Chapter 37 Battle, Bugs and Dragons!


Promeholmes de Creux, the black dragon, kept flying and flying. The delicious chum salmon larvae were what motivated him. He wouldn’t tell anyone else how delicious they were after all, but he himself knew, was intoxicated thoroughly by them. Even if he were going to die for it, he’d do his best to taste some chum salmon larvae.


Whoosh, his huge body suddenly started to glide lower. Like he did every year, he dove from a higher place closer to the ground. Many years ago when he did this, the little people on the ground would be frightened to death. It was part of his entertainment.


Although now Rafael was barren, he still flew close above the rooftops of the houses, imagining the scenery from back then. His huge maw cracked open to reveal rows of sharp, neat teeth in silent mockery and triumph.


“Shudder, mortals!” he thought to himself, flapping his massive wings, gliding over several short stone houses.


“Do it now!”


Suddenly, a sharp, high-pitched voice interrupted the quiet of Rafael as well as Promeholmes de Creux’s vivid fantasies. Just when the black dragon was confused and angered, a huge net closed around him. He had no time to react before he was ensnared. The net seemed to be weaved by spiders, as it was suffused by their unique stench.


“Damn it! Who the hell dares try and plot against the noble giant dragon!” He was so angry that he burst out into human tongue.


“Pull in!”


No one answered. In response to his struggling, the net only became tighter, so tight he could no longer beat his wings. Without the wind propelling him away from the ground, his huge body fell on top of one of the stone houses, crushing it to bits.


In the process of falling, Proholmes de Creux saw several huge insects pulling at the corners of the net. On one of the house’s roof tops, a huge spider with an ugly human face waved all eight of its legs, instructing the insects to keep going.


“Damn insects, I will never spare you!” The black dragon was too strong. Adjusting his stance, his thick back legs kicked against the ground, his body standing up slowly. His front claws kept rending at the spider net.


“Group one, keep pulling. Group two, attack!” The big spider shouted in its piercing, ugly voice. In an instant, many more big insects with spiders, cockroaches, ants, mosquitos, grasshoppers, all as big as cows appeared. They each had about a dozen spears strapped to their backs.


Whoosh. A huge ant bent its leg, grabbing a spear and twisting its body. Somehow, the spear shot out at the black dragon like an arrow leaving a bow. Spears came out of every direction, raining down toward him to pierce him full of holes!


“Damn bugs, Shield of Darkness!” The black dragon snarled in rage. Black gas rose from his body, surrounding him. Every single spear lost its momentum, clattering to the ground. And then the dragon’s voice rang out again.


“Wronging a noble dragon is far worse a consequence than any of you bugs can imagine! Flames of Darkness, let’s burn up this useless spider web!”


Wham, the dark gases moved forward like burning flames. The net started to sizzle, corroding away at a visible speed.


“Don’t stop attacking!” The spider with a human face’s voice was piercing enough to split rocks open. Its big mouth opened, a blue and white mist shot toward the black dragon. It carried intense cold, freezing air along its passage.


A spear sunk deeply into the black dragon’s back. The black gas started rolling out slower, its corrosion of the net slowing down too. Several dozen more spears shot out again with unstoppable momentum. Even through the black gas, a few of them still landed into his back. Affected by the mist, the black gas wasn’t working as well as defense.


“Damn it, damn it, I’m a proud dragon! How can I suffer humiliation from these lowly bugs! Dragon Spirit’s Rending, Atmosphere of Darkness!” Rumbling odd syllables rolled out from the dragon’s mouth in a fit of pain. In an instant, the atmosphere seemed to go wild, strong winds whipping around while dirt and sand rose from the earth.


“Dragon language magic, don’t let him finish! Group one and two, attack at full strength!” The human-faced spider tottered in surprise, its voice strong enough to make eardrums bleed.


Squeaking and chattering, all the big insects started to attack. The huge ants grabbed the stone blocks as large as houses, throwing them at the black dragon; the huge cockroaches spat out a sour, foul water; the huge butterflies beat their wings, countless shimmering dust floating toward the dragon…the worst was a huge maggot, its white body contorting as a yellow spurt of water shot out from its behind.


All attacks stalled before the dragon, a strength that convulsed the heavens and earth surrounding the black dragon. The foreign chanting continued.


“Moños, tell everyone to listen for my signal. When I attack, we all attack together.” An older female voice rang out. The big spider with a human face, Moños Chagowski, shuddered.


“My ruler!” Surprise flashed through his heart as he screamed, “Listen to my signal, prepare for attack!”


Boom, the ground in the distance suddenly exploded. A gigantic spider erupted through the earth. It was twice as large as Moños, body covered in thin hairs. Most unbelievable was that on top of the spider’s body was a woman’s upper half.  A simple black veil shrouded her body, her shapely breasts protruding. Both hands were slender and long, covered in a dozen bracelets that twinkled when she waved her arms. Her face was delicate, elegant, but also coated in golden markings, mysterious yet noble.


Raising her head, she looked toward the limitless sky, lowering her head slowly to look at the dragon. Her aged voice carried endless authority, ringing out like a grenade. “De Creux, it’s time for your death!”


Her hands, enshrined in a variety of bejeweled rings, raised gently. The chanting dragon’s eyes filled with fear and shock.


The Spider Queen, Azjol Nilob, has arrived!

Deep underground, McQueen was signing an autograph for a female soldier with a faceful of acne…


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