Chapter 38 Dragon Slayer?


Embracing the dwarven beauty weeping in his arms, McQueen had a lot to think over. Having too much charisma wasn’t always a good thing, forcing him to confront such hardships.


“Castellan McQueen, you’re really going to leave now? Why not stay for two days more, let us play host and show our friendship.” Master Craftsman Lance said. He had brought a troupe of dwarves along with him to escort McQueen and the rest to the cave entrance.


McQueen didn’t doubt Lance’s honesty, but he was really conflicted. Master Craftsman Lance’s hospitality was really only toward McQueen and other leaders of Toss City. As for the remaining 10,000+ troops, McQueen had to spend his own money to make sure they had food to eat. The dwarves were really only spending a little to earn back a lot.


See, now they were even trying to seduce him with beauty. McQueen could barely handle the pretty little Sky’s tears. All he could do was set her down in a swift motion, walking into the cave. “Master Craftsman, we’ll see each other again. We’ll have plenty of opportunity to drink together then.”


“Master Craftsman Lance, everyone, farewell.” Bruce followed McQueen into the cave’s depths.


“We’ll see each other in the future.” Will’s whole aura was different, like an incredibly sharp treasured sword out of its sheath. Without hesitation he walked forward.


“We’ll bring the cargo back in a while,” Percy said, saluting them with a laugh.


“Yep, our castellan said we’ll be the ones to make the trade. It won’t be long, Master Craftsman.” Bank said heartily, walking away with his hand on Percy’s shoulder.


The whole crew of them left the Wrench Tribe. Even though it was a wonderful place, they hadn’t forgotten what they were here for.


“Castellan McQueen, farewell, take the easy path,” Sky shouted with tears in her eyes.


McQueen almost fell over. This little beauty was going to jinx him! She sounded like she was bidding his coffin farewell at a funeral. Whatever, ignorance couldn’t be blamed, he wasn’t going to waste his energy thinking about it.


“Farewell, McQueen, have a peaceful journey,” Franco shouted, followed by the technicians shouting the same.


Finally McQueen tripped and fell. He’d have to burn some paper money for Mr. Satan. This kind of “curse” was just too much for him.



Setting McQueen aside, we return to the other site. The spider queen lifted her wrists, and the black dragon felt a shock. From part of the sky rained down hail, each as large as a television set. Smashing down wildly, they forced blood from the black dragon’s mouth, stopping his chantings right then.


“You b/tch, just wait! Proholmes de Creux will never spare you!” His whole body suddenly started glowing with a black light. His whole giant body shot up into the sky, wings spreading. The net, with no more bugs pulling down at it, could no longer hold him down.


He hit the sky, flapping his wings to fly. A cold light flashed through the spider queen’s eye, a pale blue crystal staff appearing in her hand. She waved it at the sky and a chain constructed of ice restrained the dragon. He flapped his wings hard, but couldn’t get even an inch away.


“Attack!” Moños took the opportunity to screech. A hundred or so bugs attacked together, covering the whole sky with poison, fireballs, toxic powder, boulders, toxic arrows, spit, and anything else you could imagine, all of it landing on the black dragon.


“Ah!” The dragon snarled, his black scales bleeding. Smoke rose from the wounds: the huge maggot’s liquid had proved corrosive.


“Calm Wind, Proud Snow, Endless Cold, create a miracle of wind and snow!” The spider queen raised her staff. The huge blue gem on its end shimmered, and the sky darkened with a snowstorm. Each snowflake cut apart the dragon’s scales bit by bit, staining him red.


Right now Mr. Dragon was in a sad state. Incredible pain had driven him insane. Whipping his head around, his breath shot out. It was enough to melt any snow that dared so much as approach him, as well as a few rocks on the ground.


The breath was long and vast. A few of the attacking insects had no time to dodge and were touched by his breath. With a shriek, they shattered into pieces. After hiding, Moños and the other insects gazed with worry at the chunks of what had once been insects on the ground, scared out of their wits.


The only one who didn’t hide was the spider queen. Her staff summoned an ice shield to protect her. The dragon breath that could melt even rocks couldn’t penetrate the small shield. More accurately, it did manage to melt the shield but it was instantly repaired through magic. It was a battle of magic power.


After breathing his breath, the dragon looked weaker than ever, but the ice chains binding him were gone. He had no intention of staying to fight right now, instead beating his massive wings to fly away.


“Boil the Earth, Freeze the Heaven. The cold wears its colors for me, freedom of ice. Listen to the spider queen, Azjol Nilob. Massive Ice Sword, cut!”


A thousand yard massive ice blade streaked through the air, sinking hard into the black dragon’s back, only to disappear instantly as if it had never been there. The only proof was the huge wound on his back and his pained howls.


“After him!” The spider queen ordered with a cold expression. A platform made of ice rose beneath her, speeding her toward the dragon.


The gaze she’d thrown down before leaving was enough to cool Moño’s heart. It was clearly dissatisfaction toward him. He’d sworn that his plan had no flaws, but the dragon had managed to flee anyways! If they couldn’t kill the creature, Moños knew his ending would be endlessly cruel.


“Go! You idiots. If you let the black dragon escape, all of you are dead!” He shouted, eight legs moving quickly to chase after. Whether or not they could catch up, he had no other option.


Zoom, all the insects followed after him with their respective tricks. The ones with wings flew, the ones without racing across the land. The poor maggot could only writhe around, but two steps later everyone else was gone.



Using both hands and feet, McQueen finally clambered out of the deep dark tunnel with a bunch of people pulling onto him. Because there was no cargo, they only borrowed two steam lamps from the dwarves. The other items wouldn’t come until they had exchanged their cargo. McQueen led his whole group with just those two lamps, finally seeing the light again.


“Dwarves are so cheap, only lending us two lights and taking everything else back. They’re really scared I’ll just leave and never come back. And to think I was so touched by the sendoff they gave me. What a bunch of phonies, damn!” McQueen shielded his eyes from the sun. It was particularly piercing after several days underground.


“Whoa, did this place get robbed?” McQueen stretched, a little jolted by the scenery outside. Was this still the same Rafael? How did it get so wrecked, without even a single house standing?


“Mr. Castellan, I just looked into it. Seems like a big battle happened here.” Bruce responded with a tight look on his face. He was mad too. They’d settled on using Rafael as a center and designing it as a transition site. Now it was nothing but rubble.


McQueen was so angry. Using his hands and feet alike, he clambered onto a higher part of the rubble, looking around. What a sad sight, all the buildings toppled over. What he didn’t know was the spider queen’s hail and the black dragon’s breath and the insects battling it out; it would honestly be odd if Rafael had stayed intact.


Whoosh, McQueen pulled the wind sword from its sheath. He’d taken it out in the tunnel just so he could play things cool, but now he didn’t even have the mood for that.


“If I figure out who did this, I’ll cut off their head myself!” McQueen pointed his sword to the sky, yelling.


But the scenario where everyone cheered him on didn’t appear. Instead their mouths hung open as they stared at him, too scared to speak.


“What is it?” McQueen felt his heart cool. Did the dwarven beauty’s lipstick not quite wipe away? Or did he pee on his pants in the tunnel by accident? That was a huge damage to his standing. But the reaction seemed far too dramatic.


“Dragon, sir, look out!” Will yelled. He’d just emerged from the tunnel and was terrified by the huge silhouette behind him.


“Dragon, what? I hid the wind crystal underneath my crotch. What did you see?”


And then something glided by him, smoke rising everywhere…


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