in the cave seemed a bit rushed, and it was getting closer to them. The next second, a tall figure got out from the cave.


McQueen finally saw the so-called Knight Will, and couldn’t help but scream in excitement in his mind. What a good-looking person – this man was in bright silver armor, he’s very tall, and he was carrying a sword. He also had strong momentum. He’s also handsome with a tall nose, long and blonde hair.


McQueen was almost cursing inside, how handsome this man is, and it almost posed a threat to McQueen himself.


“City lord…” Will looked at McQueen for a long time, and he suddenly got down his knees and stuttered. His beautiful eyes were looking at McQueen with gratitude.


The way of his looking made McQueen have goosebumps all over. Is this guy a bit abnormal? Wait…what’s his sexuality? McQueen was speechless for long while, and he looked at Will with fear.


If he’s gay, I’m going to reject him!


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